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How To Use Linkedin For Better Lead Generation?

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07 Jan 2021


LinkedIn is an online professional platform. It is the largest and most eminent platform in its field. It helps you to get good jobs as per your capabilities and also helps you in getting internships. It helps you in building a good professional profile. You can learn new skills that can help you get better opportunities in the future. Huge companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple have also got their accounts on LinkedIn. You can look for almost any type of job. LinkedIn has a very large user base. It has around 303 million active monthly users. LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B leads. Thus registering on LinkedIn can be a major boost to any business.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of bringing quality traffic to your website in a great quantity. Lead generation is the process of converting potential prospects into actual customers. Lead generation is very important for the expansion of a business. When you connect with more people, there is a good chance that you will attract customers.

How to use LinkedIn for generating leads?

1. Create an impressive LinkedIn profile:

No matter the status of your business, your LinkedIn profile should be such that it is able to please every eye it catches. Your content should be aesthetic, informative, and impressive. If you want to make a visitor into a customer, make your profile captivating. If need be, consider hiring a professional. Because LinkedIn is such a huge professional platform that it can make a business go from scratch to stars. All of this becomes all the more important if you are a startup since it is very important for you to make a name for yourself.

2. Optimize yoruprofile:

Simply creating a profile is not going to earn you any leads. It should be visible to users. To increase your visibility in searching, you must optimize your profile. Use proper keywords and necessary SEO techniques, so that people can see you when they look for a certain job in your field. Make use of commonly used keywords. But do not try to overstuff your sentences with keywords. Because it will only be helpful in the beginning and won’t be of much help afterward. If you can, hide the “people also viewed” section on your profile. This will help in making you the center of attraction.

3. Indulge visitors:

You don’t want your profile to be just a block of words, thus making your profile engaging is a key component to success. Encourage the people that you’re connected to on other social media networks to connect with your page on LinkedIn, too. If you do so, you will find many opportunities to connect and generate more leads through other networks. Also, conduct manual searches and invite potential customers into your network. Join industry groups and be an active voice there so that more and more people become aware of your presence. Post relevant and informative content. And deliver singular points of insight or advice to questions being asked.

4. Keep up with what’s new:

Outdated content is of no use. Even if people visit your profile, it is not going to leave a good impression about you. And most probably, they will never visit your profile again. Thus it is very important that what you offer is in line with the latest market trends. If you want your content to be displayed at the top of the feed, post between 7.00 a.m. to 8 a.m. Weekdays are better for posting new content as compared to weekends.

5. Try using advertising options:

Along with maintaining the pre-existing customers, you need to keep increasing your customer base at a steady pace. And advertising is the best option when it comes to drawing new people in. Advertising helps in increasing your reach and creating awareness about your product and services. Publishing sponsored content allows you to increase the chances of getting high-quality customers. Sponsored content on LinkedIn is different from that on other similar platforms. It offers you specific options so that you can make sure that your efforts are going in the right direction. More than making it about what YOU offer, make it about what THEY get. As this is way more inviting.

6. Don’t go off-track:

No one has got extra time to waste. Especially serious customers. So if you go beating around the bush and add irrelevant things to your content, it is going to be a major turnoff for the potential prospect. So make sure what you provide is correct. And keep things short. But make sure to include everything you’ve got. And don’t add something just for the sake of leaving a good impression. Because when everything gets down to business, you won’t be able to offer what you said you would. And that can be very bad for your image.

7. Start with a targeted audience:

Don’t go to the battle without a basic plan. Start with a certain audience that is more likely to help in increasing your business. And then provide specific content for that targeted audience. And over time as you see that your reach has increased, you can adopt new strategies to engage your audience. But make sure that you are satisfying your audience. Provide them with what they want.


Establishing a name for yourself can be a difficult job, especially when the competition has reached such an advanced level. If you are using LinkedIn, you need to make sure that you are doing all that you can. You should come up with something creative and unique. Because that is the only thing that is going to make you stand out. The thing that is more important than everything else is keeping your customers happy. Because they are ones that are going to make or break the deal for you. Creating leads through LinkedIn can be a difficult job, but everything will fall into place if you apply the right techniques. So, make sure you do not leave any stones unturned.


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