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How to succeed at compliant email marketing

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07 Jan 2021

How to succeed at compliant email marketing


Email marketing is one of the best ways in which you can do marketing. It’s easy to use and people nowadays to do marketing. Email marketing can be very useful to you if you wish to promote any product or service of your company or for any other reason. However, before starting as an email marketer, there should be certain rules that you must understand and certain conditions that you should comply with. This will help you to grow better in email marketing and will also help you to prevent getting any problem in the future. Let’s get started with the procedure.

Compliance email marketing

There are certain laws all around the world that were implemented for the use of email marketing. Many people use email marketing for commercial purposes, however, they do it recklessly. To prevent this from happening in the future, the laws were implemented to protect the privacy of the client and prevent to ensure the proper delivery of the emails without any trouble. These were called the Privacy and Electronic Communication regulation of 2003. One must always follow these rules to prevent any changes in the future. These rules will not only allow you to be safe from being labeled as spam, but it also helps you to become good as an email marketer. It will help you to grow as an email marketer and will help to increase the reach of your emails.

What are the rules of email marketing?

There are 6 rules which one email marketer should comply with while sending out email marketing. One should always comply with these emails rule otherwise thy could incur a heavy penalty or their emails could be spammed. This way one would not be able to enjoy the full capabilities of email marketing. Therefore, it is important why people should comply with these rules. Whether you are using an email marketing service provider or writing the emails yourself, it is important and mandatory to follow these rules. Let’s see the rules of email marketing one by one.

Get permission

This rule depends on people to people. The rule applies to different people from different countries. The rule states that you have to get permission from the user before they receive any emails from your side. You need to first send them a message or form asking them to fill it if they want to get a newsletter or emails from your company in the future. This will help you to save yourself from being labeled as spam in the future. The client won’t be able to label you as spam in the future since they have agreed to receive the emails or newsletters from the company. Also, after they have given you permission to seen email, send them an email confirming their permission so that you look more genuine to your client.

Use adapt header

The header of your email should rely on adapt information about your emails. The header of your emails should contain things such as intro to your email and what our email is all about. The part that comes in your header is the subject line of your email. The subject line of your email should list clearly what your email is going to be about. It should not be a clickbait and it should convey the real meaning of the email. For example. If the purpose of your email is to alert the client about an ongoing deal going on on your website, then the subject should be relevant to that. Using clickbait subject lines will lead the distrust of the user and will cause the person to mark your emails as spam in the future.

Identification of your email

If you are advertising a certain product of your company to the user, then the law states that you should name your email so. Your email should be labeled as an advertising email so that the client would be able to identify it easily. You should always follow this rule if you are sending an advertising email to your client. Failure to do so can cost your emails to be marked as spam in the future.

Include the address of your company

It is important to put the address of your company in the emails that you are sending. It is a type of guarantee that you provide the user which tells them that you are an authenticated and genuine email marketer. One should always post their address at the end of every email they are sending to their clients. If you are using am email marketing service provider, they have readymade templates for you to use. At each template, they have by default address of your company, so you don’t have to care about adding your address in the email.

Include Opt-in

In every email you send to your client, you should include an opt-out process in your email. This means that every email should have an option for the user to unsubscribe your emails if they do not want to continue with your subscription. This is compulsory for every email marketer. They should have an opt-out button in their email. Normally, when you receive an email, you must have seen a line in the bottom saying that click on unsubscribe if you want to unsubscribe from the channel. That is the opt-out button that the company has provided you.

Honor Opt-out

If your client has chosen to opt-out of your service, then you should Honor that decision of the person. This way the user will learn that the company is faithful to its client base and cares about them. Send them an email confirming their decision and also ask them whether they were the ones who unsubscribe their subscription or not. The rule mandate that you should send the Honor email to your client within 10 days after they have unsubscribed from your company. You should not delay more than that as it will cause you unnecessary problems in the future.

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