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How to Remove IP Address from Blacklist

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26 Oct. 2020

Online marketing is one of the most popular trends in this generation. The internet becomes the medium of communication and business in this generation of high technology. One of the online business trends at this time is email marketing. A marketer can brand and promote business and services through the use of emails. Like the other strategies, email marketing strategy becomes effective in real-time. However, every success has its problem needs to resolve. The most common issue in email marketing strategy is the blacklist.

What is Blacklist?

It is a listing of IP addresses blocked and had reported having sent a spam content email. When the user or the company’s system had marked the message as spam, the IP address of that content will be added to the blacklist on the internet. Whenever an IP address has been blocked or added to the blacklist, then subscribers cannot deliver a message to that IP address server.

If your IP address has been blacklisted, you will receive a message from the destination server informing you that you are on the blacklist. Together with the message is the link on how you will remove your IP address from the listing.

Being on the blacklist is a serious problem for all email marketers. However, it is not the end of the world, so if you are experiencing the same issue then know that there are ways to get out of it. It will be better soon.

How to remove IP address from blacklist?

Check on the internet blacklist and confirm

The first thing to do is to check on the listing on the internet and confirm if your IP address is on the list. Visit the blacklist website and search your IP address.

Know the reasons of being blacklisted

Most of the Databases for blacklisting provide the lists of reasons for being in the listing. Make sure to note all of those to know the exact problem you need to resolve.

Resolve the problem

Resolve the problem first before attempting to remove your IP address from the blacklist. After finding out the reasons, take a move to resolve the problem as advised by the blacklist. Make sure to follow the steps given or better call for help with professionals or the one who can resolve issues better than you. Calling for a professional is always a great help.

Secure your computer and your system

After resolving issues for being blacklisted, securing your computer and your system is an additional help. Make sure the security system of your computer is up to date and scan your computer from malicious programs ad viruses. Make sure the operating system is updated and fixed and established a strong password.

Also, clean your server from bots and malware. Check your server often to prevent it from hackers that will use your IP address to send spam messages that cause your server to blacklist.


After you have resolved the reasons for the issues and secure your operating system and server, then go back to the blacklist database and follow the instructions of the de-listing IP address from the listing. De-listing or removal of the IP address in the blacklist database has two methods, the self-removal service, and the time-based removal service.

• Self-removal

Self-removal of IP address from the blacklist database is possible. You have been provided with the steps and instructions to do so. However, there is a high tendency that your IP address would be listed again, and it is difficult to remove it this time around.

• Time-based removal

Time-based removal service is built-n into the database. However, there is a time allotted for the removal of the IP address from the listing of a blacklist. Light offenders may take a week or two to remove IP addresses, while it takes a longer time to remove IP address in the listing if it exceeds one spam sent. The time to de-list your IP address from the blacklist site depends on the volume of the spam contents or spam messages you have sent to the receiver’s server.


Being on the blacklist is a serious issue, and it causes a big effect on your business online. It is a common problem for email marketers. Sometimes it is caused by bots and malware, which hacks your server and sends spam contents with harmful contents that may harm to receiver’s server without your knowledge. However, sometimes it is your content that needs improvements. Some users have marked the message as spam whenever they do not like it to be on their emails, or if you do not meet their standard and found your content as a waste of time. Experiencing this issue could be a stepping stone to improve strategy in the email marketing game.

When you attempt to remove or de-list your IP address from the blacklist site or database, you must have to consider several things. You need to follow all the instructions listed. Besides, following the rules is always helping, as well as cooperating. Telling the truth and admitting mistakes if you’ve done wrong is an acceptable manner; let them know. However, if you are innocent let them know it as well. It can help in de-listing your IP address from the blacklist database.

It is possible to de-list or remove an IP address from the database on your own online and resolve all the issues. However, some found it troublesome and stressful. If you have a hard time working it out, then it is time for you to call for professional help. Some people can do the job better, and you can reach right away. It will be better soon.

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