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How to Plan an Explosive Marketing Campaign

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04 Jan 2021

Background Information

A marketing campaign is a general that describes the process of increasing the awareness of your products in the available media. It must be realized that a marketing campaign lasts for a specific period, which means that it has a lifespan. For this reason, you’re required to make necessary plans, including a budgetary allocation for the whole process to achieve desired outcomes. Marketscan Marketing Campaign Planning Survey that was conducted more than five years ago established that more than 30 percent of the marketers spend approximately three months planning on how to conduct their market campaigns.

This necessary in any trading environment and the sole purpose of this is to make sure that the marketing campaigns serve the intended purpose. In fact, failing to plan for your marketing campaigns means you’re planning to fail. If your sole purpose is to have an explosive marketing campaign that will bring life to your business, then the following 10 planning strategies will suit you.

1. Conduct thorough Research

This is the first and most important step in a marketing campaign that requires marketers to conduct manual research before operationalizing their campaigns. It’s prudent to carry out research that will enable you to understand the working of a given industry. With the correct information, you can come up with the right campaign technique for maximum effect. The most important part of marketing research is identifying the special features of your target audience. At the same time, it will help marketers in determining the budget that will be needed for the entire process. More importantly, market research will provide data that’ll be used to develop a campaign that’ll help in realizing your goals.

2. Have your campaign budget in place

As pointed earlier, the budgetary allocation is one critical factor in any marketing campaign's processes for obvious reasons. Part of the reasons originates from the overall costs of marketing campaign tools that vary from one media to another. While coming up with a budget, it’s important to have one that your organization can afford.

3. Identify your target audience

After ensuring that the correct budget is in place, the next step is to ensure that you study your audience. This is important because it will determine the general outcome of the whole process. Apart from having a direct impact on the choice of a marketing campaign tool, you’ll know the nature of content to create. Analyzing data collected during market research will be important at this point. In addition, you get a deep understanding of your target audience by coming up with what is commonly known as a buyer persona. Describe the primary characteristics of your customers based on their gender, lifestyle, purchasing patterns, hobbies, age together with others. It’s much easier to identify the target audience when you have an in-person focusing group. Lastly, you should have B2B data cleansed to ensure that you have the rightful audiences.

4. Select the correct communication channels

Selecting a communication channel is the next step that comes immediately after you have identified your prospects. Here, you’ll be required to make to decide on different marketing tools that are known for passing information, including direct mail marketing, social media marketing plus others. It’s worth noting that knowing the communication channel to use will prevent unnecessary responses.

5. Create both an action plan and a timeline

Having both action plans and timelines in place is vital in outlining the time needed to accomplish a specific task. This will not only fasten your chances of attaining your goals but also evaluate the success of your marketing campaign. Creating a successful action plan needs one to set missions as well as have a visual identity. Above all, these two facets should consistent with your business so that it can maintain its identity.

6. Focus on a particular channel

Concentrating on a particular channel will help in delivering credible messages to the target audience. Compelling evidence shows that your message is most likely going to be read by your target customers when fewer channels are used as opposed to too many channels.

7. Come up with a good campaign technique

Since there are a lot of marketing channels that can bring different results, it’s important to select a campaign strategy that can be aligned with your goals. In order to do this, it’s good to understand the strength as well as shortcomings of every campaign strategy. Switch to another channel that can offer suitable results whenever you find a gap in one channel.

8. Measure the success of your marketing campaign strategy

It is always important to track the performance of your campaign strategy to see if the set objectives are being achieved. This is done by looking at the sales volume as well as the number of positive leads generated. Depending on the size of your business, the process of tracking the success of marketing campaigns can be simple or involving. On the positive side, there is automation software that can help you track the performance of your marketing campaign.

9. Come up with content for your marketing campaign

Ideally, designing the correct content will help in translating your campaign techniques into reality. In this regard, marketers are advised to come with content that aligns with the general goals of the business. If you don’t how to go about this, you can get assistance from a content management system that has the powers of tracking as well as publishing content.

10. Upgrade your content as well as campaigns

Sometimes it’s not necessary to formulate new ideas every time you want to conduct marketing campaigns. You only need to improve on the existing content and your content will become a new again. This will save you both the energy and time of starting over again.


Since marketing campaigns are designed to bring specific results, including product launch as well as attracting new customers, you’ll need time, resources together proper planning to succeed in this quest. Building a successful marketing campaign from scratch is a hell of a task and the above tips will help you to get started.

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