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How to Merge Excel CSV files using CBT Email Extractor

In this tutorial, I will show you how to merge multiple Excel CSV files and automatically remove duplicate entries using CBT Email Extractor.

In the event that you have "older" databases that were scraped previously, you can merge the new and the older database using the "Merging .CSV Files" tool. Simply go to "tools" and open "Merging .CSV Files".

First, you will need to add the databases that you want to merge. Click on "Add" and select your databases. You can select any number of databases.

Important: you need to ensure that the headers of the databases are the same / in our house style. What this means, if you have scraped your databases using the CBT Email Extractor, you are fine because the headers will already be in the house style format. If you would like to important data that was not scraped using the software, you will need to ensure that you adjust the headers.

Next, you will need to add a file name for the new "merged" database.

Then select the folder location to which the newly merged database should be saved.

Then click on "start merging" and you will have your merged database.

Please note: the CBT Email Extractor will automatically remove duplicate entries and only leave unique records.

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