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How to Make Telemarketing Work for Millennials

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07 Jan 2021

How to Make Telemarketing Work for Millennials


Millennials are a generation born and raised with new technologies and instant messaging services with the rise of smartphones, applications for everything from finding a taxi to schedule trips with friends, so many young people of this generation are too negative at the idea of a phone call, is more, it is a fact that many of these people see an unsolicited call as an interruption to their lives or things they may be doing.

Millennials often show reluctance to take phone calls, in workplaces, or meetings of any kind so as not to disturb people or interrupt what they are doing. It is more common for them to communicate through emails, voice messages, or videos.

The Relevance of the Message

Due to the nature of always being active and interested that companies and the amount of information that everyone processes per day, the way for a millennial to completely lose interest is an unsolicited call by a company trying to offer something that is not of interest or that is making you lose your time.

Getting noticed is important, the step to start with is to clean up all your data by going to your marketing consultants to make sure that: the data is up to date if it has been obtained illegally if some of it is incomplete or not detailed enough. If it turns out that all of these factors or one of these factors is shown in your data, you should do a clean-up and improvement of your data.

Once the procedure is completed and your data is of good quality, the step to follow is to profile and analyze it, so you can proceed to establish who you can call, identifying the trains and important characteristics of the moment. The millennials are often better equipped when making a consumption or business decision, single and quick research through Google give them all the information and points of interest of your company, so these will be disinterested in taking a business that will not meet their needs, the best option is to target people who show a problem that your company can cover.

Make the Right Decisions on a Target

Targeting the wrong people to contact leads to a stagnant sales cycle in the best instances, in the worst instances, you will completely lose all the sales or customers you can generate. Not only will doing this not generate any results for you, but it will make your company's brand or reputation look bad, being considered a waste of time for millennials is quite detrimental since, with all the connections they have and the content generation they do, they will not be afraid to show their bad experience with you.

Once again the factor of having data researched with good quality, in-depth and having a clear idea of who your potential clients or consumers are, doing research that forms the profile of people and consumers, along with their needs in your data list, this will make having data well-focused will lead you to talk to the right people, will prevent them from deciding to evade you and the prospect of the negotiation will lead to a better guide on what to do.

Customization Is Always the Key

Now that you have an established contact with people and businesses that fit your organization, that are interested in your products or services, we must move on to the next step and do some personalization to your campaign. Due to the flood of marketing messages that thousands have every day, this has resulted in a low tolerance for those that are only trivial or lack authenticity. To succeed, you must find a way to break through the layer of unwanted messages and engage the consumer on a personal level.

Putting it into practice is not complicated when you call the person you must address them with their name, that before proceeding to talk to them about the situation or problem they may be facing or will face, you must be very helpful and informative as well as crucial to the caller, not only is it about your company or what it offers, you must keep in mind that for the call or calls that originate, you must have an approach to how your products will help.

Remember that the information and data that you must provide to your consumers or future clients must be personalized for them, with the precision of what they need and what you can best offer them, will make your hook and the interest it generates much greater.

Use Multiple Media for Your Campaign

Delivering a consistent message through a single channel can be effective, but covering multiple channels in a good way can generate much more interest, the use of email marketing, or social networks to have good support in your campaign.

First, it must be reinforced in consumers, why your business is a better choice in all angles, and if done in a good way, can be helpful and informative to close a contract and sell much more. More importantly, providing face-to-face help to prospects, the use of email to inform and clarify questions can form a path which will generate a better perception of authenticity to your business, making it crucial for the millennials in these times.


Covering a group as they are the Millenials is not a simple task, can be presented as a challenge that many companies lose to start their campaigns, the key to the success of this lies in the information and the approach taken. Data and information that are completely obsolete or have no quality for them, will not generate any impact, but rather generate a lot of negative reactions and affect the company and its campaign.

It must be kept concise and truthful in a campaign, the use of well-researched data gives you access to know what your prospect needs and the product you should offer. The picture should not be kept simple and generalized, if you personalize your campaign to encompass your target, you will be more successful in engaging a potential consumer.

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