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How to Keep Your Email Account Out of an Email Blacklist

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01 Jan 2021


An email blacklist is listed as a real-time list made to unable excess of fraud or spam users. Blacklisting exists to avoid huge chunks of messages out of your inbox. This is not that great for bloggers and other users whose money is in those emails. Spams are those messages which are considered harmful or hurting, they might also have viruses or might be reported by many people to be not so helpful. Note- this spam is not malicious or harmful, rather it is just what bores people, and therefore they have one solution and that is to spam it. More than 85% of emails are left as spam (equal to trash) every day. This causes a huge loss for the money makers. The subscribers who need to get conveyed are left unsaid and unbothered. Many companies work for spamming IP addresses. Such as spam house, SpamCop's, invalument, and barracuda. So, the question that arises is - how to keep your email account out of an email blacklist.

It is important to understand how you can prevent your email account out of an email blacklist.

The steps to keep your email account out of the email blacklist are-

1. The email should be engaging and attractive for your targeted audience – this means that whatever you write in your content should not be boring and dull, it shouldn’t be ignorable. You should write more personalized content. The content should be engaging and readable. Every mail should be mobile friendly and should not have links or IP addresses. You might have highlighted buttons to relocate your subscribers to your page. Do check what your subscribers like and how you can attract your subscribers to open your emails. Do try and learn how to increase your email open rate this can be helpful in the long run.

2. Watch email campaign stats – You’re probably keeping an eye on opens and clicks, but also watch domain opens as well. You can always see and open drop off technically in a particular domain address, and you should always keep a check on your blacklist status.

3. Good lists – One should not buy email lists. This is because buying a list might end-up in getting, Spam trap can identify these emails as spam and this will eventually make the email blacklisted.

4. Usage of double opt-ins- Maintaining a subscription center may rule out the uninterested customers once they hit the unsubscribe button. Subscribers will get a confirmation email upon clicking the subscribe button which will compel them to sign up for the mailing list. Double-opts should be used by those companies who have complaints in the past or for those who are not only focused on audience growth.

5. Creating good content- Using interesting and relevant tag lines in mail subjects may compel the customers to entertain the mails. Good content needs to be maintained that can attract customers. It should be on point and catchy. Repetitive or similar content can cause the blacklisting of emails.

6. Avoid sending attachments- Attachments can lead to sure blacklisting of mails.You can avoid this by providing IP address instead of using PDF or JPJ.

7. Providing information- Information should be provided in every mail on how to unsubscribe them. This is important because your subscribers who aren’t interested in getting further mails should unsubscribe instead of blocking or spamming your ID.

8. Maintaining a frequency- Maintaining and continuous working on the list of the mail addresses may validate them and help you to focus on target customers. People will start anticipating mails and this also helps to clean the list of email ids. Too much overwhelming the customers with repetitive content can cause email blacklisting.

9. Maintaining a legitimate email account- An improper email address with abrupt numbers and letters may trigger spam and this can cause the emails to get blacklisted.

10. Less use of punctuations- Too many punctuations can cause spamming. This is because use of punctuation might signify the mail to be advertising.

11. Not to use BCC- Using Blind carbon copy (BCC) can cause blacklisting of emails.

12. Not to use images- Too much usage of images can trigger spamming and blacklisting. A balance should be maintained between the usage of images and texts.

13. Not to use Caps- Using caps in a subject line can cause spamming and blacklisting. Instead, one should use bolds, italics to express the content.

14. Protection of server from malware- The server must be protected from a server as an infected mail server can trigger spamming and eventually, blacklisting.

15. A source should be checked- Sometimes the emails come from forged email servers and this means, it might have originated from somewhere but landed up on someone else’s server.

16. Decreasing outbound email numbers- Sending hundreds of emails in one single day can lead to trigger suspects that can cause blacklisting of mails.

17. Targeting correct audience- Complaints arise in case of too many emails are sent to recipients who did not opt for it and this can cause the development of a bad image and eventually blacklisting of mails. Therefore, targeting interested audience for your work is really important.


Several factors are related to email blacklisting. Email marketing is an important digital sales platform and also business revenue gets affected by the blacklisting of mails. Certain factors like derogatory content, hacked account, email spoofing, excessive outbound emails, and complaints can lead to email blacklisting. Your growth depends on the audience, choosing a correct list of subscribers is very important. The steps discussed to keep your email account out of the blacklist are basically about making your email interesting, captivating, and thereby engaging and real. Your email shouldn’t be advertising. It should be as personal and engaging as it can be.

This adds plus points to your emails and also helps in avoiding getting blacklisted.

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