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How to Keep Your Email Account Out of an Email Blacklist

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26 Oct. 2020

What is Email Blacklist?

An email blacklist is about blocking an IP address with spam content emails. The purpose of blacklisting the email is to avoid undesirable email content from unreliable sources. It is used by some organizations to protect their system from spam.

It is annoying to receive unwanted and unreliable content into your system, which is the reason blacklisting is useful. However, it is stressful if you are blacklisted in other systems; you cannot able to send emails or you had blocked by their system. In this matter, you need to know the things to avoid become on the blacklist.

Spam content can be harmful and malicious content to others that can be harmful to Pc. While others treat it as unwanted and unnecessary content they do not want to see in the email. It has a different definition for different people. Whatever the reason, it is stressful if you are blacklisted in the system.

We will learn together on how to avoid being blacklisted. Here are some ways that are useful to everyone.

It is important to avoid being blacklisted to enhance your email marketing strategy in online business.

1. Organize your email

Organizing an email is one way to prevent being blacklisted. The terrible email is one of the main reasons for an email to place on the blacklist. Do not engage on the addresses that are illegitimate, because it sometimes a spam traps that lead you to become blacklisted.

Clean email from bounced email addresses and eliminate all those who do not perform well. Moreover, take away all emails that are seldom seen, and most of all, honor every client’s requests to remove in your list of the email subscriber.

2. Double opt-in

It had also called as confirmed opt-in. In which an email is sent to a user after signing up for an email marketing list, together with the link, and confirm the subscription. The user will be officially added to the email marketing list only if the user has completed the confirmation click.

It is the method that can assure users to reduce the chance of spam addresses operate in the list. In this manner, any of the bots trying to sign up on your newsletter will not make it into your list, which makes you protected from any spam trap and your reputation.

Besides, this strategy will bring more return of interest in the topic or the business, which brings better results in your email marketing business. This strategy is used by most email marketers in the market to avoid become blacklisted and for better and fast engagement to subscribers.

However, the interesting content has added to put interest into your subscriber to click the link and confirm their subscription. In this way, less complaint of spam is possible; it means greater engagement, and it is essential to your brand.

3. Protect Server

The protecting server is one way of getting off from blacklisting. The clean server means a lower risk of bots and malware. You need to check the server now and then and protect it from the harmful programs and malware that may hack your email domain or IP address and send spam contents that could bring you to blacklisting without your knowledge. If you want to get off being blacklisted, then clean and protect your server and make sure your security protocol is updated.

4. Secured theme

The compelling theme or topic of your email is the main factor to define if it will have opened or ignored. You need to advertise your email with a fascinating subject line because it shows the value of your email. It is an effective strategy in email marketing that you need to learn to avoid being on the blacklist.

The best way to enhance the theme or subject line is through personalization. A personalized theme can help a lot to gain the interest of the customer to open your email.

5. Consider mobile designed email

Most of the emails had designed on a computer. However, most people around the world reading emails on mobile gadgets. It means you need to think about mobile design for your email to avoid email spam. The majority of the people are opening and reading email wherever they are, and that is through the use of mobile phones.

One of the most effective email campaigns is to have a responsive and compelling design. To have both great layouts in viewing on a computer and a mobile phone is the most effective way to avoid email spam or blacklisting.

6. Enhance CTA design

After receiving an email, customers are likely to close and leave it. In this case, you need to be creative in your content and CTA design to catch the attention of the reader and will bring them to click the link and subscribe. Enhancing the CTA design is one of the effective ways of advertising and branding.


Sometimes you believe that you have done all your best and all the strategy, but still, you are on the blacklist. In this case, you do not need to panic, and you must have known the proper way to react in the situation. Being on the blacklist is not much big deal, and it is not the end of the world. There are ways to get out in there and move on.

Being on the blacklist is a challenge to step up to the next level of your marketing competition. If you found on the blacklist, you can appeal and a plea to remove your IP address from the list. The best way to make it possible is to contact the company, make negotiations, and agree to what they want from your email profile.

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