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How To Grow Your Email Marketing List

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07 Jan 2021

How To Grow Your Email Marketing List

Email Marketing List

People are probably visiting your website because your contents interest them. Having a large number of audience in your site is a good thing to build up your reputation. Aside from this, it is one of the many ways to increase your income from your online venture. But having a large number of audiences should not be the end of your marketing strategies.

You must take advantage of the fact that people are visiting your website. It can be done through Email Marketing List. Many websites owner are doing this because it generates more income and audience engagement opportunities for them.

People look up to your website either because they want to learn more about what you have to offer or they want to purchase something from you. This situation is a substantial opportunity to convince them to stay connected. You can provide an email sign-up so they will get notifications on updates even after they leave your website.

What should I put in my emails

Growing your marketing email list will cause you great online traffic that will benefit you and your site. However, to get more engagements from people who signed up their email to you, you need to consider essential things that must be included in your emails. It could make you strengthen your relationships with subscribers in the long run.

Here are some of the things you can include to your emails:

1. Informative Trivia/ Expertise/ Know-How

To get your audience's trust, you need to show them your intellectual side and capture their interest. You may use your field of expertise to a specific profession or to a product you are advertising. By sending them valuable information, they will be more inclined to trust you and your website. Thus, making them visit more your site as they tuned in for your email notification updates.

2. Coupons and offers

People are naturally attracted to free things regardless of how it may be of help to them. If things are not for free, people would appreciate a discount to purchase something. It is when you take advantage of this. You can offer them free coupons and discounts so they will feel like they are chosen and considered.

3. Images

You can get more the attention of people through visual representations instead of pure text. It is not only applicable to presentations where your panelists become bored with your PowerPoint presentation. You can also use this opportunity to bait your audience by including pictures of products you are selling, or anything related to your content.

4. Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Giving out clear instructions is one way to make your audience take action. You should be able to give straightforward CTAs so your subscribers will not be confused about what you intend them to do.

Now, those are just some of the things you can consider to include in your emails if you want your subscribers to engage more on your sites.

How to grow a marketing email list

If you do not have many audiences and want to increase your email marketing list, there are ways you can do.

1. Create a sign-up form that is easily noticeable

One of the many ways you can do to increase your email list is to provide a sign-in form on your website. Many people hate pop-ups when they are visiting a page. It is annoying and distracting. Chances are more than half of the people who visit the site will ignore these pop-ups, but that does not mean it is a reason for you to have low chances of increasing your email marketing list.

There is still the percentage of people who do not mind signing-up, and that is what you are going to target. This small percentage, if added up, will give you a considerable amount of subscriptions. Thus, increasing your email marketing list.

Aside from providing a sign-up form to your webpage, you also need to consider where you put it. You can make a pop-up 5-8 seconds after they visit your site. But they are more likely to exit it. Do not mind that because you can still put a sign-up form to your page itself. You just need to place it somewhere that can easily be accessible and noticeable.

For instance, you can place it on the top, side, or bottom. Just make sure it is noticeable by giving it the right font, color, and size.

2. Contests and Giveaways

Creating engagements is the key for you to get the attention of your subscribers. The contest is one of them. You can make it in the form of content submission or entry posts. The key here is to get your audience register to your contest that will require them to put their email address on it.

By engaging in contests, winners can either get a prize or a recognition that will also help you boost your traffic. By recognizing the winners of the competition, you are making a chance for them to share their entries to their own social spaces and community. Thus, allowing you to widen your audience.

Aside from contests, you can also host giveaways to get the attention of your audiences. Many people would usually sign-up for this even if there is only a slim chance to win. But that is why many people are into this, taking that slim chance to do the magic. To get more credibility in your next giveaways, you can post and recognize the subscribers who won the product or the prize. You can also ask them to take pictures once they got the free items so people will not question the legitimacy of your giveaways events.

3. Upgrade your content/ Start blogging

The first thing you have to build on your website is your credibility. By being credible, you make people believe and use your content to answer the questions and problems. You have to take advantage of this.

Creating informative content would help you increase your email marketing list. It is because people are interested to learn and feed their minds. However, they will only trust you if your content is accurate and intellectual. With this, you need to start writing content with in-depth information. As simple as this, you can get your readers to sign-up their emails and get updated for more details.

Growing your marketing email list will take a lot of effort. Aside from hard work, you should also be smart in creating your strategies so you can achieve your goals for your website. Just always be reminded that you need to build a reputation for your site, and to do that you need your site to be trustworthy and engaging.

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