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How to Get More Leads on Social Media

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02 Jan 2021


Marketers that want to go beyond the normal marketing strategies for brand awareness, as well as engagements, need to know how to generate more leads on the social media platforms. Regardless of your marketing tactics, social media lead generation should be part of your strategy. While it may be true that Social media marketing is not the best place for customer retention, it’s the best in terms of lead generation. Social media leads are vital when you want to be in constant touch with your prospective customers plus are not limited to making special offers or sharing news.

Before narrowing down on how to generate social media leads, it’s important to look at what this term stands for. It’s important to realize that social leads are pieces of information that when shared will allow others to follow you. Most pieces of information in this context are contact details, including names, email addresses, occupations, employers, and others. For greater posterity, your social media leads must follow three stages. The first stage which is known as social media lead generation will see new the generation of new leads. Secondly, marketers will be expected to nurture their leads for persistent performance.

The last stage is social media lead conversion where you’ll be expected to transform leads into buyers. According to information that appeared on, social media marketing holds the top spot in terms of lead generation with nearly 59 percent. It was followed closely by email marketing with 40 percent in a study that saw website personalization ranked third.

How to get more leads on social media

If you want to generate more leads on your social media channels, these are the tactics that will enable you to get started.

1. Enhance your profile

Enhancing your profile should be the first thing that needs to be done whenever you want to generate leads naturally. Among other things, it’s important to ensure that your profile has contact information that will enable your customers to contact you. Supporting your contacts with customer support inquiries is necessary for building a good rapport with your target audience. Customer support inquiries can come in several forms, including phone calls, emails, Messenger together with others. Have call-to-action buttons on your profile although this feature varies from one platform to another. Marketers that want to have more subscribers to read their newsletters should try to add a Sign-Up button to the Facebook account. This will be different for users that want appointments or even consultations where they will be required to have action buttons.

In addition, you can enhance your profile by adding a link to your bio. This will apply in situations where there are no other tools that could be used. The only challenge will be to Facebook subscribers where this feature is not effective. This feature has gained widespread popularity on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as Pinterest.

2. Generate clickable content

Obviously, without compelling content, there are no leads that will come on your way. The new development that is being witnessed in the technology sector is the reason every social media user competes for attention. If your objective is to generate more leads, it’s important to ensure that you use creativity to support your content. Coming up with a clickable will require one to ensure that every post has a clear link together with a captivating call-to-action. Different clickable options on the social media platforms include tagging commodities in the Facebook shop, swiping up on Instagram feeds, YouTube Cards, and end screens, together with others.

3. Come up with user-friendly landing pages

Here, you’re expected to come up with a landing page that’s relevant. The landing page is important when customers want to find specific information or get a given product. Accordingly, a good landing page is one that’s not only seamless but can also be scanned. Since a landing page is expected to provide users with a clear path, you need to make it as personal as possible. A landing page that comes with a form can be irritating if you make it more complex. Avoid going for specific information such as the name of a person unless you want your form to be skipped.

4. Make use of social media lead ads

Social media lead ads can be used in two main circumstances. First, when the natural lead generation strategy has proved ineffective. Second, you can incorporate social media lead ads in your strategy if there’s a need to double the efforts. Complementary to this, social media leads vary from one social media platform to another. For example, Facebook has a specific lead format for marketers and comes in promoted forms. Facebook lead ads can be synced to your customer management system directly. Similarly, it can be downloaded and this is important since it will allow marketers to assess its performance. Apart from Facebook, you can access lead ads from Instagram, LinkedIn as well as YouTube.

5. Use proper incentive

It’s always important to give users a reason for sharing information and incentives will perform better. There are different incentives that you can employ depending on the nature of leadership that you want to generate.

6. Customize your offer

This considered being the best strategy for generating leads. A study that was conducted by Heinz Marketing and Uberflip established that personalizing content is the most reliable tool in terms of lead generation than any other marketing tool.


Regardless of the method that you’ll employ in generating leads, it’s important to analyze the performance of every strategy. The easiest way to do this is to set up your goals in Google Analytics to track leads on your website. This will allow you to monitor the performance of every social media platform with the intention of getting the best platform. On top of this, analytics will allow marketers to identify messaging platforms that’ll produce the best results.

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