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How to Generate More Leads From Your B2B Data

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07 Jan 2021

How to Generate More Leads From Your B2B Data


Many businesses and companies spend resources and time on lead generation, this is completely necessary and understandable, because without them, nor the constant flow of them, a business stagnates and cannot grow beyond where it is based, that is why salespeople make important investments in improving and perfecting the already proven tactics to direct prospects towards the sales apex of the brand.

Some of the most widely used and popular tactics among companies are:

All are always being taken to the maximum of their capacity, these are the pillars of lead generation, but as usual, we can not only use what is already established many times we have to simply leave the schemes.

So many people receiving email marketing, being bombarded day after day with a different proposal after another simply flooding the inboxes, causing simply so much noise that our message can't reach, this is how the emergence of a more innovative and new tactic is the order of the day.

And when it comes to new tactics, they are not just reinventions of the ones we already know or the simple fact of opening another channel or forming another lead generation strategy. We are looking for something that complements the efforts that are put in, which gives them a completely different impulse to what we need.

But because many times it takes a considerable time to do so, we can give you some advice, they are not methods usually used as lead generation tactics by vendors, but they do their job very well:

Develop a Personalized Email Campaign

Your emails need to speak the same language as their recipient in many ways, so you can ensure that you uniquely capture their attention, which means embellishing your content with academic verse, informative writing and jargon, emojis, and even the use of gifs is allowed. The most important information does not necessarily have to change, it is the mechanism by which it is sent, it is always based on your personality and that makes the difference.

Several companies have specialized in this branch, creating and customizing emails that build a link, and creating a better lead in it. You can also use the inclusion of CTA in the signature of your email if you include one of these you should go a step further, put a CTA button at the end of a normal job perfectly placed under the signature, which is connected to the last content or the beginning of your home page.

This works best when sending a large amount of mail, which is not too difficult for those who are experienced in this field. The wide variety of people connected to the Internet who look at your emails, whether they are personal or work-related, in addition to that they can notice that unique CTA that even though it may not seem so is just the right thing, the hook for the complete attention of the person and with the right time.

Get Into As Many Conversations As You Can

Sales are about relationships, you can't leave it all to websites, social networks, and emails. You also have to know how to engage in pleasant conversations with your customers, to highlight the trust you can give them, as well as persuade them personally to buy your products.

By treating your customers in person, you have a much greater chance of them becoming potential customers for the company.

Make a List of Contacts to Do Business With

This will help you organize the entire organization of the company, and give you a clear focus on what to do with business marketing and how to get new customers.

This will be done to locate potential buyers that your product may have, but you should try to make sure that it is up to date and has all the data of those customers.

Making Calls to Customers

Calls to customers are very essential, as it determines how soon that customer will buy your product, or if they will buy it.

Calls to your customers should be engaging and gentle, you should seek their immediate interest, but not appear desperate or try to force them to buy your product. These last two failings can cause the loss of the customer.

Contact Them through Emails

Once you get the list of contacts, you should start promoting your product. One of the most used ways is promotion via email, which can be done through programs that automate the distribution of information. You only have to set up the sales marketing, and the program will send all that information for you automatically.

Make a Live Chat on Your Website

People prefer a live chat for both sales and technical support. They will be more pleased to see the person who is trying to sell them the service and can show them the product using this tool. It is also the same with the technical support in case you have one, seeing the person means a more intimate and enjoyable conversation with him, besides you, can show the problem on the screen if possible.

Make a Q&A Section on Your Website

Customers will always have questions about your product; these questions can be answered by a Q&A section. Whether they are general or specific questions, they can be answered briefly and clearly for the users' understanding.

If someone has a custom question, an option should be left for them to enter it and for someone from technical support to answer it.

Use Social Networks as a Means of Dissemination

Social networks are increasingly looking for companies to advertise them, whether it's onsite or on behalf of the site, it's a considerably large spread because of the number of people who frequent these networks. This can bring in quite a few potential customers with good, attractive advertising that stands out from the rest.


In this article, some of the ways to get more leads in B2B Data were discussed. If any reader wants to start entrepreneurship in this world, it is recommended that they read and follow these tips to be successful.

There are also many more methods than those mentioned here, so we encourage you to keep investigating.

Good luck with your next B2B venture.

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