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How to Generate Leads & Sales from Your Blog

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02 Jan 2021


While it may look complex for first-timer bloggers, getting your blog to generate tons of leads is the easiest thing to do. The success of the whole process will depend on your ability to understand your audience, including their pain points. Coming up with good content that could solve some of your customers’ pain points is the easiest way to get them to share your information. Lead generation will happen when your content is shared by a prospective customer. For many, lead generation is the first step in transforming prospects into qualified leads that can in turn increase sales.

10 Ways to Generate Leads & Sales from Your Blog

If you’re wondering how you’re going to generate leads for your blog, worry no more because we have designed 15 strategies that’ll help you get started.

1. Come up with credible lead magnets

It’s important to realize that lead magnets are downloadable content that’s of much help to the audience. In his words, Andres Tovar of Noetic Marketer said that there’s nothing that can make people provide their contact information faster than giving them what he described as a glossy downloadable asset freely. This sentiment was echoed by Bruce Harpham from SaaS Marketing Services who disclosed that he managed to convert between 2 and 3 percent of his blogging visitors to email subscribers. To achieve this you’ll be required to identify several pain points for your prospects that need to be discussed. When this is done, your next step will be to go ahead to create excellent content that will cover the highlighted issues.

2. Come up with content with a unique topic

This idea of creating content with a unique topic was supported by Caleb Riutta from Dusk Digital. He disclosed that the most effective way of generating leads from a blog is identifying a gap of knowledge that exists in the blogging world. Getting a topic that has not been over blogged will need one to conduct thorough research. After making sure that you have the correct data, the next step is to write an excellent post of not less than 1000 words.

3. Come up with helpful content

It’s good to ensure that your content is not only real but contains actionable information. Adam Smartschan from Altitude Marketing advises bloggers to always have prospects in mind when creating content. More importantly, you need to guide your prospect on how to make a decision other than pushing them. The aspect of coming up with helpful content was seconded by Kendall Walters from Vidyard who added that offering helpful content will allow them to take the next step.

4. Have content at every stage of a funnel

Learn to have content that targets customers at every level of the funnel and is not limited to their interests. This includes giving value when they make their way to your website. In simple terms, the intention of the customer vital when it comes to generating leads with the power to destroy or build your leads.

5. Understand the intention of your prospects

No customer will search for your website for nothing. Understanding the intention of the prospective customer will enable you to generate content that meets speaks to the bottom of a funnel. This was supported by John Donnachie who said that coming up with content that covers all funnel stages will touch on the needs of customers generating more leads.

6. Get more information about your audience from the marketing team

In the words of Katrina Dalao from Referral Rock, it’s important to pay attention to your sales team. This should be done for one primary reason that is, your marketing team is in constant touch with customers qualifying them as experts, and they will help in creating content that’ll appeal to your potential customers.

7. Upgrade your content more often

Upgrading your content is one most important things that’ll be required to be done whenever you want to generate more leads on your blog. This aspect is supported by Lim who disclosed that content that implemented content upgrades increased conversation by nearly 8 percent. Upgrading your content is a lead magnet that’ll attract more people to your post.

8. Use a widget chat to generate lead generation

The suggestion of using Widget to generate leads for your blogs was proposed by FaraRosenzweig. The platform allows customers not only to generate newsletter sign-up but also supports customer registration. FaraRosenzweig reiterated that personalizing their conversation helped them to generate more leads from their blog.

9. Come up with interactive content

Apart from admitting that interacting content was their main source of lead generation, Baidhurya Mani from Sell Courses Online revealed that interacting quizzes was the strategy that they adopted. He continued to say that a single quiz enables them to generate over 25,000 leads for an unspecified period. With the best quiz, you’ll be in a position to study the behaviors of your customers. This will work better when you come with a series of questions that your clients are expected to answer before offering recommendations. Make it mandatory for users to enter their names as well as email address before allowing them to see recommendations.

10. Always use the correct keywords

Since keywords are vital in giving life to your content, the use of the wrong keywords is strongly discouraged. According to Yulin Yin from Do Hard Money, it’s important to research using any keyword. More essentially, avoid confusing your readers by using keywords that you’re unsure of. This practice will scare your subscribers reducing your leads in the longest run.

Wrap Up

Even though several strategies can be used to generate leads from your blog, everything will narrow down to having valuable content. This is the same content that will come as downloadable assets, going to use keywords, content that will have interactive quizzes together with others.

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