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How to Connect XEvil Remote Captcha Solving Software to the Web Scraper

How to Connect XEvil Remote Captcha Solving Software to the Web Scraper and Email Extractor

In this guide, we will give you a walk through of how to connect XEvil remote captcha solving desktop software to your web scraper. If you are planning to use multiple threads, you will need to use proxies. If you do not use proxies, your IP address can get blacklisted and you will hit a dead end. However, even when using proxies for scraping, you are likely to encounter captcha requests from Google, Yellow Pages business directory and other platforms. To solve such captchas, you will either need to 1) enter your 2captcha API and your captchas will be solved remotely (you will need to register with 2captcha and buy credit on your account) 2) connect XEvil remote captcha solving desktop software to CBT web scraper and email harvester. The former option will be more expensive as you will be paying money for every captcha solution. The latter option is much cheaper in the long run but will require you to set up XEvil correctly in order for everything to work smoothly

Configuring Captcha Settings on CBT Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor

How to Connect XEvil Remote Captcha Solving Software to the Web Scraper

First, you will need to purchase XEvil from Botmaster Labs.

Then you will need to run the CBT web scraper and email grabber. Go to Settings and click on the captcha settings tab. 

If you are planning to use the 2captcha external captcha solving service, enter your real API key and ensure that you have money in your balance. If you are planning to use XEvil from Botmaster Labs, simply enter any random API key such as 11111111111111111111111. It will be required to establish connection to XEvil.

Configuring Captcha Settings on XEvil

Start your copy of XRumer forum poster and XEvil. You may need to run XRumer in order to authorise XEvil.

Click on the Settings tab and select 2Captcha and inside the host field, enter Ensure that your port is set to 80 as otherwise, XEvil will not work. Ensure that port 80 is not used by any other software. 

Click on the + Hosts button and switch to the Monitoring tab. If all the items are in green, it means that your copy of XEvil is connected to your website crawler. 


Similarly, inside the log section, you should see a line that looks like 29/06/2020 22:06:33: GET /res.php?key=111111111111111111111&action=getbalance&json=0

Now go back to the CBT search engine scraper, go to Captcha Settings and click on get balance. You should get a success message with 100 which means that your connection to XEvil has been successful. 

You will now need to add some private, shared or backconnect rotating proxies for solving Google recaptcha versions 2 and 3. If you are going to be solving Google image captchas from a single IP address, your IP will get banned by Google and you will not be able to solve captchas. To add your proxies, in XEvil, go to Modules, ReCatptcha2. This will open up a separate window. Under the settings section, you should see a proxies section. Select your proxy type (most will be HTTP) and upload your proxy list. You should check the option to rotate proxies (use a difference proxy for each request). You can also select the total number of threads you would like to use. This will depend on your computer specs.


Christopher Parker
Does XEvil solve google recaptcha 3? From what I understand, we only need captcha solving for Google. I can still use other search engines without a captcha solver? Thanks

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