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How To Configure The Speed Of Your Website Scraper And Data Extractor

How to Configure the Speed of your Website Scraper and Data Extractor

In this guide, we will show you how to configure the speed of the CBT website scraper and data extractor. The speed settings will have a direct impact on the total number of records you will extract from websites. We will also show you how to enable our Facebook Business Page Scraper.

How to Configure the Speed of your Website Scraper and Data Extractor

Run the CBT Web Scraper and Email Extractor and go to settings, speed settings. First up, you will have an option to tell the software how many results to scrape per keyword. This will depend on your strategy, niche and the total number of keywords you are using. Generally, 200 to 250 websites per keyword is ample. Anything above that number is likely to result in lower quality websites. You can also specify how many emails the scraper should extract from one website. Generally, the software will extract a maximum of 3 email addresses per business records.

You can disable images in the web browser to save computer resources. You can also 1) enable application activity log and 2) enable individual threads activity log. These options are helpful in the event of a crash or a problem as these logs will provide us the black box which will allow us to identify and fix the problem. We recommend that you have at least 1) enabled.

Twitter Profile and Facebook Business Page Scraper

We strongly recommend that you enable the Facebook Business Page Scraper by checking the box "Always Scrape Facebook for More Emails". With this option on, when the web scraper detects a Facebook link on a website, it will go to its Facebook Business Page and extract the contact details directly into the central Excel CSV file. In the event that a website does not have some contact details such as an address, telephone or a website, the Facebook Business Page Scraper is ideal for filling out the missing details. If, however, a website does not have a Facebook Business Page, the Web Scraper will try to find a Twitter url inside the site's HTML body content and go to Twitter and scrape all the contact details from there. It is extremely important that you enter your Facebook login details inside the save and login settings tab because sometimes, Facebook will require you to login in order to view a business page.

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