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How to Configure Email Harvester Content Filters

How to Configure Email Harvester Content Filters

In this guide, we will show you how to configure the content filters inside the CBT Web Scraper and Email Extractor to harvest niche-targeted data with laser precision. The content filters will check the website meta title, meta description and HTML body text for your keywords and only scrape and extract data matching your criteria to generate very targeted sales leads.

How to Configure Email Harvester Content Filters

Inside Settings, go to the Content Filters tab. Inside the text pane, you can enter your list of niche-targeted keywords that would need to be present inside a website's meta title, meta description and optionally, HTML body content. To get an idea of what meta title and meta description is, run a simple Google search. The bigger clickable text in blue is the meta title and the smaller non-clickable black font underneath it is the meta description. The HMTL body content is what is contained on the website's page once you access it. Most of the time, websites will contain niche focused keywords in the metas because ultimately, they tell the search engines what the site or page is about. From the SEO standpoint, most webmasters will include the relevant keywords inside the meta title and meta description. Therefore, if you want to scrape and extract business contact details from websites that are relevant to your niche, you have to be very creative about your keywords. You can also tell the web scraper how many keywords would need to be present in these places. For example, if we want to scrape all the vape shops, we could use keywords such as vape, vaping, eliquid, e-liquid, ejuice, e-juice and different variants. These keywords more or less define the vaping category. Another example would be the hemp and CBD niche. In the same light, if you would like to scrape and extract data from all CBD websites, you could use keywords such as CBD, cannabinoid and hemp inside the content filters. You have the option to also configure the web scraper to check for your keywords inside the HTML body content. This option would return more results which may be less relevant because sites that are not directly related to your niche may have the keywords inside the body content rather than the meta title and meta description. This is the long and short of the logic behind the content filters. If utilised correctly, these content filters can be exceptionally powerful in helping you to generate extremely targeted business leads.

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