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How To Achieve Success with Cold Calling

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07 Jan 2021


Leads are important for a business to grow. Be it product-based business o service-based business, they must have some leads to keep in moving further. Businesses generate leads differently. The method of lead generation varies from business to business. Some of them use email marketing to generate business while others use social media marketing to generate leads. Amongst these methods, there is one method that is still in use today. This method of lead generation was sued several ears go when there was no internet or email. It was one of the most widely used lead generation methods. This method is called Cold Calling. In this method, the company salesperson calls random people and convince them to try their products. If they like it, they can tell the salesperson and he/she can tell them how to buy it.

The method has become less popular since the arrival of the internet, however, it is not completely extinct. Some companies still use this method to generate lead and earn their profit. Even though it is used less widely, this method can be used to generate hundreds of leads easily. However, people nowadays aren’t proficient at cold calling. They aren’t able to convince the other party as to why should they buy their product or service. To solve this problem, we have listed some points or tips below that will help you to get success with cold calling. This method will help you to easily generate lead with cold calling and will also help you to become better at cold calling. Let’s see what these tips are.

Cold calling tips that one must always remember


Before you cold call anyone makes sure you read about that person before making the call. If the number is given to you by any person, or by company, then you should research about that person. Get to know about the interest and other topics in that person's life. The reason why we are saying so is that while cold calling, it is good if you pitch up the points that resemble the topics that the person is interested in. This way, the topic of conversation will go for a long time and you will be able to convince the person eventually to buy your product or try your services.

Create a blueprint of conversation

While cold calling, it is not possible to pitch up a new topic every time you call a new person. You cannot change the language or the tone while tailing to the new person every time. In that case, we suggest that you should create a blueprint or outline of the conversation that you are going to have. Write the steps in which you are going to talk to the user and make sure to stick to the points. You can get frank with the person once you have talked for a long time and the person seems interested in your conversation.

Keep a list of the people you have to call

Don’t overexert yourself while cold calling. A common mistake that people do nowadays is that they call around 100-200 people every day. In cold calling, no person is going to take up the offer of trying your product or services for the first time. 20% of the people you are going to dial are going to say no within the first minute. If you call many people then you will hear no for a long time. Hearing so much no as an answer will harm your mind and you wouldn’t be able to maintain a good presentation in front of the people that you are going to call and this will affect your performance ultimately. The best way to avoid this is to call a few people every day. Call around 70-80 people in one day and this will help you to keep your performance high and will also keep you in positive mod while talking to potential clients.

Opening Line

When you dial an unknown number, the first 10 seconds will determine how the conversation will go between you two or how long will the conversation last. One needs to make an impact in these 10 seconds. So, the one thing you must do is start your call by a powerful sentence. One which catches the attention of the people and also prevents them from cutting the line. Then after the opening sentence, you can go on with your script and talk with the user. By catching the attention of the person, you have created a bridge between the person and yourself. All you need to do is cross the bridge and then the person will be convinced to buy the product or service offered by the company.

Rejection and Practice are important

Few people are into the method of cold calling, because only a few people have the power to hear a no at their face. Many people don’t know this; however, people aren’t used to hearing no. IN cold calling if the person doesn’t like your product or service, he/she will reject you on the face. This will demotivate the people. In today’s time, people aren’t able to face rejection and them quite cold calling. Even though cold calling has high potential its inability of the people to hear a no that makes it weak. On the other hand, one must take it positively. They must learn to accept no as an answer an improve from it.

Then after hearing a rejection one must practice on their soft skills. Develop your soft skills. Each time you hear a no as an answer start practicing on your skill and develop them further. Reach the point where your soft skills are so great people won’t be able to say no to you. Practice makes a man perfect and this is true here as well. Practice each time you fall and that’s how you will achieve success in cold calling.

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