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How to Achieve Great Email Deliverability

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07 Jan 2021

How to Achieve Great Email Deliverability


Everybody wants to achieve great email deliverability when they send an email. If you are an email marketer who wants to promote their company product or any digital work as well, the first thing you would want is the people to read your email. Not just reading your emails, you would want them to interact with your email and even subscribe to your future emails or buy any product you are promoting. All of the email marketers want this to happen, however, it happens to only a few people. The rest do not get any attention to their emails and their emails are simply avoided by people and they went unnoticed. So how can you change it? How can you get people to interact with your emails and read your emails? The only solution is to have great email deliverability. When your emails get properly delivered and it has all the correct factors inside it, then the user will open it, read it, and will even interact if they like your company product. How can you achieve great email deliverability, well let’s see the steps on how one can do it?

Steps to achieve great Email deliverability

Use Prime IP

Many email accounts nowadays use ISP filters that will filter to any emails whose IP can’t be trusted by doing so, your email will be moved to the spam folder and you won’t be able to get the user read it. So, the first step should be to use a trusted and reliable IP so that your email doesn’t get marked as spam.

Use Registered Subdomain email

If you are an email marketer in a company, then you would have a registered subdomain email from which you will be able to send emails to all your clients. Using a registered subdomain email is one of the best ways to prove that you are reliable and can be trusted by the user. It will help to monitor the IP reputation of your email address and will slowly allow you to expand your email clients.

Implement SPF

SPF stands for the sender policy framework and it is one the best methods if you do not want your emails to get spammed. The sender policy framework helps the email server to trust you and prevents your emails from getting marked as spam. The server can cross check the domain name and the IP of the sender so it treats the email as genuine and verified emails. The server will allow such emails and do not allow it to be treated as spam.

Sender Score

You might be using a sender server to send all your emails to the client. Before doing so, make sure to check the sender score of the server. If it has a high sender score then only proceed to use it and send the email to other people. Otherwise, it would be best to avoid such an email server. This is because the ISP filter will check the sender score and if it's low, it will treat the emails as spam. This will prevent you from getting the full benefit of the sender website.

Check for feedback loops

Many email servers will provide feedback loops to you if you continue sending an email to the person. In the feedback form, you would be able to get all the information such as how the user is reacting to your email, do they read your emails and are your emails getting spammed or not. These feedback loops also tell you whether the user has marked your email as spam or not. In this way, you would be able to work upon your skills and emails and make sure your feedback loops get better and better. This will help your emails to get more visibility and the user will read your emails if you follow the method.

Be consistent

One reason why people email gets spammed is that they send emails randomly. This is a huge mistake and one should avoid it. Never send emails at the irregular time such as once in two or three months. Be regular in sending the emails. This will help you to keep the sender score high and will also help to improve your feedback loop.

Use confirmation message

People nowadays use opt-in message where the client receive emails asking them whether they would want to continue the emails subscription or not. IN such emails there is a checkbox present that is checked previously. If the user wishes to cancel the subscription, they could remove the checkbox and they won’t receive the emails in the future. This is a good trick however sometimes it can fire back and cause the emails to be marked as spam. To get rid of this, use a double opt-in in your emails. In such emails, you could just ask the user to confirm their emails or such so that they could receive the email in the future. This will improve your email deliverability.

Filter the list

You might have a long list of the clients for which you need to send the email and many of them might not even open your email even when it delivered correctly. If you continue to deliver them emails, it will eventually cause you to lose points and credibility. To counter this, check your list from time to time and remove people who do not read your emails. It will help you to keep your credibility source high.

Send emails regularly

If you send too many emails then the email server will mark you as a spammer and will prevent the user from reading your messages. If you send too few emails then as it will be treated as spam and left unread. To counter both these problems, we suggest you send emails once per week. Send emails about any product in your company, or any even launched by a company or anything else as well. Just make sure to continuously keep sending emails to your clients so that you are not marked as spam.

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