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How is B2B Telemarketing Different from B2C Telemarketing?

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07 Jan 2021


Telemarketing is one of the most famous ways of advertising in today’s era.

In this type of marketing, the salesperson of one company directly contacts the potential clients who he/she think will buy their product easily without any problem. Many businesses in today’s time invest money in telemarketing and generate lead out of them. The salesperson can talk to potential clients in any way. He could chat with them, call them or do video conferencing with the clients. The main goal at the end is to convince the buyers to buy the product or services that are offered by the company.

However different companies use different forms of telemarketing to get profit or client. Some use the B2B telemarketing strategy, while others use the B2C telemarketing strategy. These two strategies are entirely different and they use a different approach to get a potential client for the company. It is up to the company which strategy they would like to follow, however, let us study a little about each strategy and see what is the basic difference between these two strategies.

B2B telemarketing

B2B telemarketing stands for Business to Business Telemarketing. This type of telemarketing generally focusses on building the business relationship between the companies. In this type of marketing, the salesperson generally calls other business and tie up with them to sell their product. The business ties up to sell their products and in this way, a trust or bond is formed between the business. The company reaches out to the potential business customer who will try out their product and give their feedback and experience about the product. This will help the person or business to redevelop their product more easily. This strategy is generally followed by big companies that have a good reputation in the market. The B2B telemarketing is good since it helps to generate lead by contacting the people of the business. The research on potential clients becomes much easier thanks to B2B marketing. The people who have searched about your business you can pinpoint who type of people are more interested in your business and then you can pitch up those business partners. This will help to grow your company easily.

Pros and Cons of B2B telemarketing


• B2B marketing generally occurs online. The company advertises its business or the services which they offer online. People can then see those products and can pitch the company up for tie-up or they could even place an order on the website. They can place the bulk order and so people have no problem delivering the products. The sellers can easily process the transaction thanks to the B2B telemarketing

• The main advantage of B2b marketing is that it helps the company to make huge profit easily. The company can make huge profits from this type of marketing. The reason for this is the number of orders that are placed due to B2B marketing. In B2B marketing, people generally place bulk buying orders, so the company gets several leads easily. This helps them to sell each product easily and get a huge profit from it.

• Another good advantage of the b2b2 telemarketing is that there is a sense of security in it. In b2b marketing, the buyer and the seller company are bound in a contract. The buyer will pay for the goods and the seller will deliver all the goods without any problem. The consignment of the product can be tracked nine as well so there is no sense of distrust in b2b marketing. The person and the company both trust each other and both gain profit from each other.


• The drawback of b2b marketing is that it is a complex thing to do. If you are a start-up, then you cannot directly step up into the domain of b2b marketing. There is trust needed in the b2 market and few companies have them. You need to have a good reputation in the market and if you don’t have that then you wouldn’t be able to get enough customers in b2b marketing. This is one of the major drawbacks that the company faces when they start B2B marketing.

B2C telemarketing

B2C marketing is different and in this type of marketing the salesperson directly contacts the customer. The salesperson of a company will directly pitch the client or customer and explain to them how they can benefit from the product and why should they buy from their company. This type of telemarketing will require your salesperson to have good skills. they should be able to convince the client why should they invest in your company and how buying their company product and service will help them. This type of business marketing strategy is followed by several big and small companies all over the world.

Pros and Cons of B2C telemarketing


• The man benefit of b2c marketing is that there is unlimited potential in this type of marketing. There is no restriction in the market and the profit that your company will make solely depends upon how your salesperson convinces the customer. If they convince them good enough then you will get huge leads.

• Another good thing about B2C marketing is that is costs less. There is no investment needed as all you need to do is pitch a client and they must agree to by the product, then you have to deliver it to their house. There is nothing else that you need to do.


• The main drawback of b2c marketing is that there is a large competition in the market. What you are selling in the market would also be sold by other companies, so the one thing that you must do is pitch your client with more confidence. There I tight completion in the market and if you don’t get better then you won’t survive in the market. This is one of the main disadvantages of B2C marketing.

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