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Here’s How to Create Email Content That Rocks

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07 Jan 2021


Content is crucial if you want to attract a larger target audience and have many subscribers. Content is all over social media and websites. It comes in different forms of videos, pictures, or articles. Did you know that over 1.6 billion websites exist on the internet? Did you know that internet users watch over 5 billion YouTube videos in just one day? This tells you how content is crucial in reaching your target audience. Email marketers also need content that rocks to succeed in digital marketing.

What do email marketers do? Email marketers use email as a platform to reach out to their target audience. They use email to market their products, build a strong customer base, and improve sales.

With a large volume of content internet users consumes daily, attention span has reduced to an average of 15 seconds. Because of this digital marketing has become so competitive. A great content that captures your readers' attention is the only thing that will make you thrive in the email marketing world.

Do you want to rock your subscriber’s world with great email content? Keep reading…...

1. Know Your Target Audience

Know your target audience before even crafting an email content. What are their needs and concerns? What exactly are they looking for? Being able to define your target audience is crucial to creating email content that will rock their world.

Know your readers’ interests. What can make you define your target audience perfectly? Check your data analytics on your website and use the information you have in building audience personas. This way, you will have their interest at hand, as well as their age, demographic data, and their concerns.

2. Add Value to Your Content

You now know the needs of your target audience. How then do you add value to your email content? Address the issues that mainly concern your target audience. Are you solving their problems? Is your content meeting their demanding needs? An email copy that adds value to your audience will make them open your emails and even click the links you have attached. This will keep your click-through as well as your conversion rates high.

Ensure you know what interests your readers and create email content that rocks their world by solving their problems.

3. Nail the Subject Line

Your subject line is the first thing that your readers will see when your email appears in their inbox. And you know what? How you write your subject line will determine whether users willopen your email. You know why? Because your subject line tells a story of your email content. It should summarize the content of your email.

If you focus your subject lines too much on sales, your subscribers will be more likely to report your emails as spams. You don't want that as it will have a negative impact on your future email deliverables. So, what is the key to writing a compelling subject line? Writing a summarized version of what your email is about is what matters here.

4. Take Advantage of The Preview Text Section

Since internet users have dwindling attention spans on the content they come across, a compelling subject line is not enough. What most email marketers fail to recognize is the importance of the preview text section in email. It plays a crucial role in getting your readers to open your emails by capturing their attention.

So, first things first, make sure your preview text is appealing and is a summary of your content. Don’t promise what you can’t provide in the preview text. In other words, don’t include information in this section that your readers will not find in the content. You will be messing up big time if you do something like this. It should tell your readers more about what you have in store for them in the content. Ensure you don’t waste the space because it is only limited to 100 characters or less. Expand what your email is about in the preview text and achieve more reads.

5. Personalize Email Content

Personalize your email content by putting your recipient's name in the 'to' field. This will enable you to build a strong relationship and have a conversation with your target audience. Signing your name at the end of your emails will build trust among your audience. Signing your name also improves your brand recognition and may increase leads.

6. Use A Conversational Tone in Your Emails

Build a structure that you will follow strictly in your email. Use short paragraphs and don't repeat the same idea you have used in another paragraph. Keep your tone conversational and your message clear.

7. Use Visuals Like Video in Formatting Your Email Content

Adding images, GIFs or videos enhance email marketing experience of your target audience. How do you make sure to leverage visuals in your email content? If you have to use images, ensure you include alt-tags. Why? Some emails reject images by default depending on the client. Adding alt-tags will not only increase email accessibility but also maintain your brand reputation and attract more sales.

Whether you should use visuals also depend on the context of your email content. Serious copies require the use of infographics or sometimes you may not need to use visuals at all. Lighthearted content may require the use of GIFs.

8. Remember Your Goals Matters

No one creates an email campaign without wanting to reach a certain goal. Your goal should direct the content you generate for your target audience.

9. Optimize Your Emails for Smartphones

You may think that your subscribers will open your emails via a desktop. You are wrong! Most users open their emails from mobile devices. Besides, mobile devices are portable so, your leads can carry them through away from their desks.


Choose the words you use in your email content wisely as this may affect how people will react to your emails. Rocking your subscribers’ world takes a lot. It requires you to be patient and learn what makes your customers happy. Stay up to date with your customers' needs and concerns by always checking on your review section.

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