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Here Is How To Create The Email Content That Rocks

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01 Jan 2021

Recent research revealed that in 2019, around 294 billion emails were sent all over the world and it was also predicted that the figure will reach 348 billion by the end of 2023. Marketing through emails remains a top choice for many marketers. But we all know achieving a milestone in life has always been hard and success in an email marketing campaign is no exception. There are a lot of strategies and marketing qualities that you need to learn and apply in your campaign. To get the desired results. Here we will guide you to create the best content for your email marketing.

Focus on the inbox

When you send emails to your prospects first impression matters a lot and your email are no exceptions. You may spend your best designing skills on creating the body of your email but if the first impression of your email I.e. the envelope is not able to create excitement in their mind then you are not likely to get click-throughs.

There are three elements of your envelope :

Sender name - The sender name that you include in your envelope is an extremely influential factor. In the matter of click-throughs, it even gets more important than the subject line sometimes. The reason behind such importance of the sender name is that it inextricably creates a link of trust between the prospect and the brand.

The first question that arises in everybody's mind before opening an email is "Is this genuine?" So all will look for the sender's address. And here if you include the details of some individual then it creates an issue of trust and may not probably get the click-through. So you must include your brand's name to create trust-worthiness and more brand recognition. Here you can use directly your company's name or an employee's name tag with the company's name for example "Gunjan at Colors". Many other companies also use the sender name to differentiate departments, products services, and emails. Thus revealing some key features there only. It is an effective way to engage your prospects in your services.

You can always create your creative style of representing your brand, but the only thing is that your sender name must not include a simple email address.

Subject line - Most of the customers open an email just by simply reading the subject line. So here your subject line is going to play an important role in increasing your click-through rates. Don't go for a lengthy subject line instead keep it short and crispy. Make sure your subject line is informative and it must catch the viewer's attention. Catching attention is only possible when you highlight the most important messages that you want to convey in a stylish manner. So that with just a glance he/she is compiled to go through it. It has been seen that subject lines describing an emergency is often opened and read by the prospect.

But do not overdo it, with various special characters and unnecessary texts, the project may even mark such emails as SPAM.

Pre-header text - It is the small text that appears just below the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. It is used as a complement to the subject line and can tremendously boost your click-through rates. Your subject line and preheader combined must be telling an efficient story about the email that excites your viewer to go through your content. Customizing the preheader text can be a good idea for the same.

Body of the email

While writing your business email you must never make it a lengthy one. Email is not a leisure hour read through which you are going to entertain someone. That's why your email must be short, to the point, and crispy. A study has revealed that emails with approximately 20 lines of texts or about say 200 words had the highest click-through rates. So always keep your email shorter than 200 words. If you write long emails explaining each and everything then your prospect is likely to get bored and leave the deal undone. You can include animated gifs, short videos, and even images. Since human has visual stimuli emails with attractive images and videos are more likely to get higher click-through rates. The greatest email formulas that can fascinate you with high performing email campaign are PAS, 4P's, and BAB. These formats will allow you to shape your content that will easily fit the needs of your potential customers.

But I can understand it may not be always convincing for you to describe all the features of your products and services in such a short paragraph. So the only way to deal with it is to hire a professional content writer. They have special talents to include your whole data in very short lines and a more presentable manner.

Put the final card appropriately

The final step towards getting your click-through depends on the buttons you use in your email marketing campaigns. This is going to decide whether the customer clicks on your links, visits your website, and makes the purchase or not. Using generic or default keywords like - download, apply, order, submit, etc here could be the worst idea. Nobody wants to waste time downloading some unknown content. Instead, you can create your unique button, which's much more attractive (for example, 'Get', 'Learn', or 'Get your free account').

Avoid the SPAM

All your efforts can be in vain if someone marks your email as SPAM. So as far as possible avoid the spam filters. This could be possible if you don't use spam-friendly language ('buy' or 'free') in your email. Or else you can also ask your prospects to add you to their contacts. If you once get added in their phone contact then the spam filter will automatically get removed.

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