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Get Past The Gatekeeper: 5 Real-World Tips For Telemarketers

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04 Jan 2021

Telemarketing is making calls to engage customers. Products selling is launched by using telemarketing. While making calls, agents describe products and making deals withcustomers.

In B2B calls, there is cleaned and efficient way tot reach out to customers rather than B2C business calls. Like other marketing campaigns telemarketing is also a source of giving voice to your products.

There is a big difference between B2C and B2B marketing. In telemarketing, two types of calls are made. One is B2C and the other is B2B. the calls that we often counter in our daily lives are B2C calls. Business to customers calls. In such calls, customers are directly dealt by agents and products are described and sell. Description that is given by agents about a a specific product is unique and efficient rather than written description. That’s why telemarketing is also essential in making ways of marketing.

In B2B marketing, decision makers in big industries, corporations are dealt. Calls are made and describe products in front of decision makers. It is business to business dealings. Different dealings are done with decision makers and after deal have made, they buy products in stock not in numbers. That’s why telemarketing of B2B is efficient and more profit earning procedure. If one effective call is made in whole month then all the office expenses are covered by its benefit. Telemarketing boot up the benefits if proper measure is opted. Business to business marketing plays a crucial role in engaging potential customers.

There are also some issues that should be dealt with iron hands in telemarketing. Getting past from gatekeepers is a very bad experience that often leads to decline sales in the field of B2B business. Every big corporation has decision makers that direct the policies of that specific firm. Such decision makers and authoritarian persons don’t receive your calls directly. Some personal assistance, secretary is working for them and dealing with their phone calls. Only very important and dire needed phone calls make their ways up to that decision makers.

In this way, getting past that gatekeepers are necessary to make your product ready for selling. Just like physicalbarriers, in telemarketing gatekeepers, PA, secretary etc. all are barriers that impediment the way.

All the hurdles that stop and cut the way between agent and decision maker falls under the category of gatekeeper. All these hurdles should be lifted before they become uncurable. Some tips are worldly known effective that should be followed in order to remove that barriers. These tips are as follows:

Avoid to be scammed:

Every agent should have sharp mind and he should understand the tactics of gatekeepers. You should know when you are about to be scammed. People often get scammed by these gatekeepers. Hence, they can’t make their ways to decision makers and products are left helpless. There are specific sentences which make you think that this man is talking about reality. Scamming statements are as:

These are all scamming statements. If gatekeeper use such statements, make yourself ready to avoid such conditions without making gatekeeper your enemy. Recognize the gatekeeper’s expressions while talking to you. Voice has also visuals. You can see if you are really an agent working hard for your company.

Make friends:

Don’t use harsh language if gatekeeper disturbs you again and again. Be polite every time and hung up. Every time, when he scams with you, just be quiet and be polite. Just tell him in normal tone that you know he is making you fool. After sometime, he will recognize your importance and will allow you to talk to decision maker. Try to make calls at specific times when there are no rush hours. Calm and serenity also increase chances to make conversation with authoritarian man. Don’t make enemies in marketing field. You don’t know when you have to call someone and ask him for your help. Corporate sector is all about having friends in every field. Don’t make enemies specially don’t make enemies that are hurdles between you and decision makers. If you make enemies then your days will be counted in the field of telemarketing. Telemarketing is all about sweet words.

Sky rocketed confidence:

Your confidence should be so high that no one can shake it. If you call gatekeeper with confidence and by using proper words and by adding space in every word then your voice will be resonating in his mind for milliseconds and he will surely give importance to your call. Try to use confidence tactic and mostly it works.

If you talk to them with deter confidence then they will feel junior to you. And no one is ready to offend senior. Your image of senior works very well and you will be able to talk to decision makers.

Call Is expected:

A very common and well used technique is to say that your call is expected. Don’t lie as it will destroy your credibility. Send emails or direct mails before telemarketing. After sending such proposals, you will be able to talk about your expected call. This will not be a lie and it will also not a complete truth. If gatekeeper will come to know that his senior is waiting for your call, he will surely forward your call to decision making body. Now, you can discuss your products in well mannered way as gatekeeper will not disturb your call. Use concise words to deal with decision making body.


Telemarketing is not only related to B2C business. It is also very important in B2B business. That’s why in B2B business, better calls are made by adopting necessary measures. Gatekeepers are passed through specific procedures. After passing gatekeeper, telemarketing becomes very easy and simple way of product marketing.

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