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Five Most Powerful B2B Marketing Techniques For Lead Generation

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07 Jan 2021


As a person who has been conducting business what is the first lesson most businessmen or businesswomen hear? That the primary purpose of business is to make a profit. How does one get profits? The simplest answer is by having a large customer base that is loyal to the core so you can continue to retain them instead of losing them to your competitors. Now, this road may be long and arduous but what you can start off with is lead generation. It is not only regular customers that will let you shower with profits but also other businesses if you can figure out how to target them effectively. Here are five techniques that just may help you have a foolproof approach to lure them in.

1. Email Marketing:

You may be wondering why such an outdated means of doing business is still reigning supreme. Email marketing is one of the top choices currently when it comes to B2B lead generation. Why? Because it has a number of possibilities. Firstly, due to modern tools at your beck and call you will not have to do anything except writing the content. Email service providers can offer you with a range of creative templates, CRM can help segment your customer list and send the emails accordingly, and you can lounge in your chair and watch as your sales and engagement go uphill. Your content can also have a whole lot of variation to make it interesting and worth opening. You may add in links leading to your page, or a webinar, perhaps even a short video clip. That is entirely in your hands. As long as you know just how to target your customers and have a solution ready for their problems you are good to go.

2. Search Marketing:

Search marketing has been on the rise ever since marketers knew about the pot of gold they had stumbled onto. One of those pots is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. People rely on the Internet for just about everything these days. Businesses have realized that an online presence is more of an inevitable conclusion in a world that is rapidly being consumed by digitalization. Having your page or blog capture the top of the search result can be done through SEO that can help you find and utilize the top popular keywords that people search for. A plethora of backlinks can also lend your page credibility. If none of that works out, go for PPC or Pay Per Click advertising. Advertisers such as Google may display the ad that you want to present and every time it gets a click the advertiser gets paid. Neat right?

3. Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing goes largely ignored especially if you are aiming to target businesses instead of customers. It definitely should not. Just about everyone uses social media and even businesses have official social media presence so why not you? A bonus when it comes to social media is that the social media analytics platform can help you keep track of everything related to lead generation. You can know how many clicks and leads you are getting and the number of successful conversions your social media has influenced as well. The best part about this strategy is that you do not have to sound dull and monotonous. You can actually switch things up a little and add some heat by writing humorous captions, engaging with your target audience on your posts, and displaying your sense of creativity.

4. Content Marketing:

How do you lure your customers and other businesses in? There are rivals offering similar products and services as you. What can make you stand out in their eyes and come off as the only ideal solution to their problem? The answer is by capturing their interest. Now, in theory, this sounds nice and simple and if you know how to do it, it will not keep you up at night either. Content marketing involves having juicy, interesting content like informative blogs, touching or humorous videos, and social media posts that demand engagement. This is what reels in customers and businesses alike. They may see that you have a fresh route laden with innovation and creativity as opposed to your competitors who are only focused on the former. That point can truly be in your favor.

5. Conversion Rate Optimization:

As we just established most businesses now have an online presence. You need people to be directed to your page as they fulfill a requirement such as filling out a form or simply browsing as a customer. Getting businesses there is not easy as it is let alone enticing them to keep browsing. This is why you need to have complete knowledge about how they will access your site and how they will continue to use it. What can you do to ensure that your conversion rate only keeps increasing instead of going downhill? Firstly, make sure that you keep an eye out and track the number of conversions that are happening. This can help you see where you are lacking so you can fix the issue immediately. Your speed should be impressive as no one loves to wait for a page to open. They will just abandon it midway instead. It is better to use a content delivery network to increase the speed so they do not have to wait too long. The more secure your site is, the more customers will trust you and provide you with the necessary data. Always make sure that your page appears credible.


B2B marketing techniques come in all shapes and extents of creativity. What matters is what suits your business and the kind of businesses that you are trying to lure in. Knowing your target audience well can help you tailor your marketing strategies enough to achieve impressive leads.

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