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Email Scrubbing: Why And How To Clean Your Email List

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07 Jan 2021


It has started to become a regular routine for businesses to send out emails on a nearly daily basis. It has become so vital that they use it to market their products and services to potential customers. By keeping them notified and up to date about the various offers and deals they have in store, they attempt to tempt them into purchasing them while also building long-term relationships with them. That itself shows just how important it is these days. If your business also relies on this method to keep customers satisfied and to remind them about your brand every now and then, you must know that a clogged up email list can be a nightmare.

Why Should You Clean Your Email List:

Blacklisting and spam folders are two things that email marketers dread above all. There are a great number of reasons that can have you end up caught in them. This is bound to hinder you and reduce your progress as well that just may lose you your existing customers. Cleaning your list is one of the most effective methods known to act as a precautionary measure used to steer clear of such nuisances. This is because email marketers tend to send hundreds of emails to customers to expand their reach and keep them in the loop. Not everyone appreciates being bothered by such emails time and time again and it may cause them to feel irritable after a while. If despite their lack of response, the emails persist they just might report them, which would cause the emails to bounce which is a negative factor for the business.

Even businesses have to put in a lot of effort and time into designing emails and sending them to several customers all over. If certain customers are not engaging at all or showing any encouraging behavior, there is no need to push them and they should simply be removed from the list. This also affects deliverability, as it does not stay up to the mark if the email gets too crowded. Keeping it fresh rather than congested is a good way to ensure that everything runs smoothly and effortlessly.

Benefits Of Having A Clean Email:

The ultimate goal of email marketers is to get their business's message across perfectly and encourage engagement among its customers. It is a way to generate leads that will, later on, increase sales and promote conversions as well. By having a clean email you will only be sending emails to the people who actually express some amount of interest in the content that you send them. This of course means that your ROI will increase as compared to before as there will be no inactive users in your list or those who no longer want emails from your end. Email service providers are made use of by businesses to make the process of sending and receiving emails more convenient. Some of them charge according to the number of emails that you are sending through. If you limit them only to those who want to receive them, you will spend less and get more out of it.

Spam complaints can also tarnish the way people view your marketing campaigns. When you have people who find no value in those emails out of the list, there will be fewer complaints about you spamming them. It will also improve your open and click rate, which is what most businesses aim for as it assures them that their customers are still interested in what they have to offer. You will also get a more accurate depiction of just how well your marketing campaign has been performing by getting statistics that are not marred by inactive accounts. Try to clean it every few months at the very least to get the best results.

How To Make Sure Your Email Stays Clean:

Cleaning your email list is a systematic process that requires careful, meticulous behavior. This means that you have to keep certain things in mind while scouring your list. The very first thing to consider is duplicate emails as people accidentally sign up twice when they forget that they have done it previously. This will be an unnecessary burden to maintain for you and it will also decrease your ROI as your costs will increase but the output will not match up to it the same way. Often you will also find people who decide after a while that they do not want to hear from you and proceed to unsubscribe. It is highly important to remove such people from the list immediately as once they have made their intentions pristinely clear, you must respect them in turn and not bother them any further.

Now that your email list is all nice and clean how can you make sure that it stays that way? You can use the double-opt-in feature that requires people to confirm their email addresses once they sign up. Only then will they show up in your email list. This way any fake or inactive emails will not show up in your list, to begin with. You can also make use of the sender policy framework that will detect any spammy emails or those that are not legitimate and in use. It will also improve your deliverability, which is of course a bonus.


Considering the fact that emails will come and go every day especially if you are an email marketer, it is important that you keep it clear. This will help you feel more at ease as your email list will not be congested and in disarray. You can keep track of your list and the progress that the marketing campaign makes much more easily. Though it may seem like a lot of work to clean your email list every few months, there is no doubt that it is worth it.

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