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Email Marketing Automation Best Practices

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07 Jan 2021

Email Marketing Automation Best Practices

Email Marketing Automation

Managing business and other online ventures is not an easy task to take. Especially if your business is selling products or services, you might need a team to manage different tasks. One of the main factors that you need to consider is your marketing. Many business owners struggle with advertising due to lack of strategy, thus, not getting any new prospects and customers. With this, there is a way for you to improve marketing with the ease of tasks.

Email Marketing Automation is one of the strategies that online marketers of today are using. It is a strategy that sends promotional campaigns through an automated process. To understand more, Email Marketing Automation is sending out emails to your subscribers automatically, based on a schedule and a trigger that you choose. It is a way to create emails to reach your prospects and customers at a specific time and interest.

This automation process saves many online marketers the hassle of manually sending out personal emails to people on their lists. Doing this could take a lot of time that you could have used doing other productive activities for your venture.

How does email automation works

Email marketing automation, from the title itself, means that an email will automatically reach prospects by a schedule. However, this is not just about scheduling a time to send your email. There has to be a trigger. A trigger is something that you define. For example, a trigger can be a new subscription. If a new subscriber signs up to your site, they will get an email from you.

For other instances, a trigger can be any action that your prospects have done. For online selling ventures, other examples of this are payment verification and shipping details. If a customer has made a payment activity, your email will automatically send to confirm that you received the payment.

Email automation can likewise be used to send updates on your sites and even to promote online activities such as webinars or tutorials.

Some people might think that using the automated email marketing method seems impersonal. That could not have been any more wrong. Email marketing platform also lets you target people based on their preferences, behavior, and previous activities/engagements to your site, making the email personal.

Why use email marketing automation

If you are looking for ways to increase your audience reach and engagement, then email marketing automation is the right strategy for you. Here are the reasons why:


Having automated emails work for you can increase your productivity level every day. With your automation software, customer’s relevant data can be analyzed, thus, understanding their buying behavior and tendencies. Once this is done, an email personally dedicated to that customer will be sent.

If you happen to have a team, you may also be able to reduce work for them, giving them more available time to respond to other tasks. Since you will not have to worry about the emails you must send to each of your subscribers, your employees can focus on other things like answering inquiries from prospects.

With the use of the email marketing automation method, you can get more work done, increasing your efficiency as an online venture.


Since email automation provides emails that are personalized and relevant, it opens the door for customer’s participation. By getting and analyzing relevant data, marketers can optimize emails that will make their subscribers do an action. Thus, getting more engagements with their brand.


People who visit your site but do not purchase are prospects. They go to your page because they are interested and are looking for something that would make them buy it. However, most people who do this are not likely to purchase your product on the first visit. You can take this opportunity to convert them from being a prospect to being a customer.


Selling again to your existing customers is found to be a lot easier than converting one. With this, having automated emails that send updates on your product to your previous customers can give you higher chances of another purchase. You could also use their past buying activities to have a personalized update to them.

While these things could be beneficial to your online venture, you will need to take action to receive them. Here is the list of suggested emails you can send both to your prospect and customers.

Automated Emails you can send:


You can make a great first impression by sending out a welcome email to your new subscribers. You can include here a thank-you-message, and interesting offers and content so you will get their attention. What’s more impressive with this automated email is that the same good quality message will be sent not just to your first subscribers, but also to the next thousand subscribers you will get.


You can send your subscribers a birthday greeting or anniversary congratulatory messages. You can also include here special offers since they are celebrating a special day. With the help of email automation, you will not miss this kind of opportunity to entice more purchases.


Make sure that they also get updated to your site by sending them your blogs or the contents you have recently made.


Webinars and online events are one of the things you could host to get a subscriber’s participation. Using an email campaign is the perfect way to invite prospects online.

Now, after knowing what type of emails you can send, here are some tips to enhance your email marketing automation strategy.

1. Monitor responses and collect more data as much as you can.

2. Offer discounts to products or services to make them want to buy.

3. Strengthen customer relationships to get more good reviews.

Using automated emails will help you ease your work in your online venture. Apart from this, it will also help you manage more engagements from your subscribers and will attract more potential buyers. To do this, you have to strategically plan your outline and make the most out of this useful tactic.

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