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02 Jan 2021

Background Information

Both Email Automation and CRM Systems are not new concepts in email marketing since the success of the entire marketing process depends on them. With the two features, you’ll be in a position to send emails that’ll invoke positive responses from potential customers. CRM system helps in managing customer data that forms the basis for creating content. Apart from supporting sales management, CRM systems can promote team communication especially when it’s integrated with social media. Importantly, there are cloud-based CRM systems that boast bespoke apps that can be integrated into different companies. Email automation has gained traction due to its ability to generate leads that have had a reputation for increasing email lists.

Top 5 Enterprising Email Marketing Automation & CRM Systems

Email marketing is one type of marketing strategy which is getting better every day. Today, there are various players fighting to control the 4.4 billion US Dollars that the sector contributes to the market. At this point, we’re going to shift our attention to the top 5 players in Email Marketing.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

The first important thing about the HubSpot Marketing platform is its ability to merge marketing automation with email marketing to achieve more results. Not to mention that HubSpot Marketing has integrated CRM to its platform. With a vast selection of social media management options, there’s a surety that your content will reach a wider audience. At the same time, there’s outstanding marketing automation that will ensure that the information triggers a positive response that’s renowned for generating huge leads. Although it’s considered to be the best marketing solution on the planet, it’s expensive to use. It must be remembered that newcomers will be expected to make pay $50 per month unlike other marketing tools such as MailChimp that come with the Forever Free plan that allows clients to use the platform without charges.

HubSpot Marketing Hub has attracted traction because it incorporates a variety of aspects, including CRM, email marketing as well as sales solutions. HubSpot Marketing Hub is suitable for both small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for ways of cementing their position on the market. Marketers can take advantage of a comprehensive feature set together with a multifaceted portfolio to improve the performance of their business enterprises on the market. HubSpot Marketing Hub pricing plans vary depending on if you’re a newcomer or an existing client. For example, starters are expected to pay 50 US Dollars per month that will cover 2000 emails. You can increase the contacts with another 10000 contacts when you top up with $20.

Constant Contact

This one tool acknowledges the expansion of the marketing industry and is posing enormous challenges to other marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and other social media by offering social media campaign integration. Ideally, the use of Constant Contact comes with lots of benefits, including supporting social media campaign integration, allows for selection of commerce together with event integration. By the same token, its elegant UI makes it easier to use. Just like HubSpot Marketing Hub, Constant Contact does not lack challenges. For instance, it’s a template that is key to its performance is not flexible.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho which is the third marketing tool on our list is a powerful email marketing tool that enjoys integration with SMB software products. The positive attributes of Zoho Campaigns include their amazing integration with Zoho CRM plus an impressive design campaign that comes with other marketing tools. When you want to keep data for future reference, then Zoho Campaigns is where to go. On the negative side, you’ll need a lot of time before creating an initial set up. Likewise, a good number of templates in Zoho Campaigns look out-dated. In terms of pricing, newcomers will be expected to pay $5 every month for 500 subscribers.


Another Email Marketing Automation and CRM system that you need to try is Campaigner. It’s a more competitive tool that comes with not only well-priced email marketing and automation but also a reporting feature as well as a lynchpin that is seen as a marketing hub. In terms of strengths, the platform has customer care that works nonstop for 24 hours a day. Subsequently, it has a productivity-focused user interface that’s result centered. Essentially, there’s a wide range of templates with several options that are interconnected for proper functioning. The challenges of using Campaigner as a marketing tool include lack of free version, restricted movement from one solution to another. To matters worse, you’ll need a credit card before participating in a free trial.

When it comes to its pricing models, Campaignerhas the best prices that make it the best bet for smaller business. You’ll only be required to spend $19.95 each month for 1000 contacts. If you want to have 5000 contacts, then you should think of releasing $40.95 per month.

Salesforce Pardot

This is one marketing tool that has its own standard and it’s one of the tools that’ll cost you heavily when you want to use it. The standard account will come at an annual price of 1250 US Dollars that covers 10000 contacts. The plan covers a number of factors, including email marketing, lead scoring, forms, landing pages, chat support, prospect tracking together with CRM integration. The powerful features of Salesforce Pardot include a wide range of automation features and email marketing. Identically, you’ll enjoy an automated branching as well as a white glove new user onboarding feature. It’s important when you want to integrate it with Salesforce applications. In terms of shortcomings, Salesforce Pardot is too expensive, and therefore, both small and medium-sized enterprises cannot afford it.


The growth of email marketing has seen both the number of automation and CRM System providers grow rapidly. Although there are thousands of emails marketing providers worldwide, there are only few that have succeeded in occupying top spots on the continent. Among the companies that are occupying the top spot include HubSpot Marketing Hub, Constant Contact and others.

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