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Email Marketing 101: Simple Tips To Get You Started

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01 Jan 2021

If you are yet to join the email marketing technique to generate quality leads for your brand, there is no better time to jump in. In 1978, the first marketing email was sent, generating $ 13 million in sales. Gradually, it became one of the most used marketing channels. Email can change your business. Until recently, email was used only as a tool for formal and informal communication. Gone are the days of biting the wells of loved ones. Cutting-edge technology opens up new opportunities for email sales. Email marketing has become an essential tool for many companies today to focus on the right audience and turn them into happy customers.

Many trends have changed in the marketing system. But one thing that never changed is the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

A survey conducted by Hubspot complies revealed that there are 3.8 billion email users worldwide and the number is growing day by day. Email marketing has a huge potential to generate leads and convert them into happy customers. Email marketing also provides the highest return on investment. Which is almost 3800% Return on Investment (ROI). Email marketing alone collects 48% more revenue than combining both Facebook and Twitter. The date itself reveals that email marketing may be an old system of showcasing your product but it is still a trustworthy and effective system to grow your business.

Here are some basic steps that will guide you to start your email marketing campaign-

Choose the correct service provider

If you are serious about implementing email marketing in your business then you need to search for a suitable email marketing service provider. Working professionally with a service provider is the easiest way to start your email marketing campaigns. The service provider will guide you through various processes and also will help you to deliver your message to a wide audience. Your service provider will also provide you with professional email templates. That would be a significant tool to manage your email list, track new features, and ultimately grow in your email marketing journey.

Create your email list

An important aspect of your e.ail marketing campaign is generating your marketing list. This list must contain the contact details of all your important business clients with whom you have already built a level of trust. This list will allow you to easily contact your potential buyers about any particular product when required. You must be careful while creating your database because many databases contain expired or wrong info, clients that won't appreciate your job titles, location, or even products, leads that you have already included in earlier databases, leads that are already a part of your ecosystem. At an initial stage, your contact list may include only a few contacts like your family members, social media friends, etc. But that shouldn't discourage you. It takes time to grow a good business and yours is not an exception.

Segment your customer lists

Segmenting your customers in various fields will help to create personalized email content for each one of them. Customizing your email content is extremely important to avoid failure on your first try. Organize your customers in different lists based on the information you know about them. Creating personalized content not only attracts customers fast but also creates a bond of trust between you and your subscribers.

Prepare your welcome email

A welcome email is usually the first email ever sent by you to your prospects. This is going to be your first impression in front of the world. So, make sure you make an effective impact on your audience at the first go. You can start with a welcome message followed by a short and crispy description of your services and offerings and at last add value to your reader's life with your content. This is the best layout for your welcome email.

Creating an attractive template

Always go for a reusable template. Your template is the face of your email and it is going to create all the excitement in your reader's mind. So you can guess ut has to be extremely attractive and well fitted in any device. Choose the dimension of your template wisely as wider or longer emails may appear to be unprofessional. The layout should be clean and eye&catching at a glance. Don't forget to put your brand's logo on your template. It is very useful for brand recognition.

Focus on your subject line and preheader text

The subject line is the only factor that is going to decide the open rates of your email marketing campaign. Write your subject line short, to the point, and crispy. It is very important to create the best subject line because if the viewer is not attracted to your email then it is more likely to be not opened by them. And if your email is not in all your efforts go in vain. And preheader text is the text that compliments your subject line. It enhances and glorifies the excitement of your subject list. It is often seen that subject lines which describe an emergency have the most open rates among any other type of subject line.

Choose the right time to send your email

When you are all set to launch your email timing becomes an important factor. Suitable timing differs from prospect to prospect. And it's a little difficult to predict the right time to send the email. But the basic data of your email list will help you to predict the right time. Look into tye customer's data thoroughly to get an idea of which day and time might work best for your industry. You can also create your schedule, for example, if you send emails on the 1st Monday of every month then your viewers will accept them at the same time every month. Thus it becomes an official timing to launch your new emails every month.

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