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Email Marketing 101: Simple Tips to Get You Started

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09 Sep. 2020


When you generate a plan, you want to make sure you are getting the best out of every cash you spend. Although there are many platforms that marketers make use of, email marketing is among the very best ones.

Why is it so? Email marketing is cost-effective and has one of the highest ROIs. It allows you to better define your audience and send targeted information that increases leads and click-through rates. Email marketing guarantees that your content is going to be received and also confirms whether it was read or whether any other action was taken.

You have customers and leads that are expecting to engage further with you. They want to know what you offer. They are waiting to hear from you in email. If you are wondering where to start your journey of email marketing, keep reading, don’t stop……

Before we go further, do you know what email marketing is? Okay, email marketing is a strategy that uses email as a platform to reach the target audience and deliver your message to them.

The messages you send to your target audience take 3 forms:

It’s Time to Get Started….

Define Your Marketing Goals

What are looking to accomplish? Are looking to attract huge traffic to your site? Do you want to attract more sales? Do you want to attract more subscribers? Your goals can’t be the same as your fellow email marketer. Make sure goals are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound.

Now you have goals to work towards. What will you do to ensure you achieve your goals? This is where email marketing strategy comes in. It is what will ensure all your goals are met.

Email marketing strategy directs you to make informed decisions that bring you closer to achieving your goals.

Your email marketing strategy also does the following:

· Identifying Your Target Audience

Depending on your product, or service, email marketing strategy enables you to select your audience based on age, occupation, location, or gender. Are you able to define your audience? Whose problem are solving? Who needs your services?

Being able to define your audience will help you send more targeted messages which increase reads and click-through rates.

· Select an Email Marketing Platform

What is an email marketing platform? Email marketing platform allows marketers to send emails in bulk to their readers. Email marketing platforms include MailChimp, GetResponce, Drip, Active Campaign among others.

You need to generate emails and send them to your recipients yourself. With email marketing platform, you can:

Expand Your Subscriber List

After selecting an email marketing platform that suits your brand, you should now strive to add more subscribers to your list.

Ensure you divide your audience into groups as this will attract more subscribers. Segmenting your target audience will also enable you to send relevant information to your subscribers. Sending emails without dividing your audience will make you send irrelevant information and this may lead to more unsubscribes.

And beginners in email marketing are fond of making this same mistake. Suppose someone subscribes to your newsletter, ensure what they get from you is updates and it ends there. You can’t start sending them adverts and messages regarding your sales. This is a huge turn-off and it only does you more harm than good.

Follow up emails that make your subscriber aware of your product or offers and hoe often you send them will do. You should ensure you keep your promises if you have to thrive in email marketing. If you promise to send content on a weeklybasis. Please respect that and kindly deliver on time. Maintain the schedule if you want to strengthen your relationship with subscribers.

Creating A Great Email Content

Generate valuable content that will keep your subscribers waiting for more emails. Valuable content will increase their engagement with your content and they will take actions you want them to take.

What should you send? The following options will help you generate valuable content for your subscribers:

Understand Email Analytics

Email analytics enables you to measure the progress of your email marketing campaign. It gives you insights that allow you to take actions which ensures you are doing well with your email marketing campaign. Email analytics include open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribe rate. Open rate tells you the number of people who have opened emails you send. Click-through rate shows how many people click the links you attach in your email. Unsubscribe rate shows you how many people click the unsubscribe link in the emails you send.


The key to succeeding in email marketing for beginners is being open to new things. You need to be ready to learn new techniques in the market. The more effort you put, the easier it becomes to reach your goals.

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