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Email Design Best Practices For 2020

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09 Sep. 2020


Almost 300 billion emails are sent worldwide in a single day. Despite this figure, some emails remain unread while some are not even opened and others completely ignored.

Do you find yourself sending multiple emails but still don’t get subscribers? Well, perhaps your emails are not properly designed. You should be creative enough when designing your emails if your goal is to attract many subscribers. A well-designed email attracts huge traffic, improve your brand recognition and, promote customer engagement.

Do you sometimes wish to send emails that immediately compel your readers to click and read through your text? You will get many subscribers if you include beautiful designs in your emails. Remember first impression matters a lot in email marketing.

Keep reading to find out email design best practices for 2020…….

Remember It Begins in The Inbox

Although in the world of email marketing, the first impression may not always be the last, it still matters. The main reason why you have to impress your readers is that chances of them opening your email are minimal.

A well-designed email manifests in the inbox even before the readers open the email. Coming up with a proper design involves a lot. It is not just about identifying attractive images or colors for designing the message you are looking to send to your subscribers.

How do you craft a perfect email? The process involves everything from selecting a perfect “sender name” to writing a catchy subject line as well as making sure it doesn’t resemble a spam mail.

Your envelope content must be beautifully designed if you want your target audience to click through and attract more subscribers.

What Are the Email Design Best Practices For 2020?

1. Your Brand Optimization

What is brand optimization? In simple terms, it is carefully positioning your brand to connect with your target audience. Brand optimization improves your brand design’s recognition.

Just as it sounds, you can imagine how brand optimization could impact an email. It is crucial to ensure your brand name in the ‘sender name’ space is beautifully captured. The sender address must also be recognizable so that your recipient’s name is captured in the ‘to’ field and not their email address.

Ensure your brand is recognizable in all parts of your email as this will ensure your brand reputation is maintained.

What are you supposed to write in the subject line? What matters here is your domain reputation. Try to make your subject line shorter but as informative as you possible. This has an effect of capturing the attention of your target audience. Most users tend to only look at the subject line of your email, so, including a short catchy text is crucial! capture their attention with your first few words!

2. Preheader And Header Text

Preheader text immediately comes after the subject line when reading through an email inbox. Did you know that preheader texts have the potential of improving your open rates? Most people forget that preheader and header texts are one of the most important parts of an email.

Your preheader should work hand in hand with your email subject line in telling a story before even proceeding to the main content. But would it bring a great impression if you don't customize it? No, if you don't get customizing, it will give your recipient the option of viewing your email in a browser. You don't want that, so get customizing!

Don’t forget to add a link to the online version of your email.

Most email clients such as Gmail and IOs mail app enables you to show the preview text section which usually comprises not more than 100 characters.

These features allow your readers to have a glance at the content of your email without having to open it. So, it will appear as read.

3. Employ Visual Hierarchy in Your Email Design

This is one of the most crucial email best practices that you can exploit if you're looking to attract more subscribers or a larger target audience. Visual hierarchy enhances understanding of your email content and directs your reader towards the most important features of your email.

Graphics and imagery should properly define the sections of your text. Do you want to include an image in your email? Well, ensure you write alt-text for the image, and don't forget to add fallback color to it. Most email clients such as Outlook do not support the use of background images in email marketing.Before adding your content, ensure the image you want to add is of the size you want. Stretching images in emails to size them is one of the things you need to stop if you have to succeed in email marketing.

4. The Layout of Your Email

Most email marketers do not pay attention to the email layout. The outlook of your email matters. The size, font size, and style, the colors as well as the text you use are crucial. Suppose you have a lot to cover in your mail, remember to include atable of contents if your space is limited. The navigation bar can do better if you have a lot of products to display. Make sure you write catchy calls-to-action in the emails you send.

5. Copy and Content

Ensure your readers can identify the sections of your content. Use short sentences and paragraphs for your content. Employ the use of the features of email design such as line spacing and dividing to separate the sections of your email content.

To improve your content’s visibility, use bulleted lists. To spice it up, use web-safe standard fonts. Use a font size of 14 or 22 for your titles.

6. Include an Ideal Email Footer

Although ignored by most marketers, email footer is very significant when it comes to email marketing. Include the details of your company and provide links to your site. Show your readers the products you sell. Include 'forward to a friend' buttons on the footer. Add the line, "you are receiving this email because…." to reduce the chances of your emails going to spam folders.


Creating visually appealing designs for email is crucial in the email marketing world. Although email design is not taken seriously by most marketers, it can improve your company recognition to the next level! The above email design practices are the best you can employ for the success of your company.

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