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Email Coupons – The future of Digital Marketing

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07 Jan 2021

Email Coupons – The future of Digital Marketing


An expensive buy can be made cheaper and within your range, if you have the right access to several online coupons. You might have a friend who has been meticulously designing products and trying to sell them. She might offer you a couple of ads and a personalized discount all through an email. Email coupons and email blasts are driving the marketing scenario. From daily email blast from your favorite shopping outlet to getting coupons – mailboxes have got you covered.

Why are we suddenly talking about email blasts and email coupons?

Not only are email coupons good for the consumer but also for the producer. The producers and marketers can increase their product reach by indulging in regular pricing discount coupon generation for customers. Say you have a small business and promote the company to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Get their email id. Start a daily email blast and ask them to buy from you. Here trying times and the pandemic have been taking a grip over the world. The situation may not get better shortly. Marketing often requires the door to door work.

Since that isn't possible, we have to opt for other ways of promotion. Email is an excellent, no contact way of doing promotional work. Curate promo codes of your own and send it out to the loyal customer that you cater too. Discount coupons are essential as they help increase sales and create a good impression on your customer base.

For the Customers – keep checking your mail for some exciting discounts from the side of your favorite online shopping sites.

These sites provide daily offers on select items that you have always wanted to purchase. Clean the cart and go out shopping without hesitation.

Support this smart move with data:

Data drives the world today. According to a recent survey, the rise in coupon discounts and purchases through email coupons has increased manifold during this pandemic. The Omnibus Company published an accurate report that the purchase of online coupons in 2010 was around 4%, and it kept on increasing. In 2018, the growth of this seems to have gone past 20%. As the world starts to move online, getting a quick purchase coupon from a preferred online store is a blessing for several customers.

In India, a lot of people might be familiar with applications like Little App. This application finds several offers for restaurants, salons, and clothes to give its user the added advantage of getting discounts from stores. Email coupons are a lot like this. It only functions by sending out emails.

However, speaking of email coupons, the newsletter has also become very popular in recent days. The companies or individual ventures that own newsletters often send out email coupons. It is an excellent option to invest time in generating a newsletter and coupons for the added advantage.

Almost 75% of retailers indulge in digital marketing and online advertising. The interest generation rate is also higher for companies that opt for mailing individuals than offline advertising or door-to-door marketing.

Why email coupon and emails are the future of marketing?

Email is not an old idea. Moreover, several marketers moved on with other digital marketing methods. However, research and data have been proving otherwise. The advantages of emails are many. It can help the retailer target the right audience and bring higher ROI. Hire a consultant for your firm, and they will tell you the same.

ROI and Emailing

Return on Investment is an important parameter when it comes to profit ratios. An investment in sending out emails is minimal. Engage a team of trustworthy workers or generate an algorithm that will send weekly or monthly emails to the consumers. The companies that invest in email and email coupon generation have made 70% more sales on average due to this move. It helps the buyer understands the nature of products and also purchase them at a lower cost. Newsletters can help you know the quality of the products while the coupons will offer you a great bargain.

The world has got limited to our screens

We cannot ignore the fact that we are living amidst a pandemic. The world is seriously in our hands. Hence we stay indoors. Instead of hopping from one website to another, searching for coupons, subscribe to the regular newsletter of the company, and get several offers. Discounts come in slowly when one opts for checking out the online coupons. Check your mailbox regularly and get discounts. You only have to log in to your nearest screen and go shopping. We cannot deny that this option is lucrative, especially when they have to live amidst a pandemic.

Data from emails is reliable

Email makes sorting out the customer base accessible. Your company will be able to find out who are the interested customers. The ones who avail of these coupons c kept track of using a sound email management system. The information can be unlocked using this email address that has been provided by the user. It is key to digital marketing. One of the most critical aspects of digital marketing is having a trustworthy database. Email coupons are essential for that very reason. An email blast and a hidden coupon can tell a company much more than who has opened the mail and who hasn't. If a customer is unresponsive to such offers and marketing strategies, they will be dealt with differently.


Email coupons are the way to go in the pandemic and post-pandemic worlds. Not only will they be able to boost your business or website's reach, but they can also help the customers understand your company's nature. It will, in turn, help broaden your customer base. It was a wise option to shift to email, newsletters, and email coupons in the 2000s, and this trend will continue on the way beyond 2030. If you haven’t given this a food for thought then now looks like a good time for doing the same.

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