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Email and Social Media - the Perfect Marriage

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04 Jan 2021

Marriage is vow between two people. after marriage, both become important for each other and nothing can apart them. Everything between them is connected somehow and their decisions are also integrated. Same is the case with email and social media.

For marketers, email and social media marriage is inevitable. It means if both accepts and attract each other and both work side by side in the field of marketing then a number of problems can be solved easily.

Sometimes email marketing works very well but can’t go beyond the limits. Email can’t expand its limit. It is not possible for an email to engage new people that don’t know about particular things. But social media has that ability.

Social media can reach out to people who have broad learning and vast mindset. But there is also a flaw in social media marketing that is filled by email. A whole description of any product can’t take up by social media as people have no time to spend on social media posts. But the same content if sent through email, it will lead customers’ attention to that specific product. In this way, both social media and email becomes necessary for each other. The marriage bond demands only understanding and needs. Marriage is established and retained on very few things. Marriages happen if both partners like and love each other. In the case of email and social media, this is not the reason of bond between them. Marriages happen if both partners have needs related to each other. This is very true for both email and social media.

Both requires each other and their ultimate benefit will go to marketers. Marketers have interests in their marriage. A very big and huge incentive is behind the marriage of email and social media that’s why their marriage is tagged as perfect marriage.

Social media marketing:

We all know there are a number of sources that meet up social media marketing standards. Such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Imo, WhatsApp etc. all are very reliable and authentic sources for social media marketing. You often see paid adds on Facebook content and even also on WhatsApp sometimes. This paid content is from marketers. But people often glance at content with one eye and then wait for immediate skip option. After skipping, they go to next tab. Hence, on social media marketing, we can’t retain customers and also, we can’t make them stay and read descriptions about our products. That is the reason, social media marketing is mixed with email marketing.

On social media, a number of products are introduced. Paid contents are delivered by a number of agencies. Videos are cut short and content is added. As we know visual content increase the chance of retaining customers more than written content. But visual content i.e. videos and pictures are not so good without written content. Hence, written description is also very necessary for marketing.

Technology is changing day by day. Now old methods of marketing can’t work efficiently. That’s why new ways should be introduced. Social media is also a new and optimized way. Through search engine optimization, we know very well about people interests. social media platforms use many software for search engine optimization and make people well aware about specific interested products.

As if you are interested in sports. You will see only sports related products. In addition to different matches, you will also learn about the products that are used in that match and their manufacturers as well. Automatically, you will dig deep in that product and end up with buying that specific product. In this way social media works. Sole working of social media without assistance of email doesn’t engage customers properly and flaws are left in marketing campaign.

Email marketing:

Written content has safe haven in email marketing. People always learn about products by reading detailed descriptions about specific products. Hence, email marketing is also very optimized way to reach out to people. in email marketing you have to buy perfect data lists. First of all, find data providers then find data providers that target your specific audience. After all, reliable and accurate data should be targeted. If data provider provides you bogus and irrelevant data then it will cause irreparable harm to your market campaign.

After all these efforts, no you are ready to reach out to your audience and tell them about your specific products. But in the case of social media, you use search engine optimization and target people that need your product. After that you make them learn about product and then convert subscribers into customers. In social media, mostly blind audience gathers and you can’t target specific people.

In this way, mix campaign should be launched that works for both email and social media marketing.

A 2012 survey by The Chartered Institute of Marketing found that respondents considered the following platform’s core to their business marketing activity:

79% – Twitter

69% – Facebook

66% – Linkedin

60% – YouTube

53% – Blogs

25% – Proprietary online community

22% – Google+

According to above survey, both social media and email marketing is important for proper marketing campaign.

Marriage vows have specific criteria and demands. These are as follows:

Email marketing vows:

Social media marketing vows:


After all these discussions, everyone is agreed upon the marriage of both social media and email marketing. But there is still doubt that who will be male partner?

Discussions are going around and if there will be some positive result then you will come to know by our platform.

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