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Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns Are Making A Comeback

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07 Jan 2021

Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns Are Making A Comeback


There are many reasons why telemarketing through direct email contact is being revived, with the large amount of digital advertising and marketing that abounds on our favorite websites, the restrictions it places on GDPR, and a total lack of engagement for potential new customers, due to over-saturation in all media, making direct mail a more effective way to reach a market.

Another factor that has greatly impacted the return of the DM to the scene and its popularity is that there has been a potential increase in Account-Based Marketing (ABM). This requires a very specific target and a precise and personalized approach, something that a DM delivers with all that is required.

Improving Over Time

Today the DM no longer reminds people of the style of spam that in the past contributed to it dying in the first place. Many attributes that DM should not be seen as a piece just to be used, but more as a way to try to reach, how to reach and engage people with a creative and direct approach, you should look for the moment where it can be used, how to try to reach a target as a high-value customer can be, so you send him something that he can value, something completely personal that directly influences the person to contact. That is the moment where you see the real value in Direct Marketing.

Obstacles in This Practice

A new approach means that DMs are rarely if ever, used as the sole means for a campaign if incorporated into a long-term plan.

It is not just about using DM as an event to present to a wider audience, it is not just a package, but using it to provide all the information and activity around it to strengthen and expand the campaign. An understandable element that can hinder approaching through this medium is to focus only on the data. It is important to take into account that you have a vision of your prospects about the information you are trying to get across and use it creatively and that the data is well-founded to ensure that the main piece reaches its target.

Compared to email marketing, you have much less visibility on how you are sending it since you are physically delivering the information. DM has always been perceived as a large expense compared to its digital counterpart, before the budget for this method was quite high, now its expense is what makes it different from the other channels. Where its cost has risen in recent decades, now with an item of much higher expenditure, for it to reach that customer you have under your sights, you must make a good investment for it to meet all that is needed to hook it.

The DM as A Fundamental Piece

Once the MD has been successfully delivered, the campaign to be taken up in its continuation is vital. DM provides clients with the knowledge and something to talk about, keeping production volumes low these days, making follow-up more personal for the consumer.

Personalization is the key point that gives it all the value, the options concerning the past are many times greater, the making of personalized video cards, unique URLs of websites customized for the campaign or the use of individual QR codes for the people we are looking for receive and engage with our DM.

When a large amount is spent on these types of methods, there is likely to be a regression in the investment made, and the use of DM does not offer the same level of detail in reporting its effectiveness compared to electronic media. Once again, the technology provides a variety of sophisticated mechanisms that in the past, the personalized URLs we have, and the traffic they generate to the sites or pre-designed pages can be tracked and monitored.


The use of DM can be risky in many ways, but because of its growing popularity and the way it is targeted, despite the expense to the company taking this approach, opening a direct channel to the customer(s) who can bring significant value is one of the advantages that DM alone provides.

That's why in marketing there is no room for repetition, there are always new ways and methods to impact the population and make a campaign success on a large scale with a tendency to go around the world.

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