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Direct Mail Drives Sales When You Target, Create and Integrate

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07 Jan 2021

Direct Mail Drives Sales When You Target, Create and Integrate

Who doesn’t want to expand their business?

You will end up making a profit only if you use the right marketing strategies. For industries that come under the following, direct mail strategies are a good turning point.

These are a few samples of the top industries that opt for direct mail marketing to improve their customers Still there are other businesses that relyon direct mail marketing to achieve marketing goals. Read this article to know more about how direct mail has driven sales higher when they target, create, and integrate.

Marketing strategy

Nowadays, companies use the strategy of sending emails and gaining customers which are called Affiliate marketing. But Direct mail marketing is being followed for a good long time where the process is done through a physical letter. It is a marketing strategy that involves sending brochures, invites, letters about the prospects of your business through a postal. It is back in the hotline of the business world. It gives hands to both B2B and B2C types of the business end. Direct mail can be more effective among the other strategies of the marketing world.

Back in the line

The method of grabbing customers through direct mail is not dead even after all-new strategies have emerged. You want to know why? You might be thinking how is that even true when digitalization is the current king of the world. There was this survey conducted which asked if people preferred emails or direct mails. The result was surprised seeing over 50% of the participants say they prefer direct mail over an email. They even open the direct mail even if they know it’s not going to be of any use.

So, the worst case scenario itself holds the possibility of making the customer open and check the message. What if it is a good/best case scenario? You have a high probability of getting a new contract. Comparatively, the opening rate for emails is less than that of direct mail. So now you can agree with me that direct mails are always in line. This may be a traditional method but is never outdated.

Stop imagining direct mails to go around in some funky or old school colors. Marketing agencies are working their best to dig out the trend. They redesign the direct mails in a way that attracts the readers and develops a curiosity. Read the article to know more about the sales, on combining with direct mail marketing has boosted the business.

Click/open rate

If you wanted to bring people’s notice on your product, and if you have researched on your target group, send out emails and wait for the response. If they fail to respond and you see that the open rate and click rate are less for your emails, then choose to send a direct mail to your targets. A hardcopy will have more open rates and you can also attach your mail id and contact to get back a response from them.

Key: Send the target a direct mail first. After a week since the letter has been sent, initialize your email marketing. Let the client-to-be know the urgency of your contract with him. This will make the target take a moment to look at your offer and chances are huge to grab the client.

Messy space of email

The amount of email that anyone receives in a day will be huge. It is possible that your mail can go missing in one of those. The digital space is messy and quite competitive. Hence might not catch the eye of the person whom you consider as your target. But when you send the person a direct mail, there are least chances for the mail to go unnoticed. The mailbox is less competitive. The responsive rate is also higher according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Send postcards

Though e-Commerce business has been emerging large out in the field, people will not completely believe something that is totally online until the companies gain their trust. So try sending some postcards as a sign of greetings to people whom you think can promote and market your brand, say social media influencers. This kind of direct mail will build an emotional impact on the person. He/she starts trusting you and your brand. Make a pretty clear way of CTA (call to action) for the person to contact you back in return. An attractive design and a clean marketing strategy will ensure to return you with high investment.

Not just with the customers, you can send direct mails to customers for re-engagement in the business together.

Combine direct with digital

If you wanted to the grab attention of customers whom you have grouped into targets by selecting a range of relative consumers, try combining digital technology with direct mail strategy. For instance, promote your brand by sending direct mail to the group of targets. Give them digital offers that saysit accepts the offer when scanned with the QR scan code available on the direct mail. This strategy has been a winning result in a survey conducted to analyze marketing strategies.

Key giveaways

A few tips of Do’s and don’ts if you are adopting the direct mail strategy to expand your business offers.

As a result of choosing to promote your brand through direct mail, you have achieved the first step of success in marketing your product/brand. Yes, it’s the attention of the clients that I’m talking about. The attention of a customer is a competition in today’s business world. When you take things through direct mail, you outstand others. Use the attention effectively to build your base customer foundation which will automatically help you to bring more clients.

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