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Definitive Guide To Guest Posting And Blogger Outreach

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09 Sep. 2020


Businesses are starting to realize just how important it is to have a website or page of their own up and running. As people are turning more towards online means to discover new brands and explore their offerings, this is an option that can simply not be ignored. However, just making a website will not get your entire job done. The next step is to ensure that people actually visit the website so that the traffic can keep increasing, adding to the popularity of the page. This part is not as easy as one might think. Though there are several options you can consider to fight your way up, guest posting happens to be a handy one that can help you get increased traffic for sure if you do it right.

What Is Blogger Outreach:

Blogger outreach poses mutual benefits for both the writer and the publisher. It is a way of increasing backlinks so that other websites can link to yours and drive in more traffic. You must reach out to a blogger who already has a fair share of people in their following list and preferably the same kind of crowd that your page does so that there is a chance they might be interested.  Once you write quality content and the blogger publishes it on their website, your content will be exposed to their audience as well. The publisher will get great content that can keep their site fresh as ever for the followers whereas you will be able to reach out to a completely new crowd while also increasing your authority in Google's list. It is a win-win situation that is hard to pass up on if you do end up finding a worthy site to post your content on.

Why Should One Go For Blogger Outreach:

Guest posting is an obvious benefit that you can be graced with if you go for blogger outreach. They will most likely post a link on their accounts or website that will directly link back to yours. Google happens to give certain ranking to pages based on how many other websites are linked back to them. If you have more backlinks, you have a good chance of getting your website to be on the very top whenever people search for relevant content. This is because it will assure Google that since so many websites are directing traffic to yours, it must be an important website with a great deal of quality to offer. Another thing to consider here is building relationships. This has more to do with the bloggers and other people working in the same industry than the customers that you are trying to attract. If you try to do this online, it can save you costs and be the start of a new budding working relationship that both sides can benefit from in the long-term. The more you connect with them, the more chances there are for each of you helping the other when the time arises. This way you can have access to an entirely different audience and they might too if they need to reach out to yours. Since they would be in the same industry, they may even be able to help you out with your other marketing campaigns.

Things To Consider Before Reaching Out To A Blogger:

Clearly, you will not just go up to any random blogger on the Internet and have them put up your content on their blog. This is a meticulous process that has several pros and cons, which is why you need to be careful about how you go about it. The very first thing to consider is whether they are even active on social media and get engagement from their followers. If they are not even able to entice them and grasp their interest, how will you be able to do the same through their platform? They must also have a website that they keep updating on a consistent basis in an attempt to keep it fresh and appealing for those that visit it. Once a website gets dry, it is no longer appealing for people to visit it as they will know that they will not find any content there so they would not see yours coming either. You also might not be the first person to reach out to them to request them to post another business's content. They might already have gone ahead with guest posting several times. This is not necessarily an endearing point since your content in particular will not be able to stand out above the rest and captivate their interest enough for them to click on the link leading to your website.

How To Find Worthy Bloggers For Promotion:

When it comes to finding worthy bloggers in general, it is not a tough task. However, if you want to find those that happen to be in the same niche as you while also meeting the requirements you set, that may be far more challenging than you might expect. Search tools can help you find out the names of the relevant blogs that you might have an interest in. Do not select any single one without doing your proper research so you can get the best results out of it while also building a relationship worth maintaining over a long period of time.


Guest posting and blogger outreach can definitely be your saving grace if your website has been unsuccessful in grasping the attention of a large audience so far. As long as you are meticulous about what kind of requirements you are setting, you should be able to find a blog that has a pretty good fan following that just might be extended to yours. This way you can kill two birds with one stone as not only will you be driving in more traffic, your website’s ranking will also keep improving.

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