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Data Profiling: Find the Right Audience for Your Marketing Campaign

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05 Jan 2021


A target audience is a group of people who your product or service appeals to. You can use demographics such as gender, age, education to identify their target market. When you identify your targetmarket and their background, you can understand their needs and create products to meet those needs. It is a type of customized marketing that helps to increase sales. Before you launch your campaign, you need to identify your target audience and tailor your campaign to suit their needs. The more you know about your audience, the greater success you will achieve. Here are ways to find the right target audience for your campaign.

1. Conduct market research

The first step is to conduct market research. You can achieve this through SWOT analysis. You can identify the business's strengths and weaknesses. You can also identify threats and opportunities in the business environment. Market research includes location, demographics, industries, market trends, economic shifts, purchasing patterns, buyer persona, and competition. Knowing these factors is critical to identifying the right target audience.

2. Build your buyer personas

After conducting your market research, you can build your buyer persona. Studies show that marketers who use buyer persona have a higher conversion rate. A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal target audience. The market research helps you gather data about your target audience, interest, demographics, etc. You can refer to your buyer persona as a real buyer rather than an abstract audience. It will help you engage in genuine conversations with existing and potential customers. It also helps you to deliver the right marketing campaign to meet their needs.

3. Track website activities

One of the best ways to find the right target audience is through your website. You can track metrics such as conversion rate, bounce rate, uniquevisitors, etc. You can start by analyzingthe landing and exit pages on your analytics tool. Track your most visited pages and the time spent on these pages. You will have an idea of the content that is performing well. When you check the metrics with factors such as age, location, etc., you can identify your target market.

4. Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to obtain details about your target market. It is essentialinformation that helps to locate the right target audience. With it, you can see website insights and you can dee demographics such as age, gender, location, etc. Each section is labelled carefully to provide more information about your target audience.

5. Look at social media analytics.

Social media is another way to identify your target market. When are your followers most engaged with your social media platforms? By looking into these factors, you get an idea of the content your audience is interested in, and this is important when you need to find a target market. Every social media is different, so itsimportant to look at the analytics of each social media platform. Analytics tell you who is looking at your profile, and it tells you what content is working and what is not working. Knowing the analytics will help you to plan your strategy accordingly. You can post contents that resonate with your target market.

6. Focus on your target audience's needs:

Most times, companies waste time and resourcesproducingcontent that does not meet the demands of their target market. But effective advertising starts with meeting the demands of your customers. Your products and services must resonate with your target audience. They are more interested in how your products or services can make their life simpler.

7. Create an engaging message

A major way to find the right target market is to create an engaging message that resonates with them. If it doesn't, it becomes nothing more than white noise and they ignore It. If your advertisement goes unnoticed, it does not fulfil its goals. So, it's important to use the right words, graphics, or pictures will improve the chance of getting noticed.

8. Finding the right communication channel

Using the right channel of communication is also important. There must be a balance between frequency and reach to have effective advertising. You have to know the communication channel that suits your target audience. For example, you don't need to run a social media ad if your target audience does not use any social media platform. So, you need to consider where your audience members spend time online. Also, pay attention to what they listen to most.

9. Analyze your product.

Your product can give you clues about your ideal audience. Start by analyzing the product and identify its features. You identify the benefits of each feature. Once you have identified the benefits, list the problems the product can solve. Now, make a list of different groups of people with those problems. You will probably get more precise as you consider new customers who have many reasons to purchase your product.

10. Conduct Interviews

An interview is a research that helps you to know your audience on a personal level. You can conduct interviews with existing customers and prospects. The questions should be prepared in advanced, and it should reveal their personality traits, buying preferences, and their interests. It should be treated as a conversation, and you should do more of the listening. Take the time to understand their thoughts. Always ask permission to record the conversation. It will ensure you don't miss out on important words. It allows you to capture the exact words used. Interviews can reveal a lot about your target audience and how you can market your product to them.


Marketing is important for the success of a business. A fundamental aspect of digital marketing is the target audience. Their needs and desires determine the product you will market to them. Identifying your target audience can strengthen your brand while increasing sales. It also influences your brand identity, and it becomes the fundamental aspect of your marketing strategy.

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