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Conversations To Conversions: A Rundown Of The Top Email Writing Tips

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04 Jan 2021

Background Information

It’s more than four decades since the world witnessed the first batch of Email marketing messages that were sent to about 400 recipients. Sources have disclosed that sales amounting to $13 million were recorded during that time. There are plenty of reasons that are making traders go for Email Marketing. Basically, Email Marketing has positioned itself as an advertising tool that can bring more returns while utilizing the smallest investment. You cannot deny the fact that Email Marketing is the cheapest marketing tool that has helped both the small and medium-sized franchises in making trade milestones. In fact, you’ll only be expected to spend less than one dollar to send a message to your prospects.

Why designing top-notch email content is important

However, getting positive returns from Email Marketing is not always guaranteed. Any failure on the part of the marketer will destroy the image of the company. There are higher chances that the audience might unsubscribe from your marketing platform whenever they feel that it’s not serving the intended purpose. This, however, does not mean that the entire process of Email Marketing should carry the blame. To ensure that Email Marketing achieves the intended purpose, it’s important to ensure that a diligent process has been followed both when designing and distribution of the content. It must be remembered that failure to maintain a constant engagement with customers can have far-reaching implications on the firm. Successful marketers have excelled in understanding the customers’ characteristics that has helped in designing messages that meet their desires.

Since Email Marketing is reliable in realizing business growth, it’s important to understand what will work and what will not before using it. The primary function of Email Marketing is to generate leads that will translate into more sales. It’s from this that companies are seen taking the aspect of email marketing campaigns more seriously. This was supported by information that was published on indicating that 99 percent of consumers have email accounts.

With email, traders can build the brand of their firm that’s vital in increasing sales. When everything has been said, having a well-designed email will strengthen your business name even further. Although it looks like a piece of cake, writing emails need to follow strict guidelines that only a handful of people understand. Well, there are a couple of writing tips that you’ll be required to follow if you want your email to stand out.

1. Make your Subject Lines attractive

There’s nothing more important in marketing than making prospective buyers have a positive impression of the company. It all starts with the first of two lines of your emails that are popularly known as subject lines. As a matter of fact, subject lines play two significant roles. Since Subject lines are found in the introduction part of your mails, they are expected to provide a general overview of what the reader expects from the content. Secondly, they are the baselines for ranking the quality of your content. In simple terms, a poorly-designed mail message has the ability to draw clients away from the company. For this reason, more emphasis should be put on creating a subject line that demands the correct selection of words.


Olivia Allen supported this aspect by outlining what she believed to be the basic characteristics of a credible subject line. The first feature according to Olivia Allen is to come up with a subject line that will call for immediate feedback. Similarly, wonderful subject lines need to be in a position to arouse the attention of readers making them want to read more. Thirdly, you’re advised to include all exciting offers that your business is ready to offer at the subject line.

Equally, customizing your subject line will an everlasting effect on your prospects. Ideally, you can personalize the subject line by quoting the recipient's name. To make sure that your content remains real, it should to the current happenings. To say nothing of what a subject line with a good storytelling feature will do to your business. Although it may be true that a good percentage of marketers prefer to write the subject line after creating the body, it should not be a point of contention. Regardless of what comes first in your writing, you need to master the art of crafting messages that are not only simple but also engaging.


Inasmuch as marketers feel that basic information will make prospective buyers purchase the product, your email will serve no purpose if you heap all pieces of information is a single mail. Apart from lengthening your email, this action will destroy the sense of urgency which is important for increasing sales. It must be remembered that this should stop marketers from sharing information that they feel it’s important to customers.


Since the primary function of email is to build a strong brand name, it should aim at providing solutions to the needs of potential customers. When you want to appeal to the feelings of potential customers certain phrases such as ‘we have a solution’ should be used as a source of hope to customers. Designing messages that will arouse the feelings of potential buyers involves using the correct images as well as other design aspects. Having a message that triggers the emotional response is part of the broader aspect of customizing your message.


The success of your email marketing technique will depend majorly on the type of content that you’re going to create. In order to ensure that your email achieved the intended purpose there key factors that need to be considered. These include creating an attractive subject line, avoid revealing all the information about your company in a single mail, and having content that has a direct touch on the prospect. All these factors will enable marketers to generate information that’ll be accepted by readers.

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