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Cold Email Templates: 56 Elements & Examples For Success In 2021

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05 Jan 2021

Hey! Before plunging into the Cold email templates, let’s clear the concept of Cold Email

What is Cold Email? Is it a traditional email? Why everyone is emphasizing on Cold Email?

A cold email is an impromptu email that is sent to the prospect without prior notification. It is just like Cold-calling and is unlike to warm emailing. Or we can call it a Marketing Strategy through Email.

Cold Email is e bespoke message directed to a particular prospect to get into a business conversation. It is a modified business pitch that is not aimed to promote a product but to grab the attention of the prospect.

How to create attractive Cold Email Templates?

As we have got the idea of Cold Email Templates, the next important thing is how to make an attractive Cold Email Template that is effective enough to generate a response.

First things First: Perfect Cold Email Practices

Cold Emails are used to attract the attention of the prospects and there are certain elements to do the good. It is just like a scientific strategy used to prove authenticity.

Let’s have a deeper look at the essentials that are required to build an eye-catching and attention-grabbing Cold Email Template. However, you need to know some basic insights and principles before to get the best templates.

After reading these magical insights, you will be able to develop your own Signature Cold Email Templates that will generate a sudden response, and your sales will surge to the next level.

1. Subject: The Face of the Email

The subject is the most crucial ingredient for creating the recipe of Cold Email.

The subject has just one purpose and that is to make the sendee open the email.

It should have the following characteristics: Precise, Comprehensive, Simple, and Clear. It is just like, the essence of the whole email summarized into 2-3 words.

This is the whole thing. If you succeed to write the perfect subject line, your email will be opened, otherwise, it will be moved to trash automatically. So the first step towards your destination is the Subject. Make it worthwhile

2. Do the Homework

It is important to know about the recipient because without knowing them and their interests, it would be pointless to send the Cold Email. Do a little homework and be well prepared. The outlook of the email is in such a way that the first line of the body of the email appears on the screen. So it should be something like this:

“I was surfing through LinkedIn and found out your profile there. It seems like we share the same interests.”

Never talk about your product or yourself, in lieu talk about them and their interests.

3. Be Precise

Psychology says that the longer the paragraph, the lesser the chances of reading. Because it already makes the recipient lose his interest because of the lengthy email.

Write a brief yet comprehensive email covering all the points. Make bullet points of the main subject (if possible).

Let suppose, if you write an email, follow the following pattern:

Sentence 1: how you found them and you share the same interests.

Sentence 2: How you both can make a big hit. Means tell about yourself and you are unique.

Sentence 3: Closing paragraph. Schedule a meeting or a call.

4. Prove your reliability

Here is a tricky situation. Now you have to prove your credibility without boosting off yourself. It is an art to tell about yourself without flaunting your skills. Tell them what your track record is so that they know you have the same business insights or at least you have mental compatibility.

5. Cold Emails can be warmed up

It is not necessary to be completely cold and write an impromptu email, you can show some gestures before sending the email. For example, you can follow them on social media, retweet their tweets, or give them a nice compliment. It will signify to them and they will have an idea that you are looking up to them.

Personalization is the Key

It is important to personalize the Cold Email Template. Tailor the email for either individual or a specific group. Do not send the un-personalized email as it will not generate the required sales leads.

Earlier days were less competitive, and it was okay to just write the name of the recipient and the company name. However, with the growing competition, it is important to learn about the problems or challenges that the sendee would be facing and mention them in the body of the email.

This will tell the recipient that you have not sent the same email to 40 or 50 other recipients. And it is particularly directed to him. It will engage him and will make him read the whole email with more interest.

Personalization definitely increases the response rate of the Cold Email.

6. Direct invite for a call

Give a soft Call-to-action like

“Would you like to spend 30 minutes with us on the upcoming Wednesday at 10 am EST?”

When you are inviting a person like this, be prepared for any kind of response. It can be blatant No, however, it can be a happy Yes. It depends on your luck that how much Call-to-action was significant to grab the attention of the recipient.

7. Resend the email

If you think you are not getting the response that you want, you can follow-up. Resend the email. It is not a surprise if you didn’t get noticed because everybody is busy, so your email can be neglected consciously or unconsciously. So, you can use the second chance to grab the attention of the recipient.

It is recommended to use three to four follow-up and not more than that

1st Follow up: Three days after the first email

2nd Follow up: Five days after the 2nd email

3rd Follow up: Seven days after the 3rd email

4th Follow up: Twelve days after the 4th email

If you still didn’t get the response, leave it right there. It is a clear sign that the recipient is not interested in your proposal.

8. Include the Contact Info

Don’t forget to include basic business information. It is the requirement for any type of legal documentation. Giving the information builds trust and will prove that you are not a scam and really interested to build a healthy relationship.

Your contract should include the following information: name, job rank, address, and phone number as well. You can even share your WhatsApp contact number because that a more reliable way nowadays.

9. Use the trial method

Don’t send the Cold Email to hundreds of people all at once. Rather roll out the emails to small groups. This way you can check the effectiveness of your Cold Email as well by seeing the response rate.

10. Keep an eye on the Stats

It is a famous saying “What gets measured, gets managed”. Keep a constant eye on the Stats so that you can have an idea about sales leads that you want to generate and how much you are far from your goal.

21 eye-catching Cold Email Subject Lines

17 amazing Elements for COLD Email Templates

1. Social Media Profile

Use Social Media Profile as a reason to email them. For Example

I was going through your Facebook Profile and found out that we share the same interests.

2. Get to the point quickly

Nowadays people don’t have time to waste. They are in hurry always. So they might not waste time reading the complete email. Cutting it to the chase will not waste the time, neither theirs nor yours.

3. Tell them what makes you Unique

State the beneficial facts or tell them your characteristic features that make you unique. Do not boost ever.

4. Use an Effective CTA

Try to use a soft call to action to generate the required response.

5. Finding the right person

As you have asked in the subject line about who is in charge of the company. The body should be like this “I am in search of the right person to whom I contact for the business pitch”

6. Congrats them and shower them with the support

When congratulating them in the subject line, all the body of your email should be in accordance with the subject

For example

Congratulations on securing the (position). I believe you are going to rock this platform. You have the guts etc.

IT might seem flattering but believe me, it works wonders.

7. Personalized Email

The Cold Email Templates should be modifiable in such a way that the person doesn’t take it as spam. Or might think that he is just one from the hundreds. Personalization is very important because it creates a sense of warmth in a particular person.

8. An already warmed Cold Email

It means you have already meant somewhere and you find that person the right partner. So contact him like this:

How was the event? Did you enjoy it?

9. Catch-up before the Event

If you are going to meet the person on the event to generate leads, it is a good idea to catch them up beforehand

10. Admire the recipient

As LinkedIn is the platform to showcase your talent, you might appreciate their activities of LinkedIn your Cold Email.

11. Praise the Content

Compliment the content of the company that they shared on LinkedIn.

12. Show them the value

Don’t rely on just theoretical material, show them some statistics to add value to your Cold Email.

13. Use a little humor

Adding a little humor to the email is never a bad idea. It enlightens the mood of the attendee and will engage more to continue the reading.

14. Share the relevant material

It would be a great deal if you share the content that is relevant and of their interest. You can put the link to the relevant material in the email.

15. Respect them and ask for their advice

When you have done the homework beforehand you must know by their LinkedIn profile that what their expertise is. So you can ask for their advice in that regard. It will create a sense of importance in them.

16. Get in touch on Social Media.

LinkedIn Profile or Facebook profile is the right platform to get in touch with the recipient. Try to have two-way communication in the comment section before sending the Cold Email.

17. Request them a soft CTA

Rather than giving them the exact time and date, it is preferable to ask for a soft call-to-action

The Best Example of Cold Email Template

Here is an effective Cold Email Template that will generate the required response for sure


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