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CAPTCHA Solving Services and Available CAPTCHA Types

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07 Jan 2021

CAPTCHA Solving Services and Available CAPTCHA Types

Introduction to the CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA is a short form for the phrase "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". CAPTCHA is a security service that is used by many websites nowadays. It helps to prevent the unauthorized use of the data on the website and also make sure that the user who is accessing the data online is a human or not. CAPTCHA is important because nowadays many sites on the internet can be used by the help of a bot and these bots can manipulate the service of the site. To prevent them from doing so a CAPTCHA is placed on the website that prevents these bots from interfering with the data or with the service offered by the website. When a CAPTCHA is enabled, before accessing that part of the website, the user is required to solve some problems. The problem can be anything such as solving a problem or identifying something in a picture puzzle. The real humans can do so easily, however, the bots are unable to do so and they are banned from using the website. This helps the website to be secured and used by humans only. It does a good job of keeping the data secure. Let’s see what are the different types of CAPTCHA that are available on the internet.

Different types of CAPTCHA online

Math problem

The first type of CAPTCHA is a math problem CAPTCHA. In this type of CAPTCHA, the user is required to solve a simple maths problem and write its answer in the box provided. The math problem is simple and most people can do them easily. They generally are one-digit addition, multiplication, or subtraction problem. Just solve the question and write the answer on the box. If the answer is right then you are allowed to use the website otherwise access is denied.

Word Problem

This type of CAPTCHA is very similar to the math problem CAPTCHA. The difference is of the language that is used in this CAPTCHA. The CAPTCHA includes the user to write some sort of word in the box that is given. If the word is correct then they are allowed to access the website otherwise they are banned from accessing the website.

Social Media Sign-in

This type of CAPTCHA is different as it does not have any problem that the user needs to solve or write any letter in the box. In this type of CAPTCHA, the user is required to sign in to the website using their social media handles. Since most of the people have social media handle nowadays, they can sign in from that. This allows the website to see if the person is genuine or not. It helps them decide whether they should trust the person or not and also decide whether the person is human or bot.

Time Base Captcha

This type of CAPTCHA doesn’t focus on the details that are filled by the user. It rather uses a different approach and uses the time that the user is taking to fill the form. The time that is taken by the user to fill the form is noted. If the user fills the form instantly, then it means that the user is a bot and the website blocks it from accessing the data. Else if the user takes some time to fill the data then it means that the user is human and it allows the user to access the website.

Honeypot CAPTCHA

Honeypot CAPTCHA is a full proof way of baiting the bot and blocking it from accessing the data on the website. This CAPTCHA features some of the files that are hidden on the webpage. The humans aren’t able to see such files however they are visible to the bot. The bot mistakes these files as CAPTCHA and tries to fill them. This gives the main website an indication that the bot is trying to enter the website and it blocks the user from doing so. This way the data of the website is protected by the CAPTCHA.

Invisible CAPTCHA

The invisible CAPTCHA as suggested by its name is an invisible CAPTCHA that is neither seen by the bot nor by the human. This type of CAPTCHA sees and notes the activity of the user on their website. If the activity of the user is genuine and free of doubt then they are allowed to use the website without any restriction. Else if it finds something fishy with the user then they are debarred from using the website again and this prevents the future misuse of the data by the user.

Confident CAPTCHA

Confident CAPTCHA is based on the images that are provided by the website. The user is asked to pick out some pictures that follow some of the lead of the website. These can be smiles such as picking out pictures that contain a car, bike, etc. The human user can do it easily, however, the bot fails and is discarded from the website.

Prevent CAPTCHA by using these online services

The CAPTCHA is an effective way to solve the problem of the website, however, sometimes they got confused and block and an actual human user who wants data from the website. This can be a headache for the user who wants fast access to the data. This problem can be solved by using some of the anti-captcha services online. These are paid service however they function and work like normal service and take care of the CAPTCHA for you. Let’s have a look at some of the few services.


This CAPTCHA service focus on having a worker solve the CAPTCHA problem for you. The CAPTCHA is sent to some user who is a part of the company and they break the code for you. Then it is sent to you within a few seconds and you can enter the password for yourself. This will help you save the trouble of solving the captcha and getting started all over again if it gets wrong.


This service is similar to the first one and it also helps you by solving the CAPTCHA error all by yourself and sending the detail to you. Then you can enter the details and solve the captcha easily.

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