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Are You Doing These Common Mistakes in B2B Lead Generation?

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07 Jan 2021

Are You Doing These Common Mistakes in B2B Lead Generation?


Many times as B2B marketers we look for ways to constantly generate leads for our sales teams, as the exponential increase in sales depends on it, however, seeing something cause low numbers or not as high as desired will create a lot of concern. It is a bucket of cold water that the campaign that was carefully and painstakingly devised and constructed is being completely useless in creating any significant impact.

This often happens more than you think, not all well-founded and built campaigns are a success at first, and there are very simple explanations that can give you an idea of what to take into account to correct it. First, you must probe the problem, at the moment it is found what the failure is you must proceed as if you were talking about a medical procedure, to treat the problem and improve the process of generating our potential customers.

Take Your Time And Think About It, Am I Making Any Of These Common Mistakes?

Using Old and Dirty Data

Databases often decline by a large percentage during a single year, over 40% of the time, and many times the reason for this is that the contact information we have on our prospects is inaccurate. If a lot of time goes by and you don't follow up your data with monthly or yearly reviews, you can easily have a lot of useless information, taking the time to clean up and even refresh everything with new data is a way to fix it.

Lack of Optimization in Your Database

More often than not our databases are made in an anarchic way, an email address around here, only a phone number, and when you look from a wide spectrum you start to find gaps or missing information in your database. Taking all the incomplete information and filling it in with the missing data will help maximize the effectiveness of your search for potential customers when generating and sending the campaign.

The Data Has Not Been Segmented

Segmenting the data should be done before and after the campaign is carried out. When handling the results and analyzing them, they should be segmented; doing this before the campaign design helps to identify each of the objectives in the segments, and when the results are available, all the information collected should be segmented for later study.

Ignoring the Buyer's Movements

Visitors to the website will not go directly to buy if they are the first time they enter the site, the path each user takes is different and therefore you should focus on guiding the visitor, using different content for each space on the page helps prospects find what they need, from the best to deal with their problems or if they are ready to make the decision and buy, you need to always have strategic content on the page.

Not Understanding Who Your Customers Are

Making random offers without a relevant interest will not capture the attention of target consumers, if the need or motivation of the prospect is not understood, increases the risk of creating content or offers that do not produce a reaction of any kind.

You must make searches and deep investigations, there is no place to assume or assume by the customer, if you have a sales and customer service team you must consult with them, they must have an outline of what customers are looking for. This way you can form or rewrite in a database the profile of customers that you handle, as well as the full knowledge of their characteristics and their searches.

The Main Pages Do Not Fulfill Their Purpose

If a home page makes navigation difficult for your visitors, you put a hurdle too high and cause prospects to get lost or lose interest before they can become customers. This happens by having tedious and complicated ways of asking for a lot of information in a very short time or by making the customer become disoriented and not know what to do.

Not Offering Something of Value

You don't get something by offering anything in return, if you ask or want a person's contact information, you must have something to offer them that is of equal value to them, the amount of information requested must be proportional to the offer if not more than what that information is worth. A subscription to a news portal only generates a name and email address. Displaying an offer as a site, that offers technological services to companies will give you credit for being able to ask more questions for information.

Too General

The message you give and the content is the main thing and it must be at a high level, wanting to perceive a larger audience is not always the answer since a large number of potential customers are lost, having a specific problem requires specific solutions, having something, in general, does not help to attract customers. You will be noticed if you dig for it.

Poor Positioning

You don't define yourself as a company like any other for the market, you are hard to see for a prospect when you don't offer or stand out from the competition. Missing opportunities because you are focused on being or seeing yourself as something that all people need, will make you look the same as other companies as well as not being convincing to anyone.


Having problems with a campaign is very common for a company, the problems can be from the most specific to the most common, but you should not lose your way or give up in the face of a failed campaign. Finding and knowing how to attack a problem will always help to improve the subsequent campaigns, as well as improving the campaigns and how to approach the customers, is always part of the system that is why you must take into account that for every problem there is a solution and an improvement.

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