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A Guide to Scraping Contact Information for Sales Leads

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07 Jan 2021

A Guide to Scraping Contact Information for Sales Leads


Leads are very important if you are working in the sales department of any company. A good lead will provide you with ideal customers who will buy your company’s product or services if they love it. A good lead is very helpful and it saves time and energy of a salesperson. The lead will provide a list of customers which the person should try to convince to use the company’s products or services. There are various ways to generate leads in a sale such as social medial, customer feedback, customer form fills ups, and even researching. However, the most common and easy of them is to use a web scraper. A good web scraper will help to get the leads to the user within minutes due to the web scrapping. What is web scraping? If you are unaware of the answer, let us first answer this question.

Web scraping

Web scraping is the process of extracting the data from any website. It is similar to the process of copy and pasting that people perform at the general level, however this time, the process takes place on a large scale and a large amount of data is received to get more information out of the website. A web scraper is made out of the two parts that are the spider and the scraper. The spider crawls over the various sites and finds out the site that could contain the data that is needed by the user. Next, the scraper helps to extract the possible data from the website that could be used by the people to get some information out of the data. Each process happens on a large scale. There is good web scraper all over the internet that people can use to get data out of the website. The web scraper can be both paid or free and its user chose which one they want to use.

How to start lead generation by web scraping

The first thing you need to do while using a web scraper is to find a site that will help you to get all the information from. Find a site that contains the database of all the people that you will persuade. Find the sites that contain lots of people details so that you would have a large number of leads when you scrap these sites. How to find these sites? Well, here are some of the site examples you can use to generate a lead for yourself.

Yellow pages

The yellow page is a website that contains the data of the people of the USA. It is the biggest business directory of the whole USA. Once you scrap this website, you will find enough people for your company. This is a good website to start if you don’t know what website you should scrape or how should you find a website worth for scraping. Scraping this website will give you enough leads for your business management.


Yelp is another business directory website that has close to 92 million users in it. This means that scraping this website can give you 92 million leads which you can use to expand your business. Many people will argue that Yelp is only for bars or restaurants, however, that is not true. The Yelp website also contains details doctors, other service people which you can scrape to generate leads for your business sales. One reason that why people use yelp so much is because of its review system. People give reviews about various businesses on yelp and you can use that to find out the business that is growing all over the world and use them to promote or improve your company performance.


Twitter is something that you may find not fitting in the list of scraping website however wait for our explanation before coming to any conclusion. Twitter is the best place to scrap if you want to influence big people to try and use your company's service and products. Twitter contains profiles of some of the big people and you can use web scraper to get all the details of such people. You can even use specific twitter scraper to gather data of the people of a specific type. This will help to bloom your business greatly.

Finding a good web scraper

The internet has many different types of web scraper. Some of the web scrapers are free while others are paid. The user can use any form of webs scraper that they wish to. The paid version will have more features than the free version. Some web scrapers also provide free trials that the person can use to determine if they are worth their price or not.

The important thing that one needs to understand here is that the web scraper can only provide you with the lead. How to proceed with the lead is something that you have to figure out yourself. You need to find out how to work with the leads and how to persuade people to try and buy your company products or the services which are offered by the company. Only in this way will you be able to get the true audience for your company or your business.

Dynamic elements and how to deal with them

Some of the websites that contain the data of the people will try to mask the details of the user behind some clickable button. This way you need to click the button every time you need to check the details of the users on such a website. These are called dynamic elements. However, there are some of the web scrapers that know how to deal with this website. They can easily get rid of these dynamic elements and get you the data easily. Such web scrapers are usually paid one and you need to pay to use their services.

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