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A Comprehensive List of Search Engines

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07 Jan 2021

A Comprehensive List of Search Engines


Search engines are an integral part of the internet and are used by millions of people all over the world. Many people use search engines every day for their information. Search engines make searching easier over the internet. On the Internet, there are thousands of the website that contain information of all the sort. If you want particular information on the internet, then you can either go through every site on the internet and check whether it contains the information you need or not. Else you can just use a search engine and get a list of all the sites that contain the information you want. Then you can search for those particular websites and get the information you need. The second way seems faster and easier. The search engine helps to get the data more easily and effectively.

Top 8 search engine that exists in the internet

Several search engines exist on the internet. Not all of them are the same and every search engine is different than the other search engine in one way or another. There are various search engines and for your ease, you should always choose the best search engine that is available on the internet. There are several search engines and we have picked the best 8 search engines that are in this world. Let’s see them one by one.


Bing is one of the few search engines on the internet that is fast, active, and reliable. This search engine is developed by Microsoft and is one of the top search engines that is used widely all over the world by many people. Bing is easy to use and has a striking landing page that makes it more appealing. Apart from that, the results delivered by the Bing are correct and on point of what the user has asked it. This makes it more reliable and trustworthy to use.


Yahoo search engine has been in the search engine market for a long time. Over time, its popularity might have decreased however there are many people today who use yahoo as their search engine. Yahoo search engine is not only a common search engine but it can be used for any other purpose as well. There are travel guides, horoscope readers, and yahoo answers apart from the search engine that people use nowadays.


Google is one of the biggest and largest search engines that is used by people nowadays. As many as 70% of the netizens use google as their default search engine. The simplicity of this search engine and its ease of use makes it more favorable than any other search engine on the internet. It provides on point data and this makes it reliable to use. Google is more like a mixture of the multi-purpose yahoo and the easy to use Bing which makes it more popular and easier to use.


If you are living in Russia, then Yandex is a common name for you. Yandex is a search engine that was found in Russia and has become a prominent search engine in Russia. Many people use this search engine today, however, a large percentage of those people are Russian. Apart from that, this search engine is rising slowly but surely. The multi-lingual feature of this search engine along with features such as translation features is making this search engine more popular nowadays. It provides quality website data and so people are using it nowadays.


Ask search engine which was earlier known as Ask Jeeves, is one of the oldest search engines that are still in use today. Back when Google was launched, this search engine was a worthy competitor of the google search engine. However, as time went by, the popularity of this search engine decreases. Even after that, there are still many people who use this search engine nowadays because of its better answer driven solution and its colloquial language feature. You can ask this search engine any question and it will give you good results based on your question.


If you are a total novice to the world of search engine and you do not what search engine to use, then it is common for you to use dogpile search engine. The dogpile search engine was launched in 1996 and has a weird but unique way of searching through web pages. Its landing page is also unique. It’s used by pretty novice people who are new to the internet, however, they elevate from this search engine pretty soon. The answer produced by this search engine is quite close to the point, however many times they could be wrong also.


Yippy is a less commonly known search engine but only if you are using the regular internet. Once you enter the deep web or the dark web, then one of the most trusted internet search engines there is Yippy. The deep web is different than the regular web and it also has access to the websites that are not allowed on the regular internet. The method of working of yippy is different than many search engines. While most of the search engine uses traditional searching methods and provides answers in the form of links, yippy searches the internet whole and provides the result in the form of clouds. In this way, it can provide all the necessary data to the user.

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go is the google of the underground or deep web. It is the most commonly used search engine in the deep web and it is named after the kid’s game duck duck goose. Duck duck go is well known to protect the privacy of its user and does not allow sites to steal the data of the user under any circumstances. It is one of the best search engines that provide adequate results as well as protects the identity of its user.

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