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A Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing

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07 Jan 2021

A Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing


Instagram is not just a social media platform on which you can share your picture or videos. It is much more than that. Instagram is one of the hot faces for the online business or the digital marketing and one can pretty easily advertise their products on the Instagram, Instagram helps to provide the user with an audience and helps them to do marketing with the audience. Instagram is the hot hub sport of digital marketing alongside Facebook and around 70% of the marketing that is happening in today’s time is over these two platforms.

Instagram has some of the best tools that can allow one person to get in touch with the audience and give the user a base to sell their products online. Instagram is one of the best places where you can achieve your digital marketing career and you can easily showcase your product or service on Instagram. The various features that were added on Instagram throughout 10years have helped people to gain a large audience for their product. One can showcase their talent on Instagram or even do business on Instagram thanks to the new features that are on Instagram.

How to make your Instagram account better

There are many ways in which you can make an Instagram account that will help in your business. Having a good Instagram account is necessary because your target audience will see your Instagram account first and then contact you if they like your IG account first. However, that’s not the only thing that you need to do business on Instagram. There are many points on which one should pay attention to while they are indulged in marketing on Instagram. These points will help them to build their base and flourish their business on Instagram. Let’s see how you can start with a good Instagram account.

Have a good bio and profile

One of the main things that you should have on Instagram is a good profile and photo. The description will tell people about yourself and it will leave an influence on the mind of people. Therefore, your Instagram account should have a Bio that will say everything about you and a good profile photo that will indicate what your profile is all about. Reading your Bio and seeing your profile photo will give people an idea of your Instagram account and will be your first impression.

Keep your goals in your mind

Ask this question when you first step on IG. What is my goal? What should be my first aim in my account? This will give you a lead o where and how you should proceed when building an IG account. There are some people on Ig that are just for fun, others are here for business. Those who are on IG for business should have a clear goal in the mind on how they plan to take it forward with their IG account.

Find your audience

There are all sorts of people on Instagram. There are people with various interests. Your next step should be to find the target audience that will be a benefit for your business. It is this audience that will be your future customer so you should find them easily. To find your audience see what your business is about. If it’s about sports equipment, then your aim should be to find an audience that has an interest in sports. Find this type of audience. If you are having trouble finding your audience, then your next step should be to check the IG profile of your competitor. Check out an established profile on Instagram that is in the same business as you. Find the people that follow your competitor account. This will give you a lead on what should be your audience base.

Set up a business account

This thing should be done first than any other thing. When you are registering for an Instagram account, make sure to select a business account. If you already have an Instagram account, then there is no need to worry, as you can upgrade your Instagram account to a business account easily. Doing so will give you many business features and tools which you can use while marketing on Instagram. To set up a business account on Instagram, the first thing you will need is a Facebook page. This was done since Facebook brought Instagram. Create a Facebook page and connect it with your Instagram account. This will help you get a business account and all the features of the business account. Now you are ready to rock the Instagram, with your post.

Posting on Instagram

When a person lands on your Instagram account, the first thing they will see is your Instagram account. If they like your Instagram account only then will they will use your product or any service that is offered by you. So, the next step of yours should be to build your Instagram account. Post relevant stories, post, and videos about your product or the service that are offered by you. These stories, post will help to attract more audiences towards your Instagram account and this will help you to get more customers or audiences. Keep posting stories or post on your Instagram account and be punctual and discipline. The one thing about Instagram marketing is that it requires attention and discipline. Keep posting stories about your business and never miss to do so.

Use hashtag

The algorithm of Instagram will help you to increase your reach only if you have a good hashtag in your account. If you are having fewer followers and you post something on Instagram, then the post will only be visible to your followers until you use some hashtags. Hashtags are a means of increasing your reach on Instagram. People with similar interests are brought together by the hashtag and one can select the best hashtag that will help to increase their reach on Instagram.

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