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9 Factors That Affect Your Email Deliverability

9 Factors That Affect Your Email Deliverability


Every person that is in the email marketing industry wants their clients to read their emails and respond positively. They all want that the user should see their mails and positively engage in their content. They hate the fact that most of their messages are going unnoticed. However, the results for some people are not in their favor. Their emails went unnoticed and their performance goes down in the company. They think that it’s because of their skills and continuously invest their hard-earned money in skills which they already knew. However, in reality, those people are unaware of the 9 factors that can change their performance. These 9 factors affect email deliverability greatly and can help people to shine on their work front with exceptional performance. Most of the time people are unaware of these 9 factors, however, these 9 factors are what separates the ordinary email marketing people from professional email marketing people. After learning about these 9 facts and taking care of them anyone would be able to perform excellently at their company Lets see these 9 factors which affect email deliverability.

9 Factors That Affect Your Email Deliverability

9 factors that affect your email deliverability

Delay in sign-in email

On the internet, as any person signs into something there comes an option whether they would like to receive updates from the company or the website in the future. If they click on yes, then the company regularly sends them an email informing them about new schemes or updates. However, some companies do not reveal anything to their subscriber and send them one mail in one month or so. This leads the person to generally forget about the company or the website. To remove this problem, it is often recommended to continuously send the recipient email informing them about the arrival of a new product or service in your company.

Genuine authentic mails

As a user, you might receive thousands of emails in one day. Most of those emails are dumped in the spam folder due to having look-alike content or no authenticity in the email. To get out of this problem, always use some sort of authenticating method that would separate your email from the spam emails. This will allow your emails to be more visible to the people and will prevent them from getting into spam folders.

Many websites on the internet provide authentication to the emails. Use them to get your emails verified and prevent them from getting into the spam folder.

Confirmation email’s

When a new user signed for the subscription, one of the best things you can do is send them a verification link. This plays a great psychological impact on the user and they think that these are genuine websites that are serious about their customers. This separates you from the other spamming companies that also send the same emails to their customers. It makes you stand out of the line and helps you to earn some seriousness in your user’s eye.

Free domain address

Most of the email marketers will send emails from their commercial email accounts. This is not a bad thing however the problem lies here is that the receiver email company automatically puts the message in the spam folder if it gets an idea that you are sending bulk emails. This puts your email in great danger of being marked as spam and not getting any attention in the user’s eye. The best way to prevent this problem is by using the official company address. This will prevent your email from being marked spam even if you are sending them in bulk.

Subject lines

The first thing a person reads in your email is the subject of the email. From the subject of the email, he/she gets an idea about the type of email they have received and whether they should proceed reading it or not. To make sure your subject looks more professional avoid using any capital letter or special letter in your subject. Use relevant keywords and keep the subject to the minimum and the point. This will help you to get rid of all the spam tag on your email and will make you look more professional in the eyes of the user.

Images in the email

Many people will send loads of images in their email so that people would engage in their emails. However, in reality, those emails don’t even reach their target audience. This is because having too many images in your email or even having one large image in your email will help to mark your email as spam. Make sure to keep the images in the email to a bare minimum. Use optimized images and use only 2-3 images in one email at best.

Short URL’s

Many people use a URL shortener in their email thinking that their email will look cooler and more professional. This is a big lie and one should never use a URL shortener for email marketing. The advanced filter techniques of many email websites detect the use of URL shorteners in the email and mark it is as a spam email. Prevent using any URL shortener. It will help your email to be marked as genuine and will help it to reach the great heights of success easily.

Addictiveness to the subscription

The best thing you could do in email marketing is to make your customers addicted to your subscription pack and your emails Design your emails in such a way that the person finds it very hard to unsubscribe to the emails in the future. It will help to boost the growth exponentially and will also improve your performance.

Target audience

An important thing in the email audience is to identify your target audience. For example, if you have 100 people who have subscribed to your emails and out of the 60 are active while 40 are inactive, then the main focus of your email should be to make those 40 people aware of the emails. This will also be helping your growth.

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