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6 Lead Generation Technique Every Marketer Must Know

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07 Jan 2021

The only reason as to why social media can be rated poorly, in this case, is that most B2B businesses do not imply the technique as required. According to most reviews, social media platforms appear to be the least effective when it comes to lead generation approaches. Since long ago, a valuable option of generating leads has been organic search ads. Let us dig into details on several online platforms that you may use to generate leads.

1. Optimized Websites

You can utilize websites in letting customers know more about your business and how they can access the products and services you offer. For this reason, you will have to ensure your website is well optimized to reach out to a huge customer base. Under-optimized sites simply mean fewer potential clients. You need to make sure your website is well optimized and updated regularly to gain high visibility by your potential customers. You will enjoy greater traffic on your well-optimized site and get access to your targeted market. An updated and optimized site should

2. Telecalling

Telecalling can also be a good method for generating business leads. However, this approach involves getting in touch with as many people as you can. Telecalling will help in building a good relationship with your target customers that can translate to more deals. Compared to other online sites, this approach will help you understand the decision making of your potential prospect quicker. With this, you can pitch easily on your potential customer. The best thing with this strategy is that it is cost-effective and gives satisfying lead generation results.

3. PPC Advertising

You cannot under-estimate ads when it comes to generating leads online. And if you opt to PPC adverts, you are guaranteed to close larger deals. Understanding the mechanism by which you can get leads via this approach is easy. You only have to come up with a good landing page and include quality CTA's. Observe the behavior of your site visitors first. After this, place your landing page on the specific area where most users visit. You can then create great CTA's such as Get your copy now, Sign up to enjoy the offer now, and many other catching ones.

If you want the most efficient conversion tool, go with PPC ads. You will have an easier way of creating a conversion list. Besides this, you will be able to generate quality leads quicker. Therefore, PPC campaigns are a great deal for any digital marketer or a business owner.

Keep in mind that this approach can be the most expensive. Analyze your results well and determine whether PPC advertising is worth your investment.

4. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is still a great way of getting online leads. However, familiarize yourself with the Google guidelines on online content and SEO before using this approach. Creating articles and blogging is a great way of coming into contact with your target customers. Keep in mind you need to have engaging content to keep customers interested on your platform. According to research, 70% of website visits are from those individuals who find your content useful and influencing. You can take advantage of when generating leads online.

You can easily tell if your content will be valuable to your targeted audience. Make sure to use a catchy title, easy to read content, great choice of words, and meet the SERP's mark. Once you build trust in your prospects with the content, marketing your services or products will be a walk in the park.

5. Email Campaign

Email marketing is among the most effective techniques you can use for lead generation purposes. Although existed from a long time ago, it guarantees fulfilling results. Guess what? The first thing that most people do in the morning is checking the mailbox. However, it does not mean that people will always click any email they find. Most individuals receive multiple emails in a day making it hard to go through all of them for this reason, you have to make sure your email is attractive enough. Be straight to the point keeping in mind that people spend less time on the mailbox. Be thoughtful and draft crispy emails to get the attention of your prospects.

Professionally contact your customers and avoid beating around the bush. Surprisingly enough, some people never get clients through this approach. The issue is not with the technique but how you do it. Personalize the messages and make them about your customers that exposing your expertise.

6. Social Media

It's hard to ignore social media for any type of business. With the rise of the number of people using social media sites, it can be a great source of leads. It is a fact that most people try to find information through social sites when they want to make any kind of purchase. You can target them there too. Make sure to build attractive profiles on social media telling more about what you offer.

The best thing is social media platforms keep on growing. Nowadays, if any business has to succeed, it is hard to do it without utilizing social media. It is the easiest way to tell the world about your products and services. Clients also rely on these platforms to define the trustworthiness of businesses.

Social media is a good way of generating online leads and assures your company success. You can go wrong with investing in this strategy.


Generating leads can be hard and requires you to put effort. But, understanding the dynamics and with proper tools, you can have an easy way of achieving more deals. Use the above techniques and tips to generate more deals and enjoy the success of your company. Use a properly documented plan and analyze each of the techniques carefully.

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