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6 Email Marketing Tips To Boost Your Click Through Rate

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02 Jan 2021

Are you worried about your email marketing or are you doubting the capability of email marketing to give you effective deals? If you don't follow the right strategy then your subscribers will not click on your links that will result in fewer leads and sales. And that will ultimately affect your business. But never doubt the capability of email marketing! You just need the right strategies.

Effectiveness of Email marketing in today's market

A survey conducted by Hubspot complies revealed that there are 3.8 billion email users worldwide and the number is growing day by day. It is the only system that can provide you such a figure of the public on a single platform. The study also revealed that email generates $38 for every single dollar that you spent. So, it is almost 3800% Return on Investment (ROI).

Most of the customer buys as a direct result of an email marketing message. So it is obvious that emails are taken seriously by most of the other people and they are eager to buy from such a system. Moreover, when it comes to lead generation or customer acquisition email is proven to be 40 times more effective than both Facebook and Twitter. The data is itself revealing the efficiency of email marketing. So, you don't need to think twice before you apply it in your business.

Here we have brought the top 6 tips to boost your email marketing click-through rates -

If your emails are not opened then you are not supposed to get clicks. First of all, we will look at how to improve your open rates -

When you send emails to your prospects first impression matters a lot and your email are no exceptions. You may spend your best designing skills on creating the body of your email but if the first impression of your email I.e. the envelope is not able to create excitement in their mind then you are not likely to get click-throughs.

There are three elements of your envelope :

Sender name - The sender name that you include in your envelope is an extremely influential factor. In the matter of click-throughs, it even gets more important than the subject line sometimes. The reason behind such importance of the sender name is that it inextricably creates a link of trust between the prospect and the brand.

Subject line - Most of the customers open an email just by simply reading the subject line. So here your subject line is going to play an important role in increasing your click-through rates. Don't go for a lengthy subject line instead keep it short and crispy. Make sure your subject line is informative and it must catch the viewer's attention. Catching attention is only possible when you highlight the most important messages that you want to convey in a stylish manner. So that with just a glance he/she is compiled to go through it. It has been seen that subject lines describing an emergency is often opened and read by the prospect.

Pre-header text - It is the small text that appears just below the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. It is used as a complement to the subject line and can tremendously boost your click-through rates. Your subject line and preheader combined must be telling an efficient story about the email that excites your viewer to go through your content. Customizing the preheader text can be a good idea for the same.

If you maintain all these things your emails are most likely to be opened. Now, let's see how to improve click-through rates.

Format your email suitably

Most people read their emails through phones instead of pcs and laptops. So your email must be mobile-friendly. Don't put important information on images. Images may cause an issue with accessibility, and if images are blocked by default then your most important information is going to be left out, which could have increased the chance of click-through. Give a perfect dimension to your email. The length and width must be measured and designed suitably for a creating experience. Very wide or long emails may not fit the screen that the viewer is using so it makes them quite less attractive and unprofessional. Allow your emails to be scannable. Mapping your content will play a vital role here.

Focus on your content

Content is the "King" The reader is going to decide whether he/she should click or not based on your content only. While writing your business email you must never make it a lengthy one. Email is not a leisure hour read through which you are going to entertain someone. That's why your email must be short, to the point, and crispy. A study has revealed that emails with approximately 20 lines of texts or about say 200 words had the highest click-through rates. So always keep your email shorter than 200 words. If you write long emails explaining each and everything then your prospect is likely to get bored and leave the deal undone. To avoid that make your email more interactive and attractive. You can include animated gifs, short videos, and even images. Since human has visual stimuli emails with attractive images and videos are more likely to get higher click-through rates.

Personalize your emails

Generic emails are good for nothing. No one wants to be treated just as an option. It may be a big reason why email conversations get crippled. Sending a particular email to every customer can harm your image in the industry. Sending the same email to everyone means you are sending irrelevant information to someone. It shows that you don't care much about the customer's needs. And as a result, you won't reach the desirable click-through rates. Therefore, understand the needs of your customers and send relevant emails only.

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