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6 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Click-Through Rate

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09 Sep. 2020


Email marketing is one great way of reaching your target audience yet some email marketers still struggle engaging customers via email.

Click-through rate refers to the percentage of recipients that click on the links you attach in your emails. If your subscribers are not clicking on the links attached in your email, your income is potentially at risk. Are you having trouble engaging your target audience through email marketing strategy? Do you think it is not working for you? Keep reading and identify useful tips to improve your email click-through rate so you can achieve more sales and leads.

Tips to Boost Your Click-Through Rate

1. Use A Double Opt-In to Generate Leads

Encouraging people to give you their email addresses is the very first thing email marketers should do to create leads and improve sales.

Although you can also use a single opt-in, you may end up with fake emails in your list, which will only consume your time for no good reason. Using a double opt-in option will ensure you have the correct emails. It will also ensure that your users reconfirm their interest in joining your list, which increases the chances of them opening your emails.

Sending emails to users who haven't opted in may send your emails to spam since users may never open them. You know too well that having way many spam reports spoils your brand reputation, and this could affect your email deliverability in the future. You don't want that so, get your target audience to opt-in first.

2. Craft Catchy Email Subject Lines

Because subject lines are one of the most important parts of an email, make sure you nail it! Most recipients simply look at your subject line, and if they don't find anything interesting, they won't even open the mail. Make sure you capture your readers' attention by writing a short, catchy subject line. If you succeed in getting them open your email, they may click links attached in your email, depending on your content. Those links are designed to lead them to other actions you want them to take.

It looks overwhelming to create an interesting subject line, but it's not. So long as you focus on your target audience. Ensure you don't exaggerate anything in the subject line. In other words, don’t put something in the subject line that is not delivered in your email content. Actions like that one could pose you as a cheater and may destroy your recipient’s trust in your brand.

3. Maintain Your Brand Reputation

Ensure your brand name is recognizable in your emails. Capture your brand name in the ‘from’ field. Sender name is one deciding factor for reading mails. Over 40% of mail recipients check senders before opening mails and if the name is not recognizable, they may not open it.

4. Employ Effective Use of The Preview Text Section

Most users look at your preview section before opening your email. The last thing you want to encounter is users not viewing your emails because the preview text is boring already.

What does preview text do? It gives your users a glimpse of your email content. So, make it appealing if you want to attract more leads. Make it short but, don't include anything that readers will not find in the email content.

The preview text section creates a space for writing your second subject line or summarizing your email content.

You also have advantage of the fact that Gmail and Apple mail clients support preview text, and they also have many users. It presents an opportunity of increasing leads and boosting your email marketing click rate at your doorstep.

A single opt-in involves the submission of an email without having to confirm. A double opt-in confirms emails after signing up.

5. Ensure You Get Email Formatting Right

Do you want to improve your email click-through rate? Fix the following formatting areas to make this happen!

6. Improve Your Email Content

How you structure your email content matters when it comes to improving email click-through rate. It is what will keep subscribers reading and clicking through your links.

Use animated GIFs and maybe videos to capture the attention of your readers. Don't forget to use images. Emails with images have a higher click-through rate compared to those without images.

7. Divide your target audience into segments

Not everyone will be interested in all your emails. If you want to improve your email click-through rate, segment your target audience to ensure you are sending them relevant information.

You know what interests each segment of your target audience and what offers to send them. More relevant emails will prompt people to go ahead and take action you want them to perform.


Boosting the email click-through rate can be overwhelming at first. But with the right tools, creativity, and patience, it can be an amazing experience to email marketers, especially those that are just starting. Keep an open mind and try out anything you come across and you won't remain behind in digital marketing.

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