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5 B2B Lead Generation Techniques Which Deliver Results

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07 Jan 2021

5 B2B Lead Generation Techniques Which Deliver Results

A lot of changes have happened over the years as much as B2B lead generation is concerned. This is because of the replacements of interruptive marketing approaches by digital channels and social media. With the increase of smartphone usage and access to the internet, you can get any information you want. But, B2B marketers have to use a good approach to get more leads. They have to work smart and apply strategies that will generate a reasonable number of leads to generate high business revenues.

According to B2B marketer, generating leads that are of high-quality pose a great challenge. Most of them agree that having a good social media footprint is a significant role in generating online leads. However, this does not mean cold calling is useless. Human contact is of importance since it can result in face-to-face dealings. Here are some of the techniques you can use as a B2B marketer and attain profitable leads for your business.

1. Content Marketing

If you think that your business can share relevant and valuable content, this method of lead generation can work wonders for your B2B business. This can mean sharing videos, articles, and any other useful information. However, you have to do proper research on how you can come up with engaging and attractive content. It is not that any content will do- focus on something that will tend to touch on pain points of your target market. After this, try providing suitable solutions. The content you make should match your target audience. You can be dealing with real estate and make content that only little children will enjoy.

A piece of SEO knowledge is crucial in this. Engage as much as you can to get more attention even from an untargeted audience. By this, you will rank high on search engines and be visible to most of your target prospects. SEO is the best marketing tool for any company. Have a good content marketing strategy and you will access new customers easily and quickly.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms offer you with a great chance of taking your lead generation game to a new level. You will have it easy to access your target market. Social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn are effective ways of generating B2B leads. Create professional profiles for your business on these platforms. You may find your potential customers on social media sites.

Nowadays, it is hard to find someone without any of the social media account. At least everyone has one if not all. This makes social media an effective way of getting quality leads with ease. The best thing is that you can customize your ads on these sites to match your target market. You can use factors like age, location, and gender to get people who will be interested in your products and services.

Although it might seem easy, generating leads through social media takes time and a good strategy. Do your research and identify the best strategy that will guarantee the required results.

3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

It is no doubt that content marketing and SEO take time. If you are in for quicker results, PPC is a good option. The only pro tip is distinguishing your target customers. Keep in mind that this approach can cost you a lot. However, this will rely on what industry you are involved with.

Another thing you have to consider when opting for PPC is that most individuals nowadays use Adblock and similar programs. With this, they cannot interact with clickable ads or banners. Also, the GDPR rulings give them powers to avoid your ads.

There are several ways you can place your ads online. You may use Google Adwords which is the most commonly used. With this, you can place your ads on Google Network platforms.

4. Trusted Backlinks

Word of mouth is a good way of getting customers. This way, people tend to gain immediate confidence and trust in their products and services. Having people talking positively about your business will help you in closing deals. These types of referrals will give you an easier way of marketing your services since most people who will be contacting you will at least have the idea of the quality of what you offer.

Another good way of getting referrals is through trusted websites. This is what it means by backlink. Referrals from trusted sites are quality ones and make your marketing easy. There are several ways you can build backlinks to gain other website's trust. You may:

The best idea is to generate the backlinks instead of purchasing them another thing, do proper research before you share it on a different website. You may affect your platform by using backlinks from fake websites.

5. Cold Emails

You must be creative when you opt for this approach to generate leads. Cold emailing tend to be hard since you are contacting individuals or companies that you don't have any prior relationship with. The first impression is what will determine the type of outcomes you will get. Get everything to the point and ensure professionalism in this case. Be creative and make sure you stand out. You can use things such as memes and GIFS to draw the attention of the people.


The only thing that makes B2B lead generation hard is that a certain strategy may work in a given company and fail in yours. The thing is determining the approach that will be suitable for you. For this reason, valuable content will be the main thing you need to focus on. Identify your target customer and create content that will be useful for them. Use the above tips and suggestions to generate more B2B leads.

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