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4 Ways to Power Up Your B2B Email Marketing Campaigns

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07 Jan 2021

4 Ways to Power Up Your B2B Email Marketing Campaigns


The power of emails is not soon to be over, email marketing campaigns are effective and so low cost that they have a great return on investment, this is when a campaign is well designed and the message used is so clear and effective to generate this impact.

Start With Your Data

Data and a database is the main object for the success of a campaign, it is of a very high consideration to ensure your objectives are in the right people, at the right time. If you decide to do otherwise, you run the risk of being considered a spam account, which will send you straight to the junk folder.

So before sending an email campaign, first make sure you check your database. Since B2B data tends to decline by 35% each year, checking and monitoring the information from time to time will prevent potential "dead" customers, as well as clean up those that are no longer active. The reason why data may not be relevant at the moment is that people leave the purchasing process either because they change their position at work, or they leave the company if the organization closes down or changes its premises.

Having the full assurance that your database is in the best possible condition will indicate that you are ready to send your campaign, this will be an exponential increase in the positive impact your campaign can have.

Implement Custom Elements

Once you make sure you're reaching the right people, you must raise the priority of approaching the customer, doing it in a good way will show that the personalization that was given, will make the receiver feel that it is valuable to the company, without falling into a territory intrusively, opening an email with a direct greeting, friendly and addressing the name of the client, is a perfect way if you give any personal details of the person will feel too exaggerated and uncomfortable.

Using a name and addressing the consumer through it, will give them a sense of individuality and value, thus increasing the click rate to extend the information given, the recipient should feel that the content and the offer offers a unique benefit to them by addressing them directly.

Sort Your Contact List

Having different sections in your database will make you more responsive to consumers with different messages. By sorting your database, you will more effectively send relevant emails to your recipients, which will generate a greater amount of dispersion among other people to be added to your database.

There are many ways to divide and classify your contact list, it is best to do what is most convenient for your style of services or products. You will be able to see by instances that the best way to do your campaign is: according to the type of buyers they are or the role the recipients have in your organization or company.

Analyze Your Results

Through the use of email marketing, you have one of the easiest ways to analyze the scope of your campaign by making use of these three measures.

-Delivery rate.

-Open Rate.

-Click through Rate.

With all of these results in place, the data should be used to inform the next campaign's steps, corrections, or objectives. If the delivery rate did not go as expected, it is a clear indication that a check of the database should be done to make a good cleaning or refinement, making sure that all those unnecessary files are eliminated. It may also be the case that your campaign was not targeting the right market or the right consumers.

In case it is the open rate which shows a low index, you should edit the title of the email to a more striking and attractive, this often happens, but when they tend to repeat the titles that were used in previous campaigns, keeping your title fresh and changing will attract more attention.

If the click through rate isn't high enough, you should start reconsidering changing the phrases or words you use to call your customers to action, making sure the content and information is so relevant that they don't think twice about going in.


Email marketing is not an easy thing to handle, but it is one of the most powerful tools that marketing has, the more eye-catching and powerful a campaign is, the results will be one positive impact after another. If you take into account and use content with a high-quality offer, you should also proportionally structure your campaign because it matters as much as the product, use all these improvements to impact the market so that others have not achieved, this will make your positioning is above any company.

Therefore, we urge you to follow these tips to power up your B2B email marketing campaign. These are tips that can help you a lot while entering the B2B world.

Without further explanation, we will wish you luck in any of your following project regarding B2B Data.

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