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4 Ways to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

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04 Jan 2021

Background information

LinkedIn is the fastest-growing content network worldwide with more than 700 million active users in the latest statistics that was made mid this year. This is the only platform that has succeeded in transforming from a networking site to one biggest social media platforms worldwide. Until now, LinkedIn was common among professionals that used the webpage to showcase their skills as well as talents. Currently, users are using the platform for different reasons; including marketing products, searching for available job opportunities, and other social functions. The Social Media Study that was conducted more than two years ago pointed out that the popularity of LinkedIn is high among college students. Basically, college students see LinkedIn as the best platform for conducting academic research.

Why you need LinkedIn

LinkedIn is continuing to expand its operation by including several features, including a live video that has helped in increasing its customer base. More essentially, LinkedIn has made credible steps towards increasing its advertisement opportunities making it one of the most preferred networks for business-to-business transactions. Today, LinkedIn boasts millions of posts that cover various discussions, professional networking, and other important things that can improve your life. Although its arrival in the advertisement sector has not attracted much-needed attention, it’s still the best platform that you can trust whenever you want to increase the popularity of your product. The website has successfully managed to bring everybody on board, including customers, unlike other sites that don’t recognize the contribution of users.

LinkedIn is becoming popular with business class because it has features that allow for the generation of leads. With leads generation ability, you’ll have the opportunity of increasing sales while attracting new potential customers. At the same time, it’ll improve the ranking of your website among several search engines such as Google which can be turned into an income-generating opportunity in the longest run. However, generating new leads on LinkedIn is not easy more so if you’re a first-timer. To help you get started, you should follow these four methods when you want to generate leads on LinkedIn.

Providing answers to questions in LinkedIn Forums

With more than 2 million groups that are found on this platform, there are greater chances that you’ll that it houses people from all professions. You can take advantage of this to increase the popularity of your products. Succeeding in this quest means that you’re going to target two types of forums: namely, one with your prospective customers together with a group having active members. Don’t waste your time on forums that have members that are not ready to participate in constructive discussions. There are higher chances that your effort will never be appreciated in these groups. While making a decision on which group to join, the number of posts that are made at a certain time should be considered. Sometimes, the number of people participating in a discussion can give a true reflection on the nature of a group.

In fact, people have mastered the art of appearing whenever they feel that they need to make comment on a specific post and disappear for good. After deciding on the kind of group that you want to join, look for a question that you can confidently answer. Making your answer more outstanding will arouse the curiosity of the users. A good number of them that want to know much about you will end up visiting your profile. The only condition, in this case, is to ensure that your knowledge in the field that you have chosen cannot be challenged. Take the advantage of more people that will be visiting your profile to talk positively about the product that you are dealing in.

Make good use of the InMail feature

With InMail, you can send to another LinkedIn user that might not be in direct connection with you on LinkedIn. This feature becomes important when you’ve been searching for a prospective customer many times without success. InMail has the power to open a new line of direct communication that will permit you to talk with another user. While supporting the feature, the company revealed that InMail is 30 times more effective than making a call. On the negative side, InMail is selective since it’s only available to customers that have premium accounts. You will get a free InMail credit if you fail to receive the response in a span of one week. Users of the basic account will three InMails allocated to them every month while the executive account holder will be enjoying 25 InMails.

Find potential customers using advanced search filters

LinkedIn has advanced search filters that can enable sellers to search for different people by their names, place, company together with their respective learning institutions. Subscribers that have a premium account can conduct searches based on the specific aspect.

Use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

More than seven years ago, LinkedIn came up with sponsored updates that allowed users to publish their content on other users’ accounts. It is possible to publish your content to other LinkedIn users that are not your followers.


LinkedIn which is the fastest-fasted growing content is helping businesses to grow in many ways. There are millions of posts that touch on different topics of discussion that are shared on LinkedIn forums. You can use this platform to generate leads that can increase the popularity of your product together with improving the ranking of your business websites in different search engines. Not to mention that they're four methods that you can use when you want to generate leads. Some methods include providing answers to questions in LinkedIn Forums, making good use of the InMail feature plus use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. All these methods can be used to create awareness of your product that can increase sales. Generally speaking, the efficiency of these methods depends on the nature of content that salespersons will be designing.

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