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4 Reasons B2B Direct Mail Is Still A Powerful Tool

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05 Jan 2021

Direct mail:

Direct mail is also a form of marketing in which we send a piece of paper at home addresses of consumer having description of our products, blogs etc. it consists of physical paper and based on U.S postal service or courier service.

Direct mail is also called junk mail as it is uninvited guest that knocks at the doors timely. People often feel themselves more engaged in direct mail or junk mail rather than other digital services such as social media, emails and other digital means. Direct mail is still so powerful tool in bringing consumers in the circle of market than other social means. The very importance of direct mail is proved by a number of surveys that support direct mail service more than any other digital mean. There are also many reasons behind the importance of direct mail service. These reasons and ways to conduct direct mail makes it still a better mean of communication than all other means. These supportive reasons that make direct mail process still powerful in B2B marketing will be very well explained.

B2B direct mail marketing:

Business to business direct mail link is an important milestone that was achieved many ages ago. Before all digitalization, people used to make mail service valuable and communicate with each other’s via direct mail. Marketing agencies were also using this mean of engaging consumers on daily basis. Rather it is costly as compared to other social media and email methods, but it is still very important and reliable source to bring customers in the circle of products. By explaining details of products on physical paper, more satisfaction among consumers is seen and it also helps in building trust more rapidly than other ways of dealing consumers.

There are following reasons that make B2B direct mail still powerful tool:


Direct mail brings uniqueness in the marketing strategy of a particular firm. contacting someone by sending mail at home makes him feel special and hence, it increases the regards of company among consumers. Due to this uniqueness, direct mail is still proving itself valuable. Sometimes, it proves more valuable than other digital means.

Simpsons says:

“In the age of multitasking, computer users are by far the most distracted. And that’s one reason why unsolicited emails get such little attention. Direct mail is all about talking directly to your prospects. Direct mail allows you to step right into prospects’ lives as soon as they open the piece.”

Some other ways can also be used to make direct mail more unique. Such as making mail lumpy. It will make your approach memorable. For making your direct mail lumpy, add one-time food or some fast foods. It will make your company’s presence memorable. You just have to add thanks and gratitude gesture to your consumers by adding lumpy in direct mail. It will strengthen your bond with your customer and consumer will never leave you. Fast Trust building process is making mail lumpy. In this procedure, you can also add balloons for children. Again, in this process, segment your direct mail as well. Organize your data according to people needs and interests and then approach them according to their desires. Don’t burden them by sending junk mails in huge number. Make very fine and concise mail and focus on quality not quantity and then send some specifically built direct mails to the consumer. It will definitely hit and sale will be at your doorstep. Just be concise. In this way, uniqueness factor makes direct mail still very helpful and powerful tool to make marketing campaigns.

More personal:

Direct mail feels like organization is travelling extra mile to reach out to its consumers. Consumers feel more intrigued in direct mailing process. Audience is dealt with old age methods but are still more popular and helpful rather than modern age gadgets. In direct mail process, make segments and organize mails according to persons’ interests and needs. Appropriate content should be added that makes mail more directed and concise. Proper time should also be considered when to send mail and which time is idea and according to consumer taste.

David Ly Kim, “The Best Times to Get Your Business Email Opened, Based on Data From 20 Million Emails” HubSpot, 2015.

By following all these measures, more personal things are taking under practice and more chances to reach out to your consumer precisely.

Integration among all means:

By using direct mail, it doesn’t mean that we should abandon all other digital meanings. As world is getting fast day by day, people are plundering borders and there is no restriction among working and engaging people from all countries. That’s why it is very necessary to work with all means of communication. We should integrate email, social media, optimized system and direct mail to make our products marketable in more authentic ways.

By making ‘Marketing Mix’ we should make things faster than normal in order to get customers and profits quickly.

Response rate:

In direct mail system, response rate is very high and good in every aspect. Mostly positive responses are received with lots of love for specific product.

Posting on the DMA website, David Amor, managing director of First Move Direct Marketing Services Ltd, says: “Whereas an average email marketing campaign will yield a response rate of just over 1 in 1000, response rates of 1 in 25 or better are possible for an expertly planned and executed direct marketing campaign.”

By building trusts in rapid ways, direct mail proves itself very authentic and powerful tool in B2B marketing strategy.


Hence, by above all discussion, it is very clear that direct mail is very powerful tool still now a days in order to launch B2B campaign. With its uniqueness, personalization nature, integration with all other marketable means and very high and reliable response rate, B2B direct mail proves itself very powerful tool in marketing processes.

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