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3 Great Reasons To Personalize Your B2B Email Marketing Messages

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02 Jan 2021

Background Information

B2B email marketing that's also known as business to business email marketing is vital not only to online business but also a physical business. With help from email, traders are in a position to communicate with prospective buyers. Through this process, they are in a position to carry out advertising which has opened a door of engagement with new customers. This, however, does not mean that email is the only available tool that businesses can use to convince buyers. There are several methods that you can use to convince prospective buyers, including phones as well as word-of-mouth. In some rare cases, traders can send direct mail to consumers in an attempt to convince them to buy commodities. Among the methods that are commonly used, face-to-face talking has a fair chance when it comes to fastening the purchase process. Traders that apply this method have more than 40 percent chances of recording purchases.

However, the evolution of technology has seen many companies switch to new strategies of marketing, including email marketing. Email marketing has gained widespread popularity due to the number of users that have opted for this platform. According to the information that was released by Statista, close to 4 billion people across the continent have subscribed to email. This makes it the best tool from attracting new target customers to your business thereby strengthening your sales revenue chain in the longest run. Convincing the customer to buy your product is important because the majority of customers must know the specific product that you’re dealing in. This is more applicable in an electronic product where commodities have a common feature that makes it more difficult to make a distinction. Essentially, when the aspect of convincing fails to bring the much-needed results, companies are invited to try other methods, including lowering the prices, quality, and others.

B2B Email Personalization

That aside, the success of email marketing depends on the ability of one to customize it so that it can suit the need of a specific audience. Personalizing your email is most likely going to create more impact on the target audience. It must be remembered that a lot of strategies can be used to achieve personalization but all depends on the quality of B2B data that you have. Having a wrong B2B list will not only send your message to the wrong audience but also creates a bad reputation for your company. This is for the reason that people will start viewing your company as one which is not responsible. The brand is critical for the business and therefore, the business should do everything in ensuring that the name of the business is protected. The first thing you need to know about personalization is that it’s the easiest thing to do. The only thing that you’ll be required to do is to get a clean database. From there, you can go ahead and assign the username to your email message before sending it.

3 great reasons to personalize your B2B email marketing messages

Even though there are tens of reasons why personalization is useful, we’re going to narrow it down to three great reasons.

1. Increase engagement

The first thing that you’ll achieve when you personalize your content is to have what’s commonly known as a personal touch. Unlike robotic messages, personalizing will convince the recipient to open your email in a folder that contains millions of other emails. In simple terms, personalization will entice the target audience to read your email with haste. As opposed to traditional email marketing practice, generic marketing has failed to impress in terms of creating users’ attention. This was supported by the long period of studying as well as researching that has made experts oppose the whole idea of generic marketing. According to research, you’re most likely going to engage with about 80 percent of your target audience if you’re going to send a personalized email.

Similar research also disclosed that personalizing email can increase your rates of conversion that’ll translate into higher sales in the longest run. In the same fashion, marketers believe that personalized messages have 70 percent of attracting replies, unlike generic emails. From the experience, people will always get attracted to fellow humans as opposed to machines. It’s from this that marketing has proved itself more fundamental plus mandatory if you want your marketing efforts to bear fruits. Typically, faceless communication that’s associated with generic marketing has no place in the modernized business environment.

2. Makes your message relevant

Personalization is a tool that you can use when you want your message to be relevant to both customers’ needs and interests. By contacting users through their names, it means you know about their interests plus you have a deeper understanding of their priorities. In general, coming up with something relevant to your target audience will make them feel relevant and special which will in turn increase the engaging capacity. No dispute that sending personalized messages if you have thousands of contacts in your database can be a pipe dream. The good news that you can do this by segmenting your database that will see people with common needs put in one group.

3. Creates Customer retention and brand loyalty

There is nothing more challenging in business activities than keeping your current customers. The world is fast-changing and so are the demands as well as preferences of your prospective buyers. On the positive side, by initiating an engagement process using email marketing, you’re most likely going to retain most of your loyal customers. The best way of doing this is to remind them how special they are to you. Doing normal things such as sending them birthday wishes is also necessary. With the extensive interactions with customers, you’ll be in a position to increase brand loyalty.

Wrap up

As pointed out, personalizing your email is the basic thing that needs to be adopted in all aspects of email marketing. This will ensure that your message reaches the target audience something that’ll strengthen your business in the end.

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