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24 Email Marketing Best Practices Tips for 2020

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Email marketing is still relevant in 2020. Although it may not be as popular as SEO. It provides a good ROI and even considered the best tool to generate leads. Email marketing can help you achieve excellent results if you do it effectively.

In this article, we talk about 24 email marketing best practices that are relevant and working quite well in 2020.

1. Never Buy a Mailing List

This is the thumb rule of email marketing. If you buy your mailing list, that means you send emails to random folks instead of people who are actually interested. It is best to create your own mailing list.

2. Do Not Swamp Your Subscribers Inbox.

You don’t want to irritate your subscribers by sending them tons of emails every day. Instead, follow a carefully planned schedule that will give you maximum hits.

3. Add Signatures

Everyone knows that a newsletter or a mass mail is automated. However, it is still a best practice to add senders’ signature at the bottom. It gives an impression to the recipients that email has been personally sent to them and makes them feel valued.

4. Always Use Call to Actions

The ultimate goal of a marketing email is to compel recipients to take action. Make sure your CTA is cleverly placed and looks organic instead of forceful or flashy. You need to decide what works best for you. Stick to a rule of max 3 CTAs.

5. Use FOMO and Panic buying

Fear of losing out can be a great tactic if used at the right time. Wait for the right opportunity like long holidays and use catchy words that push your subscriber to take action. So that they are not losing out on a great discount.

6. Add a Hook in Your Email Subject Line

Without using the spam triggers, words create your subject lines creatively. Keep them short and concise and always add a hook that makes the recipient open the email. The hook is typically to make people curious, so they want to know more and end up exploring the entire content.

7. Keep Your Promises

If you have told your subscribers that they will get a weekly newsletter every Monday at 10 AM. You better keep that promise. Consistency matters and builds credibility among subscribers. They know that you mean business and also care for them.

8. Tell a Story

Everyone likes to hear a great story. Be the storyteller your readers are looking for. Content that is presented in ways of stories is more exciting and loved by all. It also gives a unique style to your emails.

9. Generate Curiosity

A great subject line never reveals the entire content. However, it gives the reader enough information that they know what to expect; however, they are not 100% sure of themselves. If you can make someone curious, they will follow the trails.

10. Personalize It

Don’t forget to use subscriber’s names instead of a generic hello. Everyone likes to see their names. It just feels good that something has been sent specifically to you.

11. Don’t Be Serious

Try to add a bit of humor whenever possible. Genuine humor without being sarcastic that makes someone smile is the best way to make people interested in you. This also works in emails.

12. Plan Your Schedule

You should have a well thought out schedule before your campaign. This will help you keep things organized, and you will not forget what to send and when to send.

13. Use Emoticons

Emoji makes a subject line attractive. The recipients may have 10 emails in their inbox; however, if there is one that has an emoji popping out. They are most likely to open it first. It is an excellent trick to increase your open email rate.

14. Give Users the Option to Opt-Out

Let’s have a healthy relationship with your subscriber. It’s best to give them a chance to move out. If they don’t find value in your email subscription. It is also an ethical thing to do.

15. Mailing List Hygiene

Clean your mailing list often. If a user has opted out, you should remove them. This will keep your mailing list in perfect shape. A well-managed mailing list also means that you remain a trusted sender and are not blacklisted.

16. Remove Inactive Recipients

Six months is a reasonable amount of time you may want to give to your subscriber. If you don’t see any action or response from them, it means they are not interested. It’s best to filter them out of the mailing list.

17. Re-Engage Inactive Subscriber

If a subscriber has opted out or no longer active. You might want to revisit your strategy. Perhaps a customized content can help you gain their interest back.

18. Make Loyal Subscriber Feel Special

If someone has been your loyal customer or subscriber, they deserve some extra care and appreciation. Offering them a small gift as a token of appreciation can go a long way.

19. Use Social Media for Best Results

Social media platforms are the key digital marketing channels. If you can include them in your email campaigns. Results can be astonishing.

20. Timing of Email Holds the Key

Make sure you have done your analysis and know the best time when your subscribers will engage with the email. No point sending emails at random hours.

21. Thoughtful Content

Invest your time in creating thoughtful and quality content that uses values instead of making them feel helpless amid too many emails.

22. Make Conversations

Conversations can never be one way. Hence you need to make sure you are making your readers respond. One big mistake is to send emails with “No Reply” email address.

23. Give Users What They Like

After a few months of the campaign, you will have enough data to analyze what does your subscribers like. Try sticking to the same theme of the content.

24. Be Genuine

The most important thing is to stay true and genuine with your user. Remember, you are interacting with humans, and they like being personal. That’s the best way to engage them.

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