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24 Email Marketing Best Practices Tips For 2020

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07 Jan 2021

All companies need a good marketing strategy. Without this, then the number of customers would not be significant. There are a lot of marketing strategies currently in use. Each of them passes through a medium, that is, a way to deliver it. Here are some examples:

- Door-to-door

- Media

- Cinema

- Fashion

- Magazines or newspapers

- Email

- Internet

And so on.

What currently interests us is the use of email as a marketing strategy. So, let us dive into this topic. Here below, are 24 marketing best practice tips for the current year of 2020:

1. Know Your audience

This is very important to know to whom you are sending those emails. Once you identify them, comes the content. The style of your content will depend largely on who will be receiving those emails. Usually, the style will not always be the same. With time it is better to alter it to prevent boredom. If your viewers use some type of slang, then it is advisable to make use of it. This will help you get close to your audience.

2. The Perfect Timing

The perfect timing is indeed very important. What is the point of sending a mail if the internet traffic is low at that particular time? The probability of catching the person online would below. Therefore, it is important to know the best day and time to send emails. You can easily search for this information on Google. It will provide you with both the time and the day. However, do remember to check up on this regularly. You will not be the only one to be doing those searches. With time the day and time will change, due to everything making use of this. Everyone will have their email inboxes filled with emails on this particular day and time. Then, yours will get lost among a hundred others.

3. Be Consistent

So, you have figured out the perfect time and day to send your emails. Let us assume that it is on every Monday at 10 pm. You must maintain this trend. Your audience will start getting used to you sending emails at this specific time. Therefore, you should remain consistent.

4. Do Not Be Too Persistent

Many believe that the more emails they send, the more viewers they will have. Well, unfortunately, it does not work that way. If you proceed in this manner, then there is a chance that your audience will be fed up with your emails. Your emails can all then land into spam, forever forgotten. Therefore, do not be too persistent.

5. The Proper Emails To Send

The perfect way to capture the attention of your readers is to give them the content that they like. For example, if I love reading about dogs, then do be sure that if I receive an email about that, then I will read it. In fact, that is how the top sites like Quora and Reader´s Digest capture your attention. Once, they know your likes, they will keep bombarding you with these topics. Pretty clever, isn´t it?

6. Proper Wordings

This is in fact really important. When your audience sees your email notification, they will next debate whether it is worth opening or not. The trick: an attention-catching heading! This is how you inform them of the topic. However, this is not enough. It may be a topic that they appreciate, however it has to be something more sensational. For example, let us say that I am obsessed with BTS. The way that my attention can be captured is if I see something like this: BTS Jungkook seen with a girlfriend. Any fan would immediately click on the mail to read it.

7. Make The Best Of The Special Days

What are the special days? Well, those are simple festivals or days of celebration. For example, Christmas, New Year, Easter. On these days you must send different contents, for example, special offers. People always love these. You must personalize it according to what is being celebrated. It is mandatory to wish your audience. This will make them feel as there is a close connection between both of you.

8. Special Offers For VIP Members

You will be having two types of members in your audience- the ones who are freely using the content and others who are ready to pay for the extras. For those VIP members, they are sacrificing their time to take a look at your emails. Therefore, it is important to reward them. For example, by offering them discounts.

9. Use Time

It is important to make use of time phrases. For example, make use of sentences such as Sale ends in 24 hours. This would instantly wake up your audience and have them scrambling up to make the most of it.

10. Story-telling

A nice and captivating story may most of the time grip the attention of your readers. If the story is interesting, they will find themselves reading it.

11. Easy To Unsubscribe

You must provide your audience with an easy way out. This would let them know that they are still in control.

12. A/B To Test Your Email Marketing

This is a process where you use two variants to know which ones drive s the more conversions. Many people do make use of this method and so should you.

13. Personalize Your Emails

It is important to personalize your emails and to add a bonus touch to it. Make each one of them unique and different. This will captivate the attention of your audience. Instead of seeing the same thing again and again, provide them with something different each time.

14. List Segmentation

This is another major factor. It is important to plan your email segmentation. For example, if you have a new subscriber then follow this by a thank you email or one with a special offer for new users.

15. Converse With Your Audience

It is important to add another email address to your emails. You can inform your audience that they can contact you via this specific email address.

16. Use Of Emojis

The use of emojis od´s growing in most of the emails. This is a way to convey more emotions to the mail. However, if you are more of a professional type, then this strategy is not for you.

17. Where Is Your Unsubscribed Audience?

Your loyal subscribers are very important. However, do not forget about the old ones. There will always be other people who will unsubscribe. You can always try welcoming them back with a sensational special offer or story.

18. Rewards

Everyone likes receiving rewards. This is what many people unconsciously look for when subscribing. Be sure to offer them something once in a while.

19. Use Of Social Media

Social media is widely used by many people. So why not make use of this? It is a clever strategy to link your emails with your social media profiles.

20. Make Your Audience Feel The Emotion

Stories, pictures, and videos are what increases the emotion levels of your audience. This is what they are looking for. Something to make them feel happy, sad, or content.

21. Update Your Email Lists

Your email list is due to change with time. You will be having new subscribers and old ones and of course inactive members who are no longer part of the journey. Therefore, instead of wasting your resources, it is advised to do massive clean-up.

22. Your Location

Providing your audience with your location helps you feel more real to them. This would confirm an initial fear that there is no one behind those emails. Therefore, do provide a location.

23. A Logo

A logo to an email always makes it seem more professional. People will be more inclined to believe that it is not a scam.

24. Use Humour

Everyone enjoys humor. The main reason why we go on the internet is to relax and have a good time. Therefore, you need to provide people with a good time. A good sense of humor will definitely boost up your readers.

Here are all those 24 tips. Do make sure to put them to good use. Good Luck!

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