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20+ Common Email Spam Trigger Words and Phrases to Avoid

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07 Jan 2021

Every marketer who sends promotional emails daily is worried about the emails ending up in the SPAM box. If this happens, his message gets wasted. His efforts to earn more customers ended in vain. The receiver of his emails will not know about it. Many people do not open the SPAM box to check for legit emails. They have to be told that the valid email might end up in the SPAM box. Getting away safely from a SPAM filter into the Inbox is not that easy. Marketers do a lot of research in this area. They want their emails to reach across the borders of the SPAM box. They want to gain new buyers for their sales.

Why does the email go to the SPAM box?

The reasons for an email to end up in the spam folders are.

How to save emails from going to the spam folder?

The list of email ids for sending emails is important. The reason is you need permission from the subscribers for emailing them. If you do not have permission for email, then your sent email will get reported. This will alert the SPAM filter to send your emails to the spam box. You must not buy the list for email ids. Do not use email ids from the handed over business cards. You must use the email ids of the subscribers or people who have given you permission for emailing. You must carefully think of the subject lines. The SPAM filters check the subject lines of the emails for certain words and phrases. You must write engaging and clear subject lines. The words and phrases you have to avoid for making sure your email gets passed the SPAM filters and lands in the Inbox are these.

The words and phrases showing your desperation

When you use the words or phrases for the subject line that displays your desperation, the value of your email diminishes. The subscriber or reader of the email does not get interested. He might even report your email or add it to the block list. You have to write such kinds of subject lines that increase your email's value. The reader must feel interested enough to click it. The SPAM filters check the subject lines for these needy words. If it finds those words in the email will definitely end up in the spam folder. Here are some examples of the words you must not use for subject lines.

Low words and phrases

Do not use low or cheap words and phrases for the subject lines of your emails. These types of subject lines bounce back your emails. The reputation of emails from your IP address falls below. The SPAM filters check each email the subscriber receives for the clicks and bounces it had. If fewer people view your emails, then the SPAM filter is going to send it straight to the spam pocket. Avoid these proven cheap words for your subject lines.

Vague words and phrases

You should not use hazy and shabby words to write in the subject lines. These words are a special red flag for the SPAM filters. Most readers report these kinds of emails. They do not feel engaged in clicking your emails when the idea of subject lines is vague and ambiguous. You have to write the subject lines that are clearly thought off and are to the point. You do not need to confuse your email subscribers with an unreliable tone of the subject line. Here are some examples.


Many people send an email for the purpose of marketing their products and services. They try to engage their subscribers by offering promotions and discounts. Their intention is legit. Nevertheless, their emails end up in the spam pockets of the subscribers. The mistakes are usually made in selecting the wrong words and phrases for their emails. The above list of more than 20 plus words is tried out examples. You should avoid using these. You must compose the subject lines and the content of your email carefully.

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