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15 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Open Rate

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01 Jan 2021


E-mail or electronic mail has been the top messaging tool in the industry today. It is a way to earn money and make great businesses. It is very important to optimize your E-mailing skills to make the best out of the market. In every organization, email plays a very crucial role from school to university, from bills to banks, from customer service to businesses. Nowadays, when an email is becoming a tool for building a network or launching a campaign, it becomes important to make sure that your email is seen by the receivers.

We end up sending a huge amount of emails to our colleagues, friends, and family members. Most important mails are those which can fetch you good marks for your internals in universities or those which get you money. In recent studies, every 7 out of your 10 e-mails are left unseen due to many reasons.

Here are some ways to Improve Your Email Open Rate

1. Build your email list building

Your list of emails is important, doing so you will always keep a check on your number of subscribers and your active user on whom you need to focus. Developing your list of emails and keeping it modified is the best idea to improve your email open rate.

2. Keep your list fresh

Check-in your email list of the open rate percentage. If the open percentage is 10% and you have 10000 subscribers then only 1000 of them are active users. Identify your active users and engage with them more frequently through mails, this will help maintain a good email open rate.

3. Test your emails for scam score

To check your email scam score you can use plenty of websites available on the web. These are free of cost and are correct about 90% of the time.

4. Write a captivating subject line

The subject line is the first impression that you can generate by writing a comprised and engaging subject line. Your subject line should not exceed 50 characters. Don’t make your subject line capital or use an exclamation mark because that might just look fake and end up going to the bin of the receiver. It is important to test what works for your target audience.

5. May the body of the mail as personal as you can,

Write the body of your mail in the first person, making your mail personal is the best way to approach your subscribers. It is more real to the user (of that mail) and hence, increases the open rate of your mails massively.

6. Find the best time of the day

This is important, as we receive more than 100 emails a day, sending at the wrong time might just pile up the mails and yours might just be at the last. Such mails are never opened and are cleared by the end of the month.

The best time to send an e-mail is during lunchtime or just after that. Lunch is the time when people sit with their food and a phone in their hand and drag through their emails. Therefore, just before lunchtime or during lunchtime is the best time of the day to write a rewarding mail.

7. Improve your email’s body content

The obvious part of the story, if you send it at right time and you have the best eyes on it because of the subject line, the next thing is the content. Your content should be clear, informative, and engaging for your targeted audience. Understanding your audience is very important in marketing. Emails are complex and they needed to be framed and written well. One of the important things mentioned above for the body of the content is writing as personal mail as you can.

8. Resend mail to non-openers

To increase the open rate you may re-send the mail to non-openers because it might be that the potential happy receiver missed out it earlier due to reasons. So, sending the same email again might increase your open rate.

9. Send an interactive mail to your subscribers

Everybody likes interactive emails, a user wants it to be easy to use your mail to extract information from it. Writing good content isn’t enough to achieve this, you need to make the mail interactive and fun for the reader. This will increase your email opening rate.

10. Don’t use links or IP address

Don’t use an IP address in your emails instead you can share PDFs or attached advertisements to make it interactive.

11. Check mobile compatibility of your email

Today, mobile is mostly used to open every important thing. 81% of people in 2020 open their mails through a mobile phone. This makes it important to check the compatibility of your emails. Your mail should be easy and compatible for reading via any device.

12. Send email from a real person

The mails sent from a known person are more trusted and opened. When you give a designation of the sender such as a CEO, Manager, etc. such emails are opened and read. These are the 20% of emails that are opened and not deleted without reading.

13. Use email authentication

Many email marketing providers might charge a bit more than what you desire but it is a hard way to convince your subscribers.

14. Your second subject line

After your subject, there is an additional line that’s is shown before opening the mail. This line should be treated as a second subject line and should be captivating for your targeted audience. Understanding the importance of this can make a massive increase in your mail open rate.

15. Make it easy for your subscribers to unsubscribe

Why is this important? This is important because you need active users, so if somebody doesn’t wish to receive emails. It is advisable to make it easy for them to unsubscribe. This will make your list comprised of active users, hence increases your email open rate.


Email is a very strong tool used by many bloggers today, it is very important to keep a track of your subscribers. One of the parts of the major area of tracking your subscriber is by improving your email open rate. The various ways to increase your email open rate are discussed above.

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