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15 Easy Ways To Improve Your Email Open Rate

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23 Oct. 2020

Email open rates are simply the number of people who are opening the emails that you are sending them. All companies need a good marketing strategy. Without this, then the number of customers would not be significant. There are a lot of marketing strategies currently in use. We are going to dig into one in particular and that is email. Your email open rate is very important for the proper flourishing of your company or cause. If your open rate is high then it means that a lot of people are viewing your content. This is generally followed by more subscribers. However, a low rate implies that people are not viewing your content. This is naturally not good news.

Therefore, it is important that the numbers of your email open rates remain high. Below are 15 tips that can make this happen.

1. Sender Name

When a person receives an advertising email, the main thing at the forefront of his or her thoughts is, if it is genuine? Ensure that your sender's name doesn't look dubious. You additionally need to ensure that your email isn't straightforwardly sent to spam. In addition, your sender name may assist your audience with a thought of what will be the topic of the email or the reason for it.

2. Subject Line

This is in truth highly significant. The moment that your audience sees your email notice, they will next debate on whether it will be worth opening. The trick here is to have a nicely crafted heading or subject line. This is the way you advise them regarding the subject. In any case, this isn't sufficient. It might be a theme that they acknowledge, anyway it must be something sensational. For instance, let us state that I am a huge fan of the singer Harry Styles. The way that my attention can be caught is on the off chance that I see something like this: Harry Styles is getting married? Any fan would quickly tap on the email to view it.

3. Offer

It is quite ingenious to profit on special days, for instance, Christmas, New Year, Easter. You can do so by sending emails that propose various offers, such as discounts, sales, and so on. People consistently love these. You should customize it as indicated by what is being commended. Moreover, it is obligatory to wish your crowd. This will cause them to feel as there is a nearby association between both of you. Imagine seeing a 70% Off sale email from your favorite shops, would you not want to open it? Or even better, a Buy One Get One Free offer!

Another factor to take into consideration is your very active and loyal subscribers. You will have two sorts of them in your audience. One of them is the ones who actually pay for your service. They are commonly known as VIP members. For those VIP individuals, they are giving you a precious morsel of their time and also money. It is also them that will frequently open your emails. Just because they are now a subscriber that you should forget about them. Thusly, it is essential to compensate for them. For instance, by offering them discounts and other such offers.

4. Segmentation

This is another central point. It is critical to implement email segmentation. For instance, in the event that you have another subscriber, you can follow this by either a thank you email with a special offer of New User or by awesome content. It is important that you know what are the preferences of your readers. For example, if a person has recently bought something, you can automatically send him or her emails on topics concerning this. Then you can do some trial and errors to know what your audience likes.

5. Better Timing

The ideal planning is significant. What is the purpose of sending a mail if the web traffic is low at that specific time? Hence, it is essential to know the proper day and time to send emails. You can undoubtedly look for this data on Google. It will furnish you with both the time and the day.

6. Be More Personal

It is important to be personal in your emails. For example, you can write in the second person. This is in fact one of the best examples.

7. Content

This is above all the most critical part. Your content will decide whether the individual will t# will open your next email or not. Your topic must be innovative and not extremely long. Besides, it is critical to incorporate other features apart from the text. Those include pictures, videos, GIFs, customer feedback, survey, and so on.

8. Humour

Everybody appreciates humor. The fundamental motivation behind why we go on the web is to unwind ourselves. Hence, you have to give individuals a decent time.

9. Clean Up Your Email List

It is important to do so. Clear out the people who do not open your emails as this can affect your email open rates.

10. Email Authentication

This is done in order to provide proof that the person behind the email is legit. This can greatly help in gaining the trust of your audience.

11. No Spam Filters

Make sure that all the emails that you have sent have been properly filtered. This is done in order to organize your emails to specific criteria. If properly done, then there are low risks of your emails ending in spam.

12. A/B Testing

This is not mandatory, but greatly helpful. Through this test, you will get to know about which pages interest your readers more. Then according to this, you can write better emails that will have more open rates.

13. Old Subscribers

Your fellow subscribers are significant. However, do not forget about the old ones. There will consistently be others who will unsubscribe. You can generally have a go at inviting them back with a thrilling extraordinary offer.

14. Logo

Having a logo helps to make you look more legit and professional. When readers will see this, this is exactly how they will feel. This can in turn increase the chances that they will open your emails.

15. Legit IP

It is important to verify if you do not have a shared IP. This would diminish the chances of sending your emails into the personĀ“s spam list.

Just remember that having a good and consistent open rate is important for your campaign. Everything will depend on if people will open the emails or not. So do not forget to follow these tips!

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